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Josiah Spencer Ward, the son of Jonas and Elizabeth (DeWeese) Ward and Mary Magdelene Burner daughter of Henry and Mary Magdelena (Cullers) Burner married Feburary 21, 1839 in Newark, Licking Co., Ohio. To this union eight children were born.
Children of Josiah and Mary Ward: Spouses: Children of Rebecca and Lindsey Sowers: Spouses: Children of Sarah Catherine and George Foster Spouses:
Rebecca Elizabeth Lindsey Sowers Laura   Oscar W  
Elias Spencer (1)Sarah E Miller (2) Sarah Catherine Applegate Albert   Iver W  
Sarah Catherine George K Foster Henry   Melvin R  
Jonas Henry Orpha Ann Reager Pearly   Children of Roland and Henrietta:  
Isaac Manchester Sarah Catherine Reager Mary   Charlie M  
Roland Finley Henrietta E Young Guy   Henry B Eva Dora Murray
Mary Evaline Smith Lake Pliny Martha Egemo Ralph J Christina ?
Orval Pliny   Charley   Bertha Della M Harry C Dilley
Children of Elias and Sarah Applegate Ward: Spouses: Children of Isaac and Sarah Reager Ward: Spouses:
Hattie Maria (1)Will Sherwood (2) ? Kelsay Mae Olive Lewis Henry Sebaugh
Mina Valentine   Isaac Bert Ersula Gemevieve Alston
Ross Smith (1)Stella Griffiths (2) Gladys O Perkins Walter William Florence Edna Venrick
Edward C   Floyd K  
Esther A Clifford C Milner Clarence Leo (1) Ethel Pearl Stevens (2) Ollie Mathews
Leroy P   Cloyd Emmit  
Addie   Earl Victor Alta Anna Nelson
Myrtle E Muriel S Fringer Bessin Alice (1) Frank Canfield (2) Elmer N Kious
Maggie E Chris Ohmstead Emma Grace  
Note: I have no children listed for Mary Evaline and Lake Smith. Orval Pliny never married. Jonas Henry see J H Ward page.
Also see Pliny Sowers Also see Henry Sowers Also see Laura Sowers Linsey Martha Rebecca