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Neuschwandstein CastleJohannes Neuenschwander, not the first Neuenschwander, but our first to America from the Neuenschwander line, came in 1850 from Switzerland with a wife and four children. All but one of the children died on the trip aboard ship according to the obit of the surviving child. The obit does not mention the mother but John as he later became known marries Catherine Frazier/Phraner/Frazee/Phraney (spelling in verious records). They in turn had 12 more children. For a while it was thought that John was married a third time but this was disproven when my cousin and I took a trip the Paulding Co., Ohio.

Jonas Ward is farthest we can trace for sure (although the family Bible in posession of Mike Ward says his father was also Jonas Ward b.April 4, 1743 Rockingham Valley, VA died June 12, 1812 Licking Co., OH and Mother Phebe b. October 3, 1747 Rockingham Valley,VA died September 27,1824) Note: No other records found so far for these parents. Jonas Jr. marries Elizabeth DeWeese in Newark, OH in 1814.

My Spencer line goes back to England as does my Cook, Cowdrey and Frewen line. The Reager line goes to Switzerland as probably the Funk line does. Some of the other lines I have no idea of their beginings. The Frewen's are a more recent line and a couple of them was with Cromwell fighting and he gave them lands that he conqured in Ireland, so although they were from England my ggrand father was born in Castleconnel, Ireland. A small part of the family still lives on a portion of this land.

The Alberti line was the first Italian family to locate in New York. Pietro Cesare Alberti born June 2, 1608 San Lucas, Venice, Italy and he and his wife was killed by Indians in Brooklyn in 1655.

The DeWeese line is supposed to trace back to a orphn child which is what DeWees means however one obit of a child from the Ward line says that they were from France but I have no conformation on this.

The Lundblades came from Sweden but they are not my direct line. The Strayer's came from Switzerland but they too are not my direct line. Strayers do connect to both my Ward and Niceschwander lines. Burners and Bakers connect to both lines also but they are direct lines of mine.

The Rivera's came from Mexico and the Monreal's from Spain.



Last updated 08/24/2009 Dora Niceschwander Smith

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