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Cyrus Henry and Margaret Ellen Niceschwander Strayer Miley Henry and Mary Louise Niceschwander Strayer Bruce Napoleon and Nettie Nora Strayer Niceschwander Norman and Laura Elizabeth Ward Strayer

Cyrus and Ellen married young but stayed the course untill death seperated them, Cyrus then married the house keeper Lola Mable Sturdevant and had a couple more children.

Miley's first marriage to Elmira ended in divorce and he then married Mary Louise Niceschwander. Elmira remarried to George Brown. Miley and Elmira's daughter Nettie at age 14 married first Charles Jacobson. The Jacobson man murdered George Brown and Nettie's brother Levi D Strayer and was imprisoned. Nettie divorced him and married Bruce Napoleon Niceschwander. Meanwhile Miley and Mary Louise divorced and Miley went back to Elmira. ( what a tangled web we weave).
Miley's parents were Martin and Rachel (Raylla) Strayer.

After the death of Margaret Ellen, Bruce and Nettie adopted the youngest of Cyrus and Ellen's girls. Norm and Laura stayed married until Norman died. Laura never remarried.
Ernest Austin Strayer
wife Mayme Mary Frances Davis
John J Strayer
Nettie Claire Strayer husbsnd Glen Ralph Eaton

Gladys Strayer
husband Jesse Taylor

Effie May Strayer
husband Charles R Lenszler
Levi D Strayer *(see below)

Fern Jennie Strayer
husband Gould W Hilsinger


Violet Viola Strayer
husband Otis Philan Leggett
Levi showed up in a census as the child of Cyrus and Ellen but tombstone shows son of H & L. He is buried next to Ellen but till further proof I will keep him with Mary Louise and Miley Henry. Either way he appears to have been named after the boy who was murdered.   Carl Orville Strayer
wife Ruby Rhodes
Leroy A Strayer Children of Miley and Elvira   Ivalee N Strayer
husband Chester Hackney and Carl Raymond Ervin
William Wilbert Strayer
wife (1) Lucy L Reeve (2) Martha Ann Young
Miley Eugene Strayer
wife Mable Pearl Dutcher
Levi D Strayer   Guy William Strayer
wife Ruby Chambers
Frances Elvira Strayer
husband Earl Clyde Hughes
Cyrus Henry Strayer wives Margaret Ellen Niceschwander and Lola Mable Sturdevant

Other Strayer line folks with photos
Dorothy Ivy Elberta Rhodes Dolph and husband Everett Josiah Dolph Silas Rhodes and wife Evangeline Cheatem Rhodes

Francis Ray Strayer
Nettie Clair Strayer * (see Bruce) Francis Geary Strayer
wife Gertrude Minnie Rose Wince
Dorothea Louise Axtell & Weir Lavern Strayer Ralph Ward Strayer
wife Evelyn Barbara Skrdlant
Charles Wilbur Bruce Strayer
wife Shirley Louise Koenig
Nettie Nora Strayer
husband Charles P Jacobson and Bruce Napoleon Niceschwander
Albert Laverne Strayer
wifes Minnie Alice Parks and Grace B Seaby and Dora E Campbell