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Jonas Ward is the farthest I have confirmed on the Ward side. His gravestone shows that he fought in the war of 1812. The obit of his son says a grand father was in the Revolutionary War and fought in Yorktown and that another grandfather fought with Washington crossing the Delaware. We have established that Joshua DeWeese on his Mothers side was with Washington and lost a portion of his foot due to frostbite. But we have yet to prove who on the fathers side fought. A family Bible carried by Jonas in the war of 1812 states his father was named Jonas and his Mother Phebe and gives dates but we can find no record of these people except in that Bible.
Jonas married September 22, 1790 in Newark, Licking Co., Ohio to Elizabeth DeWeese.


Children of Jonas and Elizabeth were: Spouses:
W R Doolittle and wife
Tartus Manchester Elvira Melvina Doolittle
Sarah Ann  
Josiah Spencer Mary Magdalene Burner
Jonas Lutellus Margaretta Viola Brockhoven
Elias Clement Sarah Catherine Seymore
Fidelia Electa William Rochester Doolittle
Jerusha Elvira Wesley J Park
Jonas and Elizabeth Ward
Top: William Rochester and Fidelia Electa Ward Doolittle
Left: Jonas and Elizabeth DeWeese Ward