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Victor Hugo Niceschwander and Violet Phoebe Ward were the parents of six children of which I was the last-born. Dad liked to play the mouth harp till he got too short of wind to do it. I used to love to hear him play. We had no car until I was fifteen years old and he used to walk with me to the show on weekends, about a four-mile trip. I always knew if a western was on he was going but the romances took some begging. Comedies usually didn't take too much coaxing either. Musicals neither of us wanted to see too bad.

I found and old pair of skates one year and dad talked mom into letting me have them cause the wheels were rusty and wouldn't turn anyway. I would wear them and kick those wheels till I got them loose enough they would turn some. Dad took them and put oil on them and our porch slopped down to keep the rain from standing on it. I hit that porch and kept going right off the end. Mom was mad at dad but I learned to skate on them anyway. Then he started taking me skating on weekend afternoons. He was also the one to teach me to ride a bike and to shoot.

Mom was always real heavy even as a child so she seldom went to the movies or did any thing real active. She did however attend one movie with me "The Red House" and "Old Yeller," she did take me visiting in Portland and I got to meet many people there and got acquainted with a bunch of children there. I always enjoyed that.

We had a forest in back of our house and the neighbor kids and I played there. I can remember mom saying "You'll get a tick on you." I never saw a tick till I moved to Arkansas as an adult and out here you don't get A tick on you it's more like covered in them. In that forest was a old family cemetery and that was our family in play and we were settlers. We had forts and indians attacked us and all, in our imaginations but when to owners of the land bulldozed the cemetery off we were very mad and things like that still make me very mad.

Mom loved to grow Dalliaha and Glads and my oldest brother would dig her flowerbeds for her then get the earthworms and chase me with them. He got cancer and I went to stay with him the last couple of weeks that he lived and I told him he was at my mercy then. Actually we had a lot of fun and laughs but I left the room a bunch and cried too. I have now lost the three oldest to cancer. I spent time with both boys prior to their deaths. My sis only lived one week after her diagnosis and it was spent in the hospital. Both boys had fought it for years and were home when they lost the battles.