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Tyler Family History


First Generation


1. Henry TYLER. Born ca 1604 in Shropshire England. Henry died in York Co., VA in 1672, he was 68.

Henry first married Mary, who died about 1654. In 1658 he married Ann ORCHARD, in York Co., VA. Born in England, she arrived at James Co., VA with her first husband, John ORCHARD in 1637. After Henry's death, Ann married Martin GARDNER, justice of York Co. Ann died in York Co., VA on 2 Apr 1679.

They had the following children:

2 i. John (ca1662-<1732)

3 ii. Daniel (1663-)

4 iii. Henry (~1660-1729)

Henry Tyler, a descendant of Wat Tyler, came to VA before 1645. He was "patented" 254 acres of land at Middle Plantation, which is today's Williamsburg. In 1653 he was a Justice of the Peace in York Co.

In 1654 New Kent County was cut out of York County. 

Many records of Colonial Virginia were destroyed in fires. One fire at the New Kent Clerk's Office in 1787 suffered the loss of records from King and Queen 1654-1691, King William County 1654-1702, Hanover County 1654-1728, Louisa County 1654-1728 and part of Caroline County 1654-1720. Another fire at the New Kent Courthouse in 1865 was also disastrous. Many more records were lost.


Second Generation


2. John TYLER. Born ca 1662 in York Co., VA. John died in Hanover Co., VA bef 1732. About 1690 John married Mary GARDNER, daughter of Martin GARDNER.

They had the following children:

5 i. Sara (1690-)

6 ii. John (1703-)

7 iii. Henry (~1690-1751)

3. Daniel TYLER. Born in 1663 in York Co., VA.

4. Henry TYLER. Born abt 1660 in York Co., VA. Henry died in York Co., VA in 1729, he was 69.

On 25 Jun 1683 when Henry was 23, he married Eliabeth CHILES, in York Co., VA. Born in 1666 in York Co., VA. Eliabeth died in York Co., VA on 19 Jan 1702, she was 36.

(Henry & Elizabeth's branch is that of U.S. President Tyler.)


Third Generation


5. Sara TYLER. Born on 18 May 1690 in New Kent Co., VA.

6. John TYLER. Born in 1703 in New Kent Co., VA.

Moved to Hanover Co. in 1723.

In 1721 Hanover Co was formed from New Kent. Owing to the destruction of the records of these two counties, there are only fragments of information. John Tyler Jr., who was born in New Kent in 1703 is living in Hanover Co as early as 1723 according to the land grants. In the Hanover records 1733-1735, one of the two books of Hanover Co., John Tyler Jr. is named administrator of John Williams, deceased June 5, 1735.


8 i. John (ca1730-)

7. Henry TYLER. Born abt 1690 in Hanover Co., VA. Henry died in Hanover Co., VA in 1751/1755.

In 1715 when Henry was 25, he married Mary, in Hanover Co., VA. Born in 1695.



Fourth Generation


8. John TYLER. Born ca 1730.

John married Phebe.

Remaining Hanover records show a few transactions for land naming John and Phebe.

They had the following children:

9 i. Bartlett

10 ii. Henry

11 iii. Charles

12 iv. John

13 v. Richard



Fifth Generation


9. Bartlett TYLER.

Bartlett Tyler was a Private in Capt John Camp's Company in the 1st Virginia Regiment commanded by Col. George Gibson. (During the Revolutionary War, this company was designated at various times as Captain John Camp;s, Capt. Jacob Valentine's and Capt. Angus Rucker's Company. The company was always listed as First Virginia Regiment commanded by Col. George Gibson.)

First date listed was on Company Pay Roll from Sep 14 to 30 incl. 1777. The same records show that was paid each month thereafter through March 1778 and for 13 days in April 1778 with a note under "Casualties" as "Died 13 April", hospital Red Lyon (Penn.).


14 i. Jones (ca1775-1838)

10. Henry TYLER.

11. Charles TYLER.

12. John TYLER.

13. Richard TYLER.



Sixth Generation


14. Jones TYLER. Born ca 1775. Jones died in Rockingham Co., VA in 1838, he was 63.

On 1 Dec 1795 when Jones was 20, he married Lucy FORDE, daughter of Sherwood FORDE & Aggy, in Henrico Co., VA. She was of the same family as Reuben Ford (1742-1823), a noted Baptist minister who lived in Hanover Co. Lucy died bef 1838.

They had the following children:

15 i. Reuben F (ca1809-~1860)

16 ii. Madison

17 iii. John Allen

18 iv. Elizabeth (1815-1836)

Jones served as a private in the War of 1812 in the 33rd Regt Virginia Militia. He lived in Henrico Co. until 1831, when he moved to Rushville in Rockingham Co.


Seventh Generation


15. Reuben F TYLER. Born ca 1809 in Henrico VA. Reuben F died abt 1860, he was 51. Occupation: Farmer.

On 15 Jan 1830, he married Martha Elizabeth ALLEY, in Henrico Co., VA. Born in 1808. According to Richmond City Directory, she was still living in 1871 at 308 North Adams Street, where her son William lived and conducted his business.

They had the following children:

19 i. William Henry (1830-1910)

20 ii. Jefferson (1832-)

21 iii. Jacob G (Twin) (1839-)

22 iv. Thomas A (Twin) (1839-)

23 v. Lucy Ann (1840-)

24 vi. George P (1841-1902)

25 vii. Joseph Fountain (1843-)

26 viii. Martha E (1845-)

27 ix. Giles (1850-)

28 x. Mary E (-1858)

16. Madison TYLER.

On 27 Jul 1833 Madison married Elena LEE, in Rockingham, VA.

17. John Allen TYLER.

John Allen married Emily PHILLIPS.

18. Elizabeth TYLER. Born on 18 Aug 1815. Elizabeth died on 15 Oct 1836, she was 21.

On 20 Mar 1833 when Elizabeth was 17, she married Joseph Hufford MINNICH, in Dry River, Rockingham, VA. Born on 9 May 1813 in Rockingham, VA. Joseph Hufford died in Dry River, Rockingham, VA on 6 Mar 1864, he was 50.



Eighth Generation


19. William Henry TYLER. Born on 1 Dec 1830 in Rockingham, VA. William Henry died on 27 Sep 1910, he was 79. Buried in Hollywood Cemetery. Occupation: Magistrate and High Constable for Henrico Co.

On 9 Nov 1854 when William Henry was 23, he married Clema Frances DAVIS, daughter of Seth DAVIS, in Henrico Co., VA. Born on 23 Jun 1838. Clema Frances died on 28 Mar 1901, she was 62.

They had the following children:

Hiram Wiley TYLER (1857-1937) married Lucy T. Gilman (1862-1957). Hiram and Lucy had four children.


Whyte Infant death

Minnie Infant death

Marcella married MORRIS

Julian W.


Rosa married PAYNE

Maggie married WALLS


Leilia married YAGER

Hattie married MARTIN

20. Jefferson TYLER. Born in 1832.

21. Jacob G TYLER. Born in 1839, twins with Thomas A.

22. Thomas A TYLER. Born in 1839, twins with Jacob G.

23. Lucy Ann TYLER. Born in 1840.

Lucy Ann married William R THORPE.

24. George P TYLER. Born in 1841 in Henrico Co., VA. George P died on 21 Aug 1902, he was 61. Buried in Riverview Cemetery.

George P married Elizabeth F DELANEY. Born in 1848 in Henrico Co., VA. Elizabeth F died on 22 Jun 1898, she was 50.

They had the following children:

29 i. Linda (1871-)

30 ii. Richmond G (1873-1944)

31 iii. Cora (1876-)

32 iv. Bessie (1882-)

25. Joseph Fountain TYLER. Born in 1843. Occupation: Merchant.

On 9 May 1866, he first married Drusilla Frances FORD (1849 - 1886), daughter of Mosby FORD (abt 1815-aft 1870) & Eliza A. O'CONNOR (abt 1826-).

They had the following children:

33 i. Bleufred Allen (1871-1916)

34 ii. Harvey

35 iii. Joseph Ewell (1873-~1901)

36 iv. Kate

37 v. Pearl Virginia

38 vi. Charles

About 1889 Joseph Fountain (second) married Sabelia Willingtina CARDEN.

They had the following children:

39 i. Earl Wayne

40 ii. Bright Harrison

41 iii. Maurice Linwood (-<1953)

42 iv. Harold Norwood (1896-1973)

43 v. Gladys

44 vi. Eva (-<1953)

26. Martha E TYLER. Born in 1845.

On 2 Oct 1866 when Martha E was 21, she married Robert S GRIFFIN.

27. Giles TYLER. Born in 1850.

Giles married Marthy.

28. Mary E TYLER. Mary E died on 22 Jul 1858.



Ninth Generation


29. Linda TYLER. Born in 1871.

30. Richmond G TYLER. Born on 17 Jul 1873 in Richmond, VA. Richmond G died on 11 Mar 1944, he was 70.

On 14 Apr 1897 when Richmond G was 23, he married Mary E. SHARPLEY. Born on 15 Dec 1878 in New Kent Co., VA. Mary E. died on 1 Jan 1963, she was 84.

They had the following children:

45 i. Daughter

46 ii. Raymond C (1900-1901)

47 iii. Hazel A (1898-1965)

48 iv. Daughter (1909-)

49 v. Daughter

50 vi. Daughter (1906-)

51 vii. Daughter (1917-)

31. Cora TYLER. Born in 1876.

32. Bessie TYLER. Born in 1882.

33. Bleufred Allen TYLER. Born on 30 Apr 1871 in Henrico Co., VA. Bleufred Allen died on 11 Nov 1916, he was 45. Buried in Riverview Cemetery (Hollywood) Richmond, VA.

On 17 Oct 1894 when Bleufred Allen was 23, he married Lydia Ann HUTCHISON, daughter of William Pleasants HUTCHISON (ca 1835-aft 1880) & Mary Jane PADGETT (Mar 1835-aft 1910), in Richmond, VA. Born on 16 Oct 1874 in Henrico Co., VA. Lydia Ann died in Richmond, VA on 4 Sep 1920, she was 45.

They had the following children:

52 i. Alyse Frances (1896-)

53 ii. Merle Virginia (1897-1986)

54 iii. Mary Louise (1899-)

55 iv. Marion Boyce (1901-1982)

56 v. Harold (1903-1966)

57 vi. Frank (1906-1938)

34. Harvey TYLER.

35. Joseph Ewell TYLER. Born on 23 Feb 1873 in Henrico Co., VA. Joseph Ewell died abt 1901, he was 27.

In 1895 when Joseph Ewell was 21, he married Edna M URBAN, in Henrico Co., VA.

36. Kate TYLER.

37. Pearl Virginia TYLER.

Pearl Virginia married George JENNINGS.

They had four children.

38. Charles TYLER.

Charles married Whyte.

39. Earl Wayne TYLER.

Earl married Frankie HOOVER.

40. Bright Harrison TYLER.

Bright married 3 times.

41. Maurice Linwood TYLER. Maurice Linwood died bef 1953.

Maurice Linwood married Louise SHEPHERD.

42. Harold Norwood TYLER. Born on 10 Aug 1896 in Henrico Co., VA. Harold Norwood died in Henrico Co., VA in Jul 1973, he was 76.

Harold married (1) Lucille PALMATORY, (2) ?.

43. Gladys TYLER.

Gladys married John KOHLER.

44. Eva TYLER. Eva died bef 1953.

Eva married Wilmer WILLIAMS.


Tenth Generation


46. Raymond C TYLER. Born in 1900. Raymond C died in 1901, he was 1.

47. Hazel A TYLER. Born in 1898. Hazel A died in 1965, she was 67.

52. Alyse F. TYLER. Born in 1896 in Philadelphia, PA. Deceased.

After Mar 1953 when Alyse F. was 57, she married Raymond HUTCHISON.

Alyse worked as a secretary at William & Mary.

53. Merle Virginia TYLER. Born on 9 Dec 1897 in Henrico Co., VA. Merle Virginia died in Jan 1986, she was 88. Merle never married.

54. Mary Louise TYLER. Born in 1899 in Philadelphia. Deceased.

On 24 Jul 1920 when Mary Louise was 21, she married Earl MUIRE. Born on 20 Nov 1898 in Richmond, VA. Earl died in Richmond, VA in Dec 1987, he was 89.

They had three children.

55. Marion Boyce TYLER. Born on 22 Oct 1901 in Trenton, NJ. Marion Boyce died in Midlothian, VA in May 1982, he was 80.

Marion Boyce married a woman born in Powatan County, VA.

56. Harold TYLER Sr. Born on 24 Nov 1903 in Wilmington, DE. Harold died in Richmond, VA on 27 Mar 1966, he was 62. Buried in Washington Memorial Park, Sandston, VA. Occupation: Salesman.

On 1 Sep 1927 when Harold was 23, he married Ann Elizabeth NEWTON, daughter of James Henry NEWTON (18 Oct 1861-7 Apr 1935) & Patsy Efrom WOOD (8 Aug 1871-2 Jan 1942), in Richmond, VA. Born on 18 Dec 1907 in Charlottesville, Albemarle, VA. Ann Elizabeth died in Richmond, VA on 4 Jul 1975, she was 67.

They had three children.

57. Frank TYLER. Born on 20 Jul 1906 in Richmond, VA. Frank died in York River, VA on 24 Jun 1938, he was 31.


Many thanks to Betty Ann Hughes, Anne Hough, and Alyse Frances Tyler for their recollections and for the time and effort they spent to research the Tyler family.