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Descendants of Moses Baker



Generation No. 1


      1.  Moses1 Baker was born April 27, 1791.  He married (1) Unknown.    He married (2) Elizabeth Starkey June 19, 1825 in Gonzales Town, Gonzales Co., TX. 


More About Moses Baker:

-- FACT #1 - 1: The wagon train was assembled in HardemanCo, Tennessee and departed from there. According to land records, Moses Baker arrived on 2-20-1831 with a family of five (two daughters and a son) & received a league of land on the west bank of the Guadalupe River.

-- FACT #1 - 2:  According to Moses Baker (b. 27 Apr 1791) as quoted in The Plum Tree Almanac, Vol 7, No 2, Fall 1989, he with his family of five signed up as a member of the Tennessee-Texas land company's wagon train which brought the family to Gonzales.


More About Elizabeth Starkey:

Fact #1: Elizabeth Starkey is thought to be the 2nd wife to marriage records in AL.


Children of Moses Baker and Unknown are:

+      2            i.   Rachel2 Baker, born September 25, 1813; died January 24, 1847 in Gonzales Co, TX.

        3           ii.   Isaac Baker, born September 15, 1814.


More About Isaac Baker:

-- FACT #1 - 1:  Land records indicate that Isaac arrived single in the DeWitt Colony on Aug. 13, 1830 where he received title on Jun. 14, 1832 to a quarter sitio of land just south of his father's tract on the west bank of the Guadalupe River. 

-- FACT #1 - 2: Probate records verify that Isaac Baker (b. 15 Sep 1814), a Gonzales Ranger and member of the Gonzales Alamo Relief Force who died in the Alamo on 6 Mar 1836, was the son of Moses Baker. 

-- FACT #3 -:  If his birthdate is correct accroding to John Baker's journal, he would have been just under 15 years old at the time of arrival in TX. 


+      4           iii.   John Baker, born June 16, 1817 in AL; died November 01, 1857 in Belmont, Gonzales Co., TX.

+      5          iv.   Margaret (Peggy) Baker, born January 06, 1819 in AL.



Generation No. 2


      2.  Rachel2 Baker (Moses1) was born September 25, 1813, and died January 24, 1847 in Gonzales Co, TX.  She married (1) Joseph D. Clements in San Antonio, TX.  He was born in Indiana, and died March 1844 in Gonzales Co, TX.  She married (2) Rollo M. Davis April 27, 1846 in Gonzales Co., TX.  He was born 1812 in KY.


More About Rachel Baker:

-- FACT #1 -: Rachel Baker , the oldest daughter of Moses Baker, was born 25 Sep 1813 according to her brother John Baker's journal. She married Joseph D. Clements amid a storm of controversy. Clements, who land records indicate arrived married with a family of 7.  

-- FACT #3 -: on 25 Dec 1829, left a wife and family in Indiana without a divorce. Along with other citizens of Gonzales, Rachel's father was furious and threatened to kill Clements.

-- FACT #4 -: The alcalde at Gonzales would not marry the couple so they eloped to San Antonio and were married by the priest there.

Fact #1: She either died at childbirth, or shortly thereafter;  she was married 2nd to Rollo Davis. A probate action filed on Jan. 27, 1847 showed her as deceased.


Children of Rachel Baker and Joseph Clements are:

        6            i.   Laura Jane3 Clements.  She married Napoleon Conn.

        7           ii.   Alexander Clements.

        8           iii.   Isaac B. Clements.

        9          iv.   Augustus D. Clements, born 1844 in TX.  He married Louisa F. Townsend; born 1848 in TX.


More About Augustus D. Clements:

-- FACT #1 -: 1850 was living in the household of Aunt and Uncle (Margaret Baker-Nichols-Baker and Rollo Davis; 1880 listed on the Colorado Co TX census. 


More About Louisa F. Townsend:

-- FACT #1 -: Mothers name listed on 1880 Colorado Co TX census living in the household with the Clements family was Louisa H. Townsend; mother-in-law; age 59; born in Tennessee. 


        10         v.   Joseph Clements.



Child of Rachel Baker and Rollo Davis is:

        11          i.   Joel Hamilton3 Davis, born January 1847 in Gonzales Co, TX.  He married Texanna Belle Brown October 16, 1873 in Austin, TX; born November 23, 1857 in Travis Co., TX.


More About Joel Hamilton Davis:

Fact #1: Most of their children were born in Blanco County, Texas



      4.  John2 Baker (Moses1) was born June 16, 1817 in AL, and died November 01, 1857 in Belmont, Gonzales Co., TX.  He married (1) Elizabeth Dilworth.  She died Bef. 1853.  He married (2) Sarah E. Echols October 20, 1853 in Gonzales Co., TX.  She was born November 25, 1837.


More About John Baker:

-- FACT #1 -: 1860 Gonzales Co TX census.. Belmont:   ECHOLS, J.W. 40 FARMER TN; Jno. W. 22 TN; Jas. T. 18 TN; BAKER, S.E. 23 F TN; S.M. 7 f TX; M.E. 3 f TX; ECHOLS, R.D. 17 m student TN; HABERT, W.G. 27 m farm hand TN.


Burial: Harris Chapel cemetery, six miles north of Belmont to the east 1.5 miles from Hwy 80 in a pasture, near Mary Jane Baker and members of the Eckols family.


Child of John Baker and Elizabeth Dilworth is:

        12          i.   Blackstone Dilworth3 Baker, born February 13, 1847.



Children of John Baker and Sarah Echols are:

        13          i.   Sarah Malviney3 Baker, born October 02, 1854.

        14         ii.   Mary Jane Baker, born December 12, 1855.



      5.  Margaret (Peggy)2 Baker (Moses1) was born January 06, 1819 in AL.  She married (1) Thomas R. Nichols June 30, 1842 in Gonzales, Gonzales Co., TX, son of George Nichols and Mary Walker.  He was born January 08, 1815 in TN, and died 1847 in Guadalupe Co, TX.  She married (2) Rollo M. Davis Aft. 1847 in Gonzales Co., TX.  He was born 1812 in KY.


More About Thomas R. Nichols:

-- FACT #1 -: He was a Ranger, a participant in the Battle of Plum Creek and the Battle of Salado and was said to have been killed in an Indian battle.

-- FACT #2 -: Probate Records show: Nichols, Thos. R.;  deceased; filed Sep 27 1847 Guadalupe Co TX

-- FACT #3 -: 1850 GONZALES CO., TX census: DAVIS, Rolla M.; age 38; b.KY: Margarett; wife; age 34; b. AL: CLEMONS, Alexander; age 12; b. TX:CLEMONS, J.B.; age 9; b.TX: CLEMONS, Augustus; age 6; b. TX: CLEMONS, Joseph; age 6; b. TX: NICLES, Louisa; age 5; b. TX: (cont>

-- FACT #3b -: <Cont) DAVIS, Joel; age 3; b. TX: DAVIS, Parazade; age 3/12; b. TX: GAY, Edmond G.; age 31; b. VA

Burial: Gonzales, Gonzales Co., TX.


Child of Margaret Baker and Thomas Nichols is:

        15          i.   Louisa Jane3 Nichols, born 1844.


More About Louisa Jane Nichols:

-- FACT #1 -: 1850 Gonzales Co TX census - in household of Rollo M. Davis with mother, Margarett Baker-Nichols who remarried Davis after the death of Thomas Nichols.



Children of Margaret Baker and Rollo Davis are:

        16          i.   Josephine Maria3 Davis.

        17         ii.   Nathaniel Davis.

        18         iii.   Parazade Davis, born 1850.

        19        iv.   Amanda Davis, born May 29, 1856 in Gonzales Co., TX.

        20         v.   Ann Davis, born May 29, 1856.  She married Thomas L. Mitchell April 01, 1889 in Blanco Co., TX.