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William Tell Niceschwander I think met his wife to be in Kansas even though they had lived in neighboring counties in Ohio. I think this because the 1880 census finds his dad in Kansas with the girls but Wm Tell is in Putnam Co., Ohio. I have copies of three letters sent to William from his dad asking him to come to Kansas. The first telling how great Kansas is and the last telling that John is sick and not sure he will live long if William doesn't hurry and get out there. The same census finds Ruth Cook at home with her parents also in Kansas. Ruth and William do marry in Cloud Co., Kansas six years later.

Ruth and William had ten children.
Children Spouses Children Spouses
Royal Tell Never married Esther Lillian Roy Edmond Mount
Violet Gladys Edward Charles Sharp Dora Anna Glen Williams
Victor Hugo Violet Phoebe Ward Joseph Felix Elenore Marie Flowers
Goldie Sybil died in childhood Daisy Margaret Henry Simon Heskett
Carrie Louise Charles Elmer Foster Phillip Austin

Never married

Dora's grave has so far not been found. She and her husband both died in 1918 in the Great Influenza Epidemic. They married January 20, 1916 in Burlington, Colorado. Some of the others lived in Denver Colorado and Red Cloud Nebraska as well as various parts of Kansas.
William Tell and family

Daisy, Joan, and father

Bill, Gladys, and Eugene


William, Ruth, Gladys, Royal, and Victor
Joan, Daisy, and Henry Heskett
Violet Gladys, Bill and Eugene
Joseph Felix Niceschwander
Joseph Feliz Niceschwander
Violet G and Royal T
Violet Gladys and Royal Tell Niceschwander
Victor Hugo and daughter
Victor Hugo and Dora