Kinfolk to both
Strayer is a name common in the Niceschwander family because three of John's children married into the same family. One daughter, Louisa married the father of the family, Miley Henry Strayer. A few days later another daughter, Margaret Ellen, married the son Cyrus Henry Strayer. Then later daughter of Miley's, Nettie Nora Strayer Jacobson divorced her husband because he had killed her brother Levi D,and stepfather George Brown, she then married John's son Bruce Nathaniel Niceschwander. (That was a hard one to get sorted out). Strayer is also a name in the Ward family. Grandfather Clyde Ward's sister married a Norman Strayer. As of right now I have found no link to the ones married into the Niceschwander family, but they did all come from Switzerland and Pennsylvania and ended up in Kansas. Also at times both families lived near each other. The name is not real common and I feel like I will eventually find a link.
Burner is a name both families have in common. Two brothers married Neuenschwander's related to us. My gggrand mother was Mary Burner, so I have direct and indirect Burner relatives.
We come from a firey family. Cook, Burner, Blaser, Burns, Frye, and probably some I can't think of. We also have some really weird names. Huegreen Blew and Nimrod Funk are a couple I can think of just off hand.
Eva Neuenschwander married -----> Leonard Ward
Samuel Neuenschwander married Barbara Burner
Henry Neuenschwander married Lydia Burner
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