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Jonas Henry Ward also known as John Henry and Hank married March 29, 1876 inWinterset, Madiso Co., Iowa to Orpha Ann Reager also known as Ann and Aunt Ann to many. Jonas was the son of Josiah Spencer and Mary Magdalene (Burner) Ward and Orpha was the daughter of Isaac and Mary (Sutherland) Reager. They moved to Decatur Co., Kansas about 1880. Eleven children were born to them.
Children of Jonas and Orpha:
Laura and Norman's children: Spouses:
Minnie Esther   **Ralph E (not sure)  
Mary Edith   Fern Jennie Eugene Umpherman
Laura Elizabeth Norman Strayer Carl Orville Ruby Rhodes
Clyde Spencer Gladys Frewen Ivalee N (1) Chester Hackney (2) Carl Raymond Ervin
Melvin Guy Jessie F Hillery Guy William Ruby Chambers
Eva Estella (1) Raymond R Holsinger (2) Perry Deeter Francis Ray  
Nellie Ethel George Jandebeur **Ralph Ward (not sure) Evelyn Barbara Skrdiant
Homer Clifford   Gladys Jesse Taylor
Vaile Henry Ruby Ellen Steele **Note: One of these Ralph's is the right one but not sure which one.
Merle Forest (1) Fern Nellie Spence (2) Edith G Van Gundy Eva and Raymond had one child: Spouse:
Flossie Edna   Melva C Harold Deeter (possibly the son of her stepfather)
  Nellie and George had one child: Spouse:
  Vail and Ruby had two children: Spouse:
  Vail Henry Frances Richards
  Peggy Marie