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My DeWeese line starts with Elizabeth DeWeese the wife of Jonas Ward.
Kay DeWeese worked very hard on this line proving back to Rev. Josuha DeWeese and his ancestors and descendents. Kay had planned on writing a book, however a simple surgery which should have gone well created a blood clot and caused her death. It is very hard to proceed with a book like that by using someone elses notes and facts and as of now no book has transpired. Perhaps some day soon some one will take on that heavy task.
Elizabeth's parents were Thomas and Catherine (Spencer) DeWeese. Thomas' were Rev. Joshua and Elizabeth Bowman Deweese. Joshua's was Samuel and Mary Colurn Deweese. Samuels's was Lewis Lambertus and Mary (Wheeler) Deweese. Lewis' was Garrett Hendricks and Zyntien Sytje Sion (Liuwes) Deweese. Garrett's was Adriaen Hendrixz and Adriaenje (Jans) Deweese and Adriaen's was Jan Adrian Henrick and Hillegont Govaerts Deweese. (Note there are various spellings of these names)
Elizabeth and Jonas Ward family: Spouses: Thomas and Catherine Spencer DeWeese Spouse:
Tarus Manchester Ward Elvira M Doolittle Catherine Deweese Thomas Dugan/Doogan
Sarah Ann Ward   Samuel Deweese Mary Dugan/Doogan
Josiah Spencer Ward* Mary Magdalene Burner* Sarah Deweese William Jeffres
Jonas Lutellus Ward Margaretta Viola Brockhoven dau Deweese  
Elias Clement Ward Sarah C ? Hester Letitia Deweese David Bonar
Fidelia Electra Ward William Rochester Doolittle Elizabeth Deweese* Jonas Ward*
Jerusha Elvira Ward Wesley J Park Samuel and Mary Colburn Deweese: Spouses:
Rev. Joshua and Elizabeth (Bowman) Deweese Spouses: David  
Anna Deweese George Brandel Cornelius  
Thomas Deweese* Catherine Spencer* Joshua* Elizabeth Bowman*
Lewis Deweese Mary McKelvey Samuel  
Samuel M Deweese Sarah McDougal John Mary Updegrove
Jethro Deweese   Robert  
Note: Joshua had two more wives and more children Wives: Elizabeth New and Hannah Birch Elizabeth Deweese and Jonas Ward Photo left is Jonas and Elizabeth
DeWeese Ward