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Henry Burner married Mary Magdalene Cullers on November 12, 1793 in Shenandoah Co.,Virginia and they were the parents of: Parents of Mary Magdalene Cullers were Anna Maria Muller and John Kullers
Children Spouses Children Spouses
John Mary Coulter Mary Magdalene Henry Burner
Abraham C (1) Rebecca Stafford Keller (2) Barbara Stover (3) Elizabeth Bline Rhodes Henry Sarah Keyser
Catherine Jacob Wilkins Parent of John Kuller were Jacob and Mary Magdalene ? Kullers
Henry Catherine Wilkins Parents of Henry Burner were Erhardt and Anna (Clement ?) Burner
Sarah Isaac Wilkins Children Spouses
Rebecca Johnathan Tracy Daniel (1) Elizabeth Michael (2) Sarah Blackwell
Mary Magdalene Josiah Spencer Ward Jacob Caty ?
I have a photo of a Table made by Henry Burner. It is now in the posession of a family in England. I have a table that came from England that is hand made with a family crest on the chair backs made of English Walnut. The top is one solid piece and is enormous. It seats 8 with plenty of elbow room. Barbara Peter Peters
Abraham Mary Magdalene Hull
Henry Burner Home
Elizabeth William Mordock
Henry Mary Magdalene Cullers
Frainey Christian Graybill
John M Lucy Abbott
Above is the home Erhardt Burner built and Henry Burner grew up in. In this photo it is being torn down.