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Francis Frewen came to America from London England where he had studied Landscape Artistry. He was born on lands in Castleconnel, Ireland won by an ancestor who fought with Cromwell on his invasion of Ireland. (Some lands are still held there by descendents). He went to England to be with other of the family and do his studies. His hope was to come to America and study at the great Art Institute in Chicago. He, his wife Elizabeth Gamble, who he married while in England, and four children arrived in New York.
While in New York his son John Charles Frewen, while out playing wandered too close to a excavation for a basement for a large building. The side caved in with him and he was injured in his back and it was never right again. He went through life a cripple. It is thought by some that had this happened in this era a operation probably would have corrected this condition.
It is unknown how long they stayed in New York but possibly one more child was born there. He later moved to Chicago and did go to the Art School but was not destined to succeed. He became ill and died leaving his wife with five children to support and no means to do it. She ended up placing the girls in an orphanage and John Charles sold newspapers and slept in cardboard boxes to stay warn. She kept the youngest boy with her and later remarried eventually moving to Denver Colorado.
John Charles survived and made his way to various states later acquiring goods as he went. He arrived into soon to be Norcatur Kansas area and found that a store there needed a partner and goods. He finely bought out the partner and the store became J C Frewen's Mercantile. He married Frances Rice and they had four children. Later after a heart attack he made his son a partner then when he found his health failing even further the son and mother ran the store alone.

J C Frewen Store At left Frank Frewn (standing middle) Lucy Frewen Knox (sitting) Frances Frewen and on right Clyde Spencer Ward.
Note: Frances (Rice) Frewen was the mother of Lucy and Gladys twin daughters shown on Ward page and Clyde Ward was husband to Gladys.

Elizabeth Gamble Frewen Carmen mother of J C Frewen died in Denver Colorado and the son she kept with her became the father of a famous Architect in the Denver Colorado area Frank Walter Frewen and another of the Frewen family became a renown sculpturer and one writes books. They were indeed a talented family.
One more infamous Frewen was Morton Frewen also called by some " Mortal Ruin". He helped to establish the silver as a standard for our coins but he also lost his own and much of the families money in get rich quick schemes. Cattle ranches in Wyoming just at the time cattle was getting sick and having to be distroyed was only one of his ideas that went bust. Some of his ideas were sound but luck just wasn't there, and other ideas were just not good ideas. John Frewen in England, one of the grand fathers lost his home and all his posessions due to helping Morton. He donated his home as a school for Dyslec boys. It is now known as Frewen College and has gone coed.
Morton was married to Clarita Hall Jerome, the sister Jennie Jerome mother of Winston Churchill.
Another famous Frewen was Accepted Frewen. He lead a famous life also, nearly being killed by half brothers who fought against the king he was loyal too. (This, another of the Cromwellian fights). He later became Archbishop of York due to his faithfulness to the King.