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PA>  NC>  TN>  Texas
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I have proven my BRYSON line with the "Daughters Of The American Revolution" beginning with Samuel Bryson.  I have research further back, but this line has been proven from Samuel Bryson forward for accuracy. 

      My direct line:
(1) Samuel Bryson born 1754 in Mount Joy, Lancaster Co., PA, >
(2) William Bryson born 1777 Rowan Co., NC>
(3) Robert Bryson born 1811 Wilson Co., TN>
(4) John A. Bryson born 1838 Cannon Co., TN>
(5) Gideon Pillow (Gid) Bryson born 1861 Rutherford Co., TN>
to my grandmother's family,  Clara Bryson born 1890 Cannon Co., TN

SAMUEL BRYSON; b. 1754 PA, d. 1835 Wilson Co., TN              
   WILLIAM BRYSON; b.  1777 Rowan Co., NC, d. 1824 Wilson Co., TN     

  ROBERT BRYSON; b. 1811 Wilson Co., TN, d. 1897 Cannon Co., TN

                                          Robert Bryson - Link to Last Will & Testament       

   JOHN A. BRYSON; b. 1838 Cannon Co., TN, d. 1862 TN                                     

GIDEON PILLOW (Gid) BRYSON; b. 1861 Murfreesboro, Rutherford Co., TN
                                        Gideon Bryson family pictures

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   NANCY CLARA NICHOLS; b. 1890 Woodbury, Cannon Co., TN, d. 1978 TX

                                             Photo Page for addition pictures of Clara Nichols's family
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