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Wisterman Ohio class 1921 Virgil Ray is back row 2nd from right age 14.

Nathaniel Rufus or Rufus Nathaniel was hard to trace because he took a different spelling than the rest on the last name. He took Niceswander dropping the "ch."
He was found at home in two censuses, alone in one, and then with wife Della in several. I found and obit for Della on line thus tracing down some of the descendents through that. They had a lot of info I didn't have and I had a lot they didn't have so we all gained from the tracking.
Della Ann (Angeline) Pritchard and Rufus were married on December 25, 1883 in Wisterman Ohio. They had seven children all born and raised in Wisterman, Putnam Co., Ohio, but upon the death of Rufus, Della moved back to the Michigan area and many of the descendents are in that area as well as Ohio.

Alven Wayne Lucas
class 1919 Continental, OhioClyde Hamilton and Bessie Davis Niceswander
Clyde Hamilton Niceswander
Children of Inabell Marie Niceswander: Gerald, Ralph, Leonard H, and Harold Nelson Schafer.

Inabell Marie Joseph Jefferson Schafer
Children of Clyde Hamilton: Erma, Helen, and Martha Marie Clyde Hamilton Elizabeth "Bessie" Marie Davis
Children of Edward Austin: None Edward Austin Martha Elizabeth Blevins and Anna Brown
Children of Otto LaVern: Elsie Ina, Hershel Leroy, Thelma Alfreda, Velma Elverta, Atha Ilene, Gladys Deneda, Bernard Shelton, and Doris Bernadine Niceswander Otto Lavern Laura Elizabeth Bear/Baer
Catherine Hazel: Maria Colletis and Bernadine Elizabeth Seifert. Catherine Hazel Peter Seifert
Verdie: unknown Verdie (Believed to have died infant)  
Virgil Ray: Ernest Lee, Delta Irene, Barbara Louise, Wayne William, Deloris Fern, Vera Marie, Donald Clarence, Lawrence Edwand, Earl Lavern, and Virgil Ray Niceswander Virgil Ray Nancy Elizabeth Lucas
Virgil Ray Niceswander
Virgil Ray Niceswander
Virgil Ray Niceswander
Nathaniel Rufus Niceswander Family

Joe and Inabell

Joe and Inabell Niceswander Schfaer

Niceswander Kin

Frankie Lane GonzalesMaria Seifert

O J and Grace SeveridVirgil and Nancy Lucas Niceswander


School the Niceswander children attended
Continental School, Ohio
Lucas photos

Dorsett and Oliver Lucas

Niceswander Family

Virgil Ray Niceswader Family