These are only a few of the many twins in the family. My sister in law Sally had a set one month prior to these on the left. Her mother had twin sisters. The set of twins that are buried near my great grand mother plus the one that was a twin to my grandfather also buried at Slough Cemetery. John and Edward Cook twins of William Lobley Cook and twin sons of William and Louisa (Funk) Cook. Twins of Dwight Burton Ward a boy and a girl.

I am sure some have been left out and as I remember them I will include them here.

My twins
Frewen Twins
Twins too
1.Rivera Twins
2 Frewen Twins Lucy (l) Gladys (r)
3,unknown family photo
Vina and Virgil Reager and sibs
Vina (middle back row) and Virgil (boy on right) are twins
Eunice Archer Ward's mother and her twin
Gladys Frewen is child on the far left. Her mother Frances Rice Frewen and the mother to the set of twins on the right Gladys May Rice Campbell shared a father with the two sets in the middle. The set in the middle by a second wife. Twins abound in several of my family lines from both sides of the family.
mother of Unice Archer WardArcher twins
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