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Descendants of William Siree Kidd


Generation No. 1


      1.  William Siree1 Kidd was born October 09, 1827 in AL, and died September 22, 1901 in Llano Co., TX.  He married Matilda Jane Stone January 27, 1864 in W. Wrights Creek, Llano Co., TX, daughter of Rev. Reuben Gilmore Stone and Celia Lavina Scott.  She was born December 12, 1847 in Pulaski County, Missouri, and died February 06, 1929 in Mason Co., TX. Her death certificate states she died in Loyal Valley, Mason Co., TX; was born 12-12-1847 and died at 81 yrs 1 mo and 24 days old of Influenza/Pneumonia; informant Geo. Kidd; burial Home Burial Ground.


More About William Siree Kidd:

-- FACT #1 -: Kidd and Stone families built cabins two miles east of Loyal Valley, in Mason County, on Cold Spring Creek around 1869.

-- FACT #1b -: In 1871, Indian pressure kept increasing and forced them to settle in the townskte of Loyal Valley on Lot #10, for whish Reuben Stone obtained a deed. ...then building a new home of native rock one-half-mile east of Loyal Valley.

-- FACT #1c -: William Kidd started buying land at 50 cents an acre, eventually accumulated sizable ranches in Mason and McCullogh Counties.

-- FACT #2 -: Family tradition relates that three Kidd brothers in Dublin, Ireland, emigrated to America. These three brothers had just enough money to pay the steerage passage fare for two of them. The third brother became a successful stowaway.  This enable all three of them to travel together to the Virginia colony.

Burial: in the family cemetery near the home  JPct. 4, close to Loyal Valley, Mason Co., TX; I have seen the location listed as J. Berley Ranch, Mason Co., TX -- this J. Berley Ranch might possible have been a later name for the property.  See obituary for burial location.


In great peace at his home in Loyal Valley at 2 A.M.
Sunday September 22, 1901

WILLIAM SIRREE KIDD aged 73 years 11 months 131 days. The subject of this humble  tribute was born in Alabama, October 9th 1827. At an early age  he was left an orphan and became an apprentice in Memphis, Tennessee, where he learned the carpenter's trade. In 1847 he came to Austin, Texas where for ten years he followed his occupation.
Later, he came to Loyal Valley and on January 27, 1864 he happily united in marriage to Miss Matilda Jane Stone. The issue of this union was thirteen children, ten sons and three daughters - all of whom are living and were at the bedside of the venerable father during his last hours on earth.

For nearly a half century, Mr. Kidd lived at or near Loyal Valley and during the early days, was exposed to all the trials and hardships incident to pioneer life and often in open conflict with Indians. He was well and favorably known far and wide, and his integrity and strict  probity won for him the high regard of all who knew him and it was known among men that his word was as good as a State bond.  In 1885, he became a member of the M.E. Church South and his devotion to his church and all its ordinances and his godly walk were the highest testimonials to the fact that he had, indeed, passed from death unto life. During his long and useful life, aided by his devoted companion who has ever been a ready help meet in every laudable undertaking he accumulated a competency of this world's goods and
erected a splendid home from whose portals the poor, the friendless and the wayfarer were never turned away.

Of his thirteen children, all are members of the church he loved so well. Not one has ever wandered from the parental roof, and none left the sacred-precincts of the old home to dwell elsewhere save those who have assumed the marriage relation. Of the ten sons, most of whom are grown, not one has ever been arraigned in any court of justice on any charge whatever.

The funeral rites of this aged patriarch were conducted Sunday at 4 P.M. by the pastor, Rev. David Gregg and in the family cemetery near the residence, and in the presence of the weeping companion of nearly forty years, all his children, grand children and a great host of mourning friends all that was mortal of the devoted husband,
affectionate father, and steadfast Christian friend was laid to rest in the silent tomb where,

"The pains of death are past,
Labor and sorrow cease;
And life's long warfare closed at last,
His soul is found in peace.
"Soldier of Christ well done!
Praise be thy new employ.
And while eternal ages run.
Rest in thy Savior's joy."

Children of William Kidd and Matilda Stone are:

        2            i.   Mary Emma2 Kidd, born 1866 in TX; died 1961.  She married John Teague.

        3           ii.   John Benton Kidd, born 1867; died 1928.  He married Ollie Ann Baze.

        4           iii.   William Siree (Bill) Kidd, born June 15, 1869 in TX; died March 25, 1949 in Llano Co., TX.  He married Mollie Ann Bushmire; born February 12, 1873; died April 09, 1957 in Llano Co., TX.


More About William Siree (Bill) Kidd:

-- FACT #1 -: 1900 Llano Co TX: KIDD, William S., June1869, 31, TX TN TN TX; Mollie, wife, Feb1873, 27, m9yr, 2ch 2liv, TX Ger Ger; Mittie, dau, Jan1896, 4; Ella, dau, Jan1898, 2.

-- FACT #1b - 1: 1930 Llano Co TX Pct 5: KIDD, Will S., 60, m@22, TX; Mollie A., wife, 56, m@18, TX.

-- FACT #1b - 2: 1910 Llano Co TX: KIDD, William, 44, m1x 18yr, TX TN AL, fmr; Molllie, wife, 37, 2ch 2liv, TX Ger Ger; Mittie, dau, 15, TX; Ella Mae, dau, 12, TX.

-- FACT #2 -: BILL (WILLIAM SIREE) KIDD and his brother, BEN, were raised in Benton, Arkansas. From there Bill moved to Memphis, Tennessee and then later he migrated to Texas.

Burial: Llano Cemetery, Llano County, Texas


        5          iv.   Robert Henry (Bob) Kidd, born 3-9-1871 Mason Co., TX, died 11-30-1967 Menard, Menard Co., TX; buried Rest Haven Cemetery, Menard Co., TX.  He married Lora Evelyn Daniel, daughter of Joseph Daniel and Dora Juhan, born 3-14-1876 Paris, TX, died 6-10-1967 Menard, Menard Co., TX, buried Rest Haven Cemetery, Menard Co., TX.

        6           v.   George Thomas Kidd, born January 26, 1873 in Loyal Valley, Mason Co., TX; died April 23, 1953 Mason, Mason Co., TX, buried Bethel Cemetery, Katemcy, Mason Co., TX.  He married (1) Ida Alice Jones October 01, 1895 in Mason Co., TX.  He married (2) Anna Louise Davenport April 30, 1911 in Mason Co., TX; died March 22, 1964 in Mason, Mason Co., TX.


More About George Thomas Kidd:

-- FACT #1 -: 1900 Llano Co TX: KIDD, George T., Jan1873, 27, m4yrs, TX TN TX, stock raiser; Alice, wife, Jan1877, 23, 3ch 1liv, TX MS MS; Amos, son, Jan1898, 2, TX.

Burial: Bethel Cemetery, Katemcy, Mason Co., TX


        7          vi.   James Stanley (Jim) Kidd, born 10-15-1876 Loyal Valley, Mason Co., TX; died 11-26-1952 Fredericksburg, Gillespie Co., TX; buried City Cemetery, Fredericksburg, Gillespie Co., TX.  He married Clara Stapp; born 1896 in TX.

        8          vii.   Joseph Green (Joe) Kidd, born 3-16-1876 Mason Co., TX; died 10-13-1959 at home Pct #1 Llano Co., TX; Buried Trinity United Methodist Church Cemetery, Castell, Llano Co., TX.  He married Loula Mae Williams; born 3-14-1888 in Fredonia, Mason Co., TX; died 6-7-1959 Mason Co., TX; buried Trinity United Methodist Church Cemetery, Castell, Llano Co., TX.

        9         viii.   Ida Annie Kidd, born 1878; died 1931.  She married Bryant Porch; born September 1873 in AL.

        10        ix.   Frank Garner Kidd, born 1881.

        11         x.   Bennie Pinckney (Ben) Kidd, born 1883; died 1963.  He married Marie HAM.

        12        xi.   Jacob Shufford (Jake) Kidd, born May 29, 1885; died February 05, 1905 in Llano Co., TX.  He married Eulah Nichols; born April 01, 1883; died February 10, 1926.


More About Jacob Shufford (Jake) Kidd:

Burial: J. Berley Ranch, Llano County, Texas


More About Eulah Nichols:

Burial: J. Berley ranch, Llano Co., TX


        13        xii.   Rosina June (Rosa) Kidd, born October 10, 1887 in Mason Co., TX; died January 14, 1925 in Mason Co., TX.  She married Milford Wilson (Mitt) Nichols Abt. 1915; born March 06, 1876 in Blanco Co., TX; died February 03, 1963 in Mason Co., TX.


More About Rosina June (Rosa) Kidd:

Burial: Gooch Cemetery, Mason, Mason Co., TX


More About Milford Wilson (Mitt) Nichols:

-- FACT #1 -: 1918, Sept. 12: Loyal Valley, Mason Co. TX: Milford Wilson Nichols, 42, b.March 6, 1876; stock farming ranch 2mi. north of Loyal Valley Mason TX; wife Rosa J. Nichols; blue eyes; light brown hair.

-- FACT #1b -: In 1932 at the time of the death of his Mother, he was living at Tahoka, Lynn Co., TX.

-- FACT #1c -: In 1942 he signed a delayed birth certificate for daughter, Edna Hellen Nichols, giving his address as Box 13, Glen Rose, TX.

-- FACT #2 -: The spouse and daughter are taken from a birth record in Mason Co., TX.  Mitt Nichols's birth date matches this record.

-- FACT #3 -: 1920 Mason Co TX census:  NICHOLS, Milford W., 42, TX TX TX, farmer; Rosa J., wife, 32, TX TN MO; Eva E., dau, 2 2/12, TX; Milford W. Jun., son, 11/12, TX.

Burial: Gooch Cemetery, Mason, Mason Co., TX


        14       xiii.   Reuben Pinckney Kidd, born 1890 in TX.  He married Eulah Nichols; born 1893 in TX.