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Neuenschwander - Genealogy

Photo is the Neuschwandstein Castle. The castle is the one Sleeping Beauty's castle is patterned after. The above Castle is named after the people who live in the village below, which were a branch of our Neuenschwander's. The Castle is in Bavaria Germany. The families went to many different areas due to Religious persecution of the Anabaptist's. Many of this family are Mennonite and Brethren. Langnau in the Canton Bern is where most of the Neuenschwander's baptismal records are found.

  • Kinfolk to both families
  • Note: No grave has been found yet for Nathaniel or Mary Louise. A funeral card for Nathaniel was found in my grandparents' papers but only the dates were on it without the place of enterment. Wife of "Rufus" was Della Prichard.

    Rhoda Ann appears on one census age 8 in Vicksburg, Jewell Co., Kansas. A birth certificate was found for her in Antwerp, Ohio. However she was unknown to my father's generation so must have died young. We have been unable to find a grave for her in Cloud or Jewell Counties in Kansas.

    Nathaniel Rufus Niceschwander used a different spelling than the rest of the family


Johannes Neuenschwander age 29, wife Maria Guesbulher age 32, and children Johan Jacob 2 years, Maria Anna 4 years, Maria Luisa .04 years and Maria Sophia 5 years left Rotterdam on the ship Rhine headed for New York with a final destination of Ohio. The ship arrived in New York August 2, 1850 but only Johannes and Maria Sophia lived through the trip, the rest being buried at sea. (This is in the obit for Sophia.)

Both Johannes and Maria Sophia Americanized their name. Johannes became John and Maria Sophia became Sophia M Neuenschwander. Later John further changed the last name to Niceschwander.

Nathaniel Rufus Neuenschwander b. July 15,1856 has been proven to be one of John's sons. In the house hold of John and his second wife the census of 1860 shows this son. However John and Catherine Frazier / Frazee / Phrany / Phraner (last name depends on what record you look at) married September 4, 1856.

He and Catherine then had 11 children of their own or 12 if Nathaniel is hers. She thus raised 13 in all.

children were:
1845 - 1915 (1) Adam Lutman (2) William H Sunday
Nathaniel Rufus Niceswander* 1856 - 1909 Della Angeline Pritchard
1857 - 1943 Ruth Cook
1857 - 1862  
1858 - 1931 Nettie Nora Strayer
Mary Louise Niceschwander Strayer Taylor Clark* 1860 - ? (1) Milley Henry Strayer (2) Dabell Taylor (3) James Clark
1862 - 1862  
1862 - 1862  
1863 - 1937 Mary Ann Vance Spitzer
1866 - 1913 Cyrus Henry Strayer
1867 - 1961 Albert Gustav Lundblade
Rhoda Ann Neuenschwander* 1870 - ?  
1872 - 1967 (1) Samuel R Berg (2) Alvaris E Young (3) William George

Margaret Ellen and Cyrus and Miley StrayerDora Esther Niceschwander Lundblade

William David NeuenschwandserPaul Irving Neuenschwander Family

Dora Anna Niceschwander Williams
died and then a short time later her husband
died in the great influenza epidemic of 1918.

No known photo of Rhoda Ann at this time.
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