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What Are We Up To?
Yes, it's a question that we often ask ourselves, and are
never quite sure of the answer! So, just a few lines on
what we're doing.....mostly the kids, of course!
is now 2 1/2 and going through her 'little monster' stage (the one
she started at birth!) She's at nursery one day a week (and has
been since Stephanie was born) and seems to enjoy it - although
her last couple of monthly reports say that she's very quiet at
nursery and hardly says a word - do they mean our Anneliese!
She's beginning to have opinions of her own - 'call me Anneliese,
not Annie!', and emotions too - she's been watching 'The
Snowman' on video a few times lately, and every time it gets to
the part where it's the next morning, and the Snowman has
melted, she gets really upset and bursts into tears! Sweet!
Anneliese has good manual dexterity - she is able to find the
iron, plug it in (having first unplugged the light already plugged
into that socket) and burn a hole through the lounge carpet with
no problem at all! Annie now has a new man in her life - she's
fallen for the dubious charms of England's most unlikely pop
hero - Bob the Builder! Anneliese is growing up rapidly, and has
just now moved full-time from cot to grown-up bed. She loves
the concept, but has yet to fully master the art of rolling over in
her sleep without falling out!
is almost 18 months already, and has been going to nursery for
a few months now. She goes to the same one as Annie, and at
the same time, but they're in different classes, so Steffi has a
chance to get on without Annie's help! She enjoys going; at first
she used to get very upset when we left her, but now it's just a
couple of sobs, and over to the toys! Her voracious appetite
continues, and she probably eats as much as Anneliese already
(and according to the bathroom scales is only about 3 pounds
lighter than her). Steffi's only disappointment in life is that she
hasn't got enough teeth through yet to be able to chew all the
things she'd like to! (although we're now only 5 off a full set!).
Although she can't yet speak in the accepted sense, Steffi has
certainly got the right idea, and is making noises at the
appropriate moment that can be identified by those 'in the
know' as words.
is still working at Port Solent, and has the pleasure this week of
spending a couple of days manning the Sunsail stand at the Earls
Court Boat Show. The school holidays have been beneficial to
Lyn in that travel to and from work has been somewhat smoother,
but as we look forward to a new term, the increased traffic
combined with whatever abnornmal weather the rest of the
winter has in store will doubtless conspire to keep her stuck in
traffic for far too long each day. Still, rather that than stay at
home with the kids all day!
does stay at home with the kids all day, and is a professional
house-husband! If ever the 1 000 000 question on 'Who Wants to
be a Millionaire' is on Teletubbies or Tweenies, He'll have no
problems! In order to keep a certain amount of contact with the
real world, Nigel is doing an evening class - the RYA Day Skipper
theory course; and is also on the Residents Association
Committee for the village - a task which is most politely described
as 'an up-hill struggle'! Nigel is still strange, and says that one of
his greatest ambitions is to hear a participant on the BBC's
'Antiques Roadshow' exclaim "Well, Bugger Me!", (In a terribly
correct accent!) when told the value of his treasure!
In those rare quiet moments when the kids are in bed and asleep, we're trying
to research our family trees at the moment, which is actually a lot more fun
than you might imagine if you've not tried it! We certainly find it quite
theraputic to wrestle with problems of 150-year-old relationships after a hard
day at the office or with the kids, and there's a real buzz when you finally
locate the records of a missing person, or link a whole new batch of names
into the tree. In a while, we hope to put some of the fruits of this research onto
a web page, to see whether we can make contact with any other long-lost
family members.
We managed several holidays in 2000, rather surprisingly! In July we took
the kids to Tintagel in North Cornwall for a week in a mobile home. Although
the weather wasn't up to much, a splendid time was had by all, and Anneliese
still talks about it, so it looks like another mobile home holiday is on the cards
for next year! The girls have also stayed a couple of times with their
grandparents in Kent, while we went off on our own - to Antigua for a week in
March, and a week's sailing in Turkey in September.

On the 'Urgent' list at the moment is a rapid redecorate of the lounge.
Anneliese's indiscretion with the iron has at least meant that the insurance
company are replacing the carpet for us. Unfortunately, although we had
wanted to change it, we'd planned to wait a little longer before doing so.
Still, it does mean that we can get rid of the magnolia walls! The kids will be
holidaying in Kent for a week so that we can get the work done unhindered!

The camper has just been through the annual ordeal of the MOT test,
fortunately without too much grief, and is now looking for a new home, so if
you're interested, it could be yours for 8250 (One owner from new, 102,000
miles). We don't want to part company, but with no rear seat-belts, or the
provision to fit them, we can't actually take the kids out in it!

Great to have made contact with so many friend old and new over the
Christmas break; we'll try and get better at staying in touch this year!
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