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RootsWeb will soon be hosting the MO Death Index.  It would be greatly appreciated if you could check your submissions and email me with any changes.

Email Changes:

Until I can make the changes, please make note of these email upates -- is now 

While I try to have things as accurate as possible here, there are errors I'm sorry to say. 

We have two email addresses that don't work: and
If you can correct either one, please let me know ASAP.  There are people who are trying to contact you.

Some of the dates were displayed with a two digit year such as 01-01-10 for Jan 1, 1910.  I tried to fix this and I think I messed up some of the other dates.  If you find errors, Please let me know.

I have started a new mailing list at To subscribe, put your email in the box and click the button! The list will be used to post obit, death and cemetery info for Missouri along with questions and discussions.

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I would also like to ask for volunteers to add the daily obituaries from your local (Missouri only please) newspapers. These can be posted to the mailing list and then I will put them in the death index. If you receive the newspaper daily and can give approx. 5 minutes of your time a day to post those obit's to the list, it will help the list and the index grow tremendously and will aid fellow genealogy researchers.
For those of you who, like me, do not live in Missouri, we could go to a newspaper site online and get the obits there. Here is a good site for newspapers: This is by no means a complete list, you can use other sites. I will volunteer to do The Digital Missourian.
If you are interested in contributing to the list and have further questions please contact Nettie Mae. Again I thank you for your time and please consider volunteering. When we have a volunteer for a newspaper, I will add that info to the corresponding county below. Again I thank you for your time and please consider volunteering.

Thank you so much, Nettie Mae


This website is maintained by Nettie Mae.  Not everything is documented, so if it's really important to your research, track down those sources!