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Marcus BERESFORD B. Friday 16 July 1694 D. Monday 04 April 1763


Marcus BERESFORD was born Friday 16 July 1694. He died Monday 04 April 1763. He was 69 years old.


Nichola Sophia HAMILTONTristram BERESFORD


John de la Poer BERESFORDGeorge de la Poer BERESFORDWilliam de la Poer BERESFORDAnne de la Poer BERESFORDJane de la Poer BERESFORDCatherine de la Poer BERESFORDFrances Maria de la Poer BERESFORD

Born Friday 16 July 1694399;
Married Catherine POWERFriday 16 July 1717
Died Monday 04 April 1763
An event Monday 04 November 1720399;
An event Monday 18 July 1746399;

Formal Title

1st Earl of Tyrone

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