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Descendants of Richard Johnson



Generation No. 1


      1.  Richard1 Johnson was born Abt. 1841 in AL.  He married Margaret Williamson April 11, 1867.  She was born Abt. 1850 in AL, and died Bef. 1880 in TX.


Children of Richard Johnson and Margaret Williamson are:

       2             i.      Laura2 Johnson, born 1871.  She married ----- Gorden.

+     3            ii.      Lee Frances Johnson, born April 1873 in TX.

+     4            iii.      Albert Jackson (Ab) Johnson, born January 06, 1875 in Buffalo, Leon County, TX; died February 17, 1941 in Conroe, Montgomery County, TX.



Generation No. 2


      3.  Lee Frances2 Johnson (Richard1) was born April 1873 in TX.  He married Emma E. Reid April 07, 1892 in Houston Co, TX.  She was born 1874 in LA.


More About Lee Frances Johnson:

-- FACT #1 -: 1900 Houston Co TX Pct #1: JOHNSON, L.F., Apr ?, (can not read census); E.E., wife, (can not read census); Charlie, son, Nov 1897, 2, TX; B. Lee, son Feb 1898, 1, TX.

-- FACT #1b2 -: 1910 Houston Co TX census: #227-204 Pct 1 - Lee Johnson age 38; wife Emma 36; charlie 13; Bennie 11; Polly 7; and Grady 3.

-- FACT #1c -: 1920 Houston Co TX: JOHNSON, Lee, 47, TX TX TX, farmer; Emma, wife, 45, TX TX TX; Charlie, son, 23, s, TX; Ben, son, 20, s, TX; Pollie, dau, 16, s, TX; Gradie, dau, 12, s, TX; Bessie, dau, 1, s, TX.  Gradie was a son and Bessie was really Jessie, a son.


Children of Lee Johnson and Emma Reid are:

       5             i.      Charlie3 Johnson, born November 1897 in TX.  He married Lillie Blackmon; born 1903 in TX.


More About Charlie Johnson:

-- FACT #1 -: 1930 Houston Co TX census Pct 2 pg 133: JOHNSON, Charlie A., 33, TX TX TX, farmer; Letha, wife, 27, TX TX TX; Vivian, dau, 4 1/12, TX; Charlie L., son, 1 3/12, TX


       6            ii.      Bennie Lee Johnson, born February 1898 in TX; died 1968.  He married Della Mae Neely abt. 1922.


More About Bennie Lee Johnson:

-- FACT #1 -: 1930 Houston Co TX, Pct 1, n/w portion, Navarro Rd.: JOHNSON, B.L., 31, m@21, TX TX TX, farmer; Dellia, wife, 29, m@19, TX; Clifton, son, 6, TX; Agnes, 2, TX; JOHNSON, L.F., Father, 56, wd., TX TX TX, farm labor


       7            iii.      Polly Johnson, born 1903.  She married Archie Thompson.

       8           iv.      Grady Johnson, born 1907.  He married Helen Stowe.


More About Grady Johnson:

-- FACT #1 -: 1930 Houston Co TX, Crockett, Pct. 1. W. Ave A:  LACKEY, Elmer, 35, m@22, TX TX TX, Laborer-State Highway; Lina F., wife, 29, m@16, TX; Georgia M., dau, 12; Gladys F., dau, 4; JOHNSON, Grady, roomer, 23, s, TX TX TX, laborer-State Hwy.


       9            v.      Jessie Thomas Johnson, Sr., born July 08, 1911; died March 1976 in Houston, Harris Co., TX.  He married Eula Mae Brunson February 25, 1937 in Grapeland, Houston Co., TX.


More About Jessie Thomas Johnson, Sr.:

Burial: Somewhere around Houston, TX.



      4.  Albert Jackson (Ab)2 Johnson (Richard1) was born January 06, 1875 in Buffalo, Leon County, TX, and died February 17, 1941 in Conroe, Montgomery County, TX.  He married Ida Yates April 29, 1905 in Lufkin, Angelina County, TX, daughter of Samuel Yates and Della Waller.  She was born February 03, 1879 in Charlotte, Dickson County, TN, and died May 24, 1960 in Conroe, Montgomery County, TX.


More About Albert Jackson (Ab) Johnson:

-- FACT #1 -: 1910 Houston Co TX census living in the household of Sam H. Rook and Dovie & L.C.: Andrew J. Johnson (Albert J.) 36; Ida 30; Emma B.; Eddie 2.

-- FACT #1b2 -: 1920 Angelina Co TX census:  Albert J. Johnson; 47 TX, f. MS m.MS, Laborer Saw Mill; wife Ida, 42 TN, f.VA m.TN; Emma B., 13 TX; Eddie R., 11 TX; Abbie L., 8 TX; Gertrude, 3 11/12 TX; Albert E, 11/12 TX.  Living close to the Berry & Addie Johnson family.

-- FACT #1c -: 1930 Houston Co TX Pct 1 Arbor Rd.: JOHNSON, Albert J., 57, m@30, TX TX TX, farm; Ida, wife, 53, m@28, TX TX TX; Abbie L., dau, 18, TX; Gertrude, dau, 14, TX; albert, son, 10, TX

-- FACT #2 -: Albert J. (Ab) Johnson and brother Lee Francis Johnson were raised by Aunt and Uncle, Nancy and John Smith... their sister Laura Johnson was raised by another family member.

Income to the Smith family to raise Ab Johnson was furnished by a Uncle named Doc Williamson.

Burial: Wesley Chapel Cemetery, Houston Co., TX


More About Ida Yates:

-- FACT #1 -: Ida Yates married W. E. Bell when she was 16 years old.  The family of Wilson Bell moved to Houston County about 1877 from TN.  It is very possible the Bell and Yates families left TN to TX at the same time.  Willie Bell and their infant daughter died about the same time, probably in a flu epidemic.

-- FACT #1b2 -: Ida Yates-Bell then married a Mr. Smith with a daughter; Mr. Smith abandoned Ida and his daughter, as well as their daughter (Della) after Della was born and diagnosed with a heart defect (hole in the heart).

-- FACT #2 -: Ida (Yates) Bell-Smith was in Galveston, TX at the time of the Sept. 1900 hurricane that almost destroyed the island.  She and her family left on the last train to leave the Island.  As the train was going toward the mainland, Ida could look out the back of the train and see the Gulf waters covering the tracks behind them.  She said they had no idea the storm would be so bad.  She was working at a sewing factory located in long metal buildings on the main road to the beach in Galveston.  They worked until it became apparent that they must all leave the Island.  She went home, and they waded water sometimes waist deep to her to get to the train.

Burial: Wesley Chapel Cemetery, Wesley Chapel Community, Houston Co., TX


Children of Albert Johnson and Ida Yates are:

       10           i.      Emma Beatrice3 Johnson, born March 24, 1906 in Lufkin, Angelina County, TX; died June 06, 1990 in Conroe, Montgomery County, TX.  She married (1) Edgar Crenshaw January 03, 1926 in Latexo, Houston County, TX; born August 30, 1904 in Hillsbourgh, Hill County, TX; died May 27, 1979 in Channelview, Harris County, TX.  She married (2) John Craven Isbell August 16, 1947 in Conroe, Montgomery County, TX; born September 13, 1873 in Pankey, Grimes County, TX; died October 04, 1973 in Conroe, Montgomery County, TX.


More About Emma Beatrice Johnson:

-- FACT #1 -: 1930 Houston Co TX, Pct1, E.First St:  #148-160: CRENSHAW, Edgar C., rent@$9, 26, m@21, TX MO TX, labor public works; Emma B., wife, 24, m@19, TX TX TN; Mary L., dau, 3, TX; JOHNSON, Jesse, cousin, 17, s, TX TX TX, laborer public works


More About John Craven Isbell:

Burial: October 05, 1973, Pankey, Grimes County, TX


       11           ii.      Eddie Rebecca Johnson, born May 07, 1908 in Burke, Angelina Co., TX; died June 30, 1975 in Conroe, Montgomery County, TX.  She married Douglas Fred Cline November 21, 1926 in Latexo, Houston County, TX; born May 19, 1895 in Oklahoma Territory, OK; died February 18, 1984 in Grangerland, Montgomery Co.,TX.


More About Douglas Fred Cline:

-- FACT #1 -: 1930 Houston Co TX, Hays Springs Rd: 118-118: CLINE, Fred, 34, m@32, OK OK OK, farmer; Eddie, wife, 21, m@18, TX TX TN; Douglas, son, 2 3/12, TX

-- FACT #2 -: School Records:  Hickory Grove #37, Galina KS, teacher Gretta Chambers 1909-1910:  Freddie Cline, 19 May 1895-15 parent/admitter Lula Winland; Rosy Cline 12 may 1903-7, L.A. Winland.


Marriage Notes for Eddie Johnson and Douglas Cline:

Marriage ceremony performed by Batt Smith.


       12          iii.      Abbie Lee Johnson, born August 17, 1911 in Crockett, Houston County, TX; died December 08, 1964 in Nederland, Jefferson Co., TX.  She married Marlin Clifton Land, Sr. May 24, 1931 in Crockett, Houston County, TX; born May 05, 1910 in Crockett, Houston County, TX; died October 12, 1963 in Houston, Harris County, TX.


More About Abbie Lee Johnson:

Burial: Evergreen Cemetery, Crockett, Houston Co., TX


More About Marlin Clifton Land, Sr.:

Burial: Evergreen Cem., Crockett, Houston Co., TX


       13          iv.      Gertrue Elizabeth Johnson, born January 12, 1916 in Burke, Angelina County, TX; died April 06, 1994 in Crockett, Houston County, TX.  She married (1) Oscar (Bo) Bryan Colquitt Nichols February 18, 1935 in Crockett, Houston County, TX; born October 11, 1911 in Leon County, TX; died March 09, 1961 in Crockett, Houston County, TX.  She married (2) Tollie Killgo abt. 1963 in Crockett, Houston County, TX.  She married (3) Bill Foster abt. 1965.


      14          v.      Albert Edward (Jack) Johnson, born February 12, 1919 in Burke, Angelina Co., TX; died April 15, 1978 in Huffman, TX.  He married Elsie S. Ramey January 24, 1940 in Crockett, Houston County, TX; born November 14, 1924 in Crockett, Houston County, TX; died April 04, 2004 in Bossier City, LA.


More About Albert Edward (Jack) Johnson:

Burial: Grandview Memorial Park Cemetery, Pasadena, Harris Co., TX


More About Elsie S. Ramey:

-- FACT #1 -: 1930 Houston Co TX-Crockett, Avenue A: Ramey, Edgar A., 28, TX, Vulcanizer-own shop; Iva M., wife, 32, TX; Elsie S., dau, 5; Evelyn M., dau, 3

Burial: April 07, 2004, Grandview Memorial Park Cemetery, Pasadena, Harris Co., TX