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Orpha Ann Reager Ward was one of those unique people who had very few birthdays. She was born on February 29 and in her 80th year of life had only celebrated 20 birthdays.
Her father Isaac Reager lost his mother Elizabeth Baker Reager at a very early age and was raised by his step mother Orpah Gregory Reager, and I can only think she must have been a very nice person to have him name a daughter so closely after her. Orpha Ann's mother was Mary Sutherland Reager daughter of James and Sarah Sutherland of whom I have been unable to trace.

Mary Sutherland was born in Indianapolis Indiana according to her obit, and moved with her parents to Des Moines Iowa in 1840 soon loosing her parents to death shortly after.
Isaac's parents were Andrew Addison Reager and Elizabeth Baker Reager. Elizabeths parents was George W Baker and Sarah Beam. He was the son of Capt. John Baker of Baker's Fort.
Parents of Andrew Addison were Leonard and Catherine (Hays) Reager my Patriot in DAR. His parents were Burckhart and Martha (Heyer) Reager/Rager/Reger.

Other children of Isaac and Mary: SPOUSES: Other children of Andrew Addison and Elizabeth
Sarah Catherine Reager Ward Isaac Ward George Washington
William Wesley Laura Holsinger
Emma Plymat
Joseph H
Daniel Oscar b.8-14-1860 NA Leonard b.2-22-1818
Mary Olive Reager Jorn George Jorn William W b.1831
Abraham Leander Emma Cox James H
Emma Esther b.7-7-1869 NA Child of Andrew and Orpah
Dolly Elizabeth b.1-16-1873 NA Sarah E b.1838