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A young girl worked as a servant in the home of Robert Cook in Blyton England. That very young girl became pregnant. The child was a boy and he was named William with the surname Cook. It is belived by some of the family that Robert Cook was the father. This boy grew to manhood and married Sarah Noble. They had two children Sarah and William Jr. in 1823 Sarah died and William Cook Sr. remarried to Elizabeth Naylor. They had two children John and Edward who died in Blyton. They had other children, John William, Charles, James C, Alfred, Mary, and Eliza. William and Elizabeth arrived in America December 14, 1853 on the ship Johann Lange along with several of the children. William used the Cook Surname in America, also. Some of the following Cook's lived in America but were born in England and below them listed are the spouses.

William died in the home of his daughter Mary Cook Driver
below children of William and Elizabeth and their spouses:
Eliza Cook Driver
John Driver
Charles Cook
Cynthia Jane Gilbert
Alfred Cook Family Alfred and Rebecca Hardy Cook
James Cook Helen Jupe
Twins unnamed  
Barbara Ellen Cook Dr.Samuel Rutherford Acheson
Sarah Jane Cook William M Mann
Elizabeth Belle Cook William Asbury White
Ruth Cook William Tell Niceschwander
Eliza Ann Cook Oliver Shouse
Alfred A Cook

Rose Lacey

George Washington Cook

Ida Mae Mathiot
Carrie Elizabeth Rogers
Hazel Sarah Thrush
Neoma George

Minnie Susan Cook Arthur Leon Kenyon
Charles H Cook Ida E Nelson
Ephraim A Cook Maude E Neil/Neel
Jesse Cook (missing after WWI)
Above children of William and Louisa Above are wives of the children

Barbara Ellen Cook Acheson and daughter Mary Emily Acheson Cooper


other Acheson children were David Campbell Acheson, Pearlie Esther Acheson and Irene Ida and Dr. Acheson's child by a prior marriage Elsie W Acheson

Barbara Ellen Cook Acheson and Daughter