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Green/Greene's listed in DAR Vols. 1-110

I have copied here quite a few of the DAR listings with ties to the Green/Greene families. I have listed 15 on each page. This list is by no means complete. It is just some of the names I have sifted through, looking for my elusive ones.

Bibliography: Lineage Books of the Charter Members of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution - Vol. I-CVIII (108). Since this database represents a various compilation of 100 volumes, the years and locations of copyright information vary, according to each volume. For example, volume 8 was published in 1899 in Washington, D.C., whereas volume 63 was published in 1923, also in Washington, D.C.

The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 9 page 28

Mrs. Adelaide E. Heilbron. DAR ID Number: 8071 Born in Massachusetts.

Wife of George H. Heilbron. Descendant of Moses Ross, John Pickering and William Dame, of Massachusetts.

Daughter of William H. Piper and Mary Adelaide Green, his wife. Granddaughter of Ezra James Green and Elizabeth Ross, his wife; Moses Piper and Harriet Carter, his wife. Gr.-granddaughter of John Pickering Ross and Elizabeth Evans, his wife; Benjamin Carter and Polly Dame, his wife. Gr.-gr.-granddaughter of Moses Ross and Abigail Pickering, his wife; William Dame and Lucy Bailey, his wife. Gr.-gr.-gr.-granddaughter of John Pickering.

Moses Ross, 1780, served in Capt. Daniel Jewell's company for the defense of West Point. William Dame, 1777, was a private in Capt. Stephen Jenkins' company, Col. Samuel Johnson's regiment, in the Northern Department under General Gates. John Pickering, was a signer of the Association Test. These patriots promised "At the Risque of our Lives and Fortunes, with Arms to oppose the Hostile Proceedings of the British Fleets and Armies against the United American colonies".

The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 9 page 40

Mrs. Evelyn C. Briggs Cranska. DAR ID Number: 8104 Born in Connecticut.

Wife of Floyd Cranska. Descendant of Corp. Jonathan Briggs and of Solomon Tift, of Rhode Island.

Daughter of Lucius Briggs and Harriet Atwood, his wife. Granddaughter of Wanton Briggs and Mary Tift, his wife. Gr.-granddaughter of Jonathan Briggs and Abigail Green, his wife; Solomon Tift and Eunice Burrows, his wife.

Jonathan Briggs, 1777, was corporal in Capt. Thomas Hughes' company, Col. Israel Angell's regiment. He was in the battles of Germantown, Monmouth and Yorktown and a pensioner when he died at eighty-two. \line Solomon Tift served as a sailor and soldier. He was in the battle of Quaker Hill, August 29, 1778, and was captured at Fort Griswold. He suffered untold hardships on the Jersey, but lived to the advanced age of ninety-two.

The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 9 page 46

Mrs. Harriet Emery Green DAR ID Number: 8116 Born in Maine.

Wife of Darius A. Green. Descendant of Nathaniel Porter, of Massachusetts.

Daughter of Oliver Hubbard Emery and Hannah Osgood Porter, his wife. Granddaughter of Nathaniel Porter and Sarah Ingalls Porter, his wife.

Nathaniel Porter enlisted from Andover, and 1780-81 served as a soldier. He died in 1842 at the age of eighty.

The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 9 page 96

Mrs. Anna Katharine Green Rohlfs. DAR ID Number: 8243 Born in New York.

Wife of Charles Rohlfs. Descendant of Capt. James Green, of Connecticut; Ebenezer Webb and William Webb, of Long Island.

Daughter of James Wilson Green and Catherine Ann Whitney, his wife. Granddaughter of Capt. Richard Green and Sally Webb, his wife. Gr.-granddaughter of James Green and Ruth Marshall, his wife; William Webb and Elizabeth Hudson, his wife. Gr.-gr.-granddaughter of Ebenezer Webb.

James Green was senior captain of the Second Militia Regiment of Light Horse through the entire war. He turned out in the defense of New York, 1776, and was in the battle of Saratoga. His company did valiant service in home defense. William Webb served in Capt. Joshua Young's company, Col. Josiah Smith's First Suffolk County Regiment, at the battle of Long Island. He died in 1832, aged eighty-six. Ebenezer Webb was nearly eighty when war was proclaimed, but he was enrolled as an Associator of Suffolk county.

The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 9

Mrs. Caroline Green Noble. DAR ID Number: 8423 Born in Alabama.

Wife of Patrick Noble. Descendant of Gen. Andrew Pickens, of South Carolina; William Green, of Kentucky.

Daughter of Duff Cyrus Green and Rebecca Pickens, his wife. Granddaughter of Joseph Pickens and Caroline J. Henderson, his wife; Duff Green and Lucretia Maria Edwards, his wife. Gr.-granddaughter of Andrew Pickens and Rebecca Floride Calhoun, his wife; William Green and Anne Marshall, his wife.

Andrew Pickens, 1775, was made captain of militia and led a partisan corps when the British overrun the State. With four hundred men he defeated a superior force at Kettle Creek and his horse was killed under him while cover ing the retreat at Stono. He rallied the militia at Cowpens for which service Congress gave him a sword. He forced the surrender of Augusta and led a brigade at Eutaw Springs. Also Nos. 1234, 3443, 4850, 7352.

William Green at the age of fifteen was at Valley Forge and served with Morgan in the battle of the Cowpens.

The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 9

Miss Jane Hurlbut Abbott. DAR ID Number: 8563 Born in New York.

Descendant of Corp. William Abbott, Lieut. Elisha Pratt, Lieut. Col. David Pratt, Peleg Bill Pratt and Daniel Eells, all of Connecticut.

Daughter of Henry Green Abbott and Mary Curtis Babcock, his wife. \line Granddaughter of Paul Abbott and Patty Eells, his wife; Dr. Charles Babcock and Nancy Pratt, his wife. Gr.-granddaughter of William Abbott and Esther Green , his wife; Peleg Bill Pratt and Abigail Seabury, his wife; Daniel Eells and Martha Hamlin, his wife. Gr.-gr.-granddaughter of David Pratt and Kezia Bell, his wife. Gr.-gr.-gr.-granddaughter of Elisha Pratt and Ann Porter, his wife.

William Abbott turned out at the Lexington Alarm and served several enlistments during the Revolution. Elisha Pratt was an officer in the Albany County Exempts and his son, David Pratt, in 1778, was lieutenant colonel in the New York militia commanded by Col. Peter Van Ness. Peleg Bill Pratt when a lad enlisted as a private. Daniel Eells was a soldier at the siege of Boston and was in the battle of Long Island. He died in Oneida county, New York, in 1851, at the advanced age of ninety-four.

The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 9 page 221

Miss Lucy Brooks Price. DAR ID Number: 8588 Born in Pennsylvania.

Descendant of Samuel Price, of Pennsylvania; James Brooks, of New Jersey; Jonathan Miller, Lodowick Light, Sergt. Increase Miller, Ens. Jesse Miller and Eli Seely, all of New York.

Daughter of Edward Augustus Price and Lucy Adele Brooks, his wife. Granddaughter of Benjamin Van Campen Brooks and Lucy Green Miller, his wife; Samuel Alrich Price and Sarah Bickham, his wife. Gr.-granddaughter of Samuel Price and Ann Richards, his wife; Amos Miller and Mary De Witt Jayne, his wife; James Brooks and Amy Light, his wife. Gr.-gr.-granddaughter of Jesse Miller and Keziah Miller, his wife; Lodowick Light and Martha Seely, his wife; James Brooks and Mary Johnson, his wife. Gr.-gr.-gr.-granddaughter of Increase Miller and Anna Sandusky, his wife; Jonathan Miller and Jerusha Roberts, his wife; and of Eli Seely.

Samuel Price served on the Committee of Safety and with Chester County Associators during the Revolution. James Brooks was a soldier in the company of Capt. Giles Mead, Continental Line. He died in 1812. Also Nos. 3908, 3912. Increase Miller, Lodowick Light, Eli Seely, Jesse Miller and [p.221] Jonathan Miller served in the Westchester county militia commanded by Col. Thomas Thomas.

The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 9

Mrs. Ellen Moffat Baum. DAR ID Number: 8592 Born in Pennsylvania.

Wife of Henry Mason Baum.

Descendant of Maj. Robert Traill and of Lieut. Thomas Stewart, of Pennsylvania.

Daughter of Edward Farmer Stewart and Margaret Kennedy Runkle, his wife. Granddaughter of John Stewart and Elizabeth Green, his wife. Gr.-granddaughter of Benjamin Green and Elizabeth Traill, his wife; Thomas Stewart and Rachel Farmer Dewees, his wife. Gr.-gr.-granddaughter of Robert Traill and Elizabeth Grotz, his wife.

Robert Traill, 1775, was clerk of the Committee of Observation and 1777 major of the Northampton county battalion. Thomas Stewart, 1775, enlisted as a private and in 1780 was lieutenant of Bucks County Associators.

The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 9

Mrs. Anna Janette Young. DAR ID Number: 8674 Born in Rhode Island.

Wife of Henry Allen Young. Descendant of Sergt. Joseph James, of Rhode Island.

Daughter of Joseph James and Almira Kimball, his wife. Granddaughter of Perry Green James and Jane Andrews, his wife. Gr.-granddaughter of Joseph James and Elizabeth Green , his wife.

Joseph James was sergeant in Capt. Thomas Gorton's company, Col. Christopher Lippitt's regiment, which was raised to serve for home defense, but after the battle of Long Island marched to reinforce the Continental Army at New York.

The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 9 page 353

Mrs. Mary B. Wheeler White. DAR ID Number: 8965 Born in Connecticut.

Wife of Charles E. White. Descendant of Joseph Wheeler, of Connecticut.

Daughter of Samuel A. Wheeler and Emma Green, his wife. Granddaughter of Mary B. Wheeler and Hiram Wheeler, his wife. Gr.-granddaughter of Samuel Wheeler and Rebecca Prentice, his wife. Gr.-gr.-granddaughter of Joseph Wheeler and Prudence Palmer, his wife.

Joseph Wheeler, 1776, served in Capt. Thomas Wheeler's company, Eighth Regiment, under Col. Oliver Smith in the New York campaign.

The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 10 page 16

Miss Lucretia Lawrence Boggs. DAR ID Number: 9039 Born in Indiana.

Descendant of Gen. William Thompson, Capt. Matthew Scott and John Boggs, of Pennsylvania; Isaac Stearns and Timothy Stearns, of Massachusetts; Capt. Isaac Cook , Col. Isaac Cook, Jr., and Isaac Cook, of Connecticut; William Taylor, of New Jersey.

Daughter of John McMeechin Boggs and Frances Lane Stearns, his wife. Granddaughter of Moses Boggs and Margaret Scott Cook, his wife; Timothy Stearns, Jr., and Catherine Green Taylor, his wife. Gr.-granddaughter of Judge Isaac Cook and Margaret Scott, his wife; Isaac Taylor and Lydia Perkins, his wife; Timothy Stearns and Sarah Lane, his wife; John Boggs and Sarah McMeechin, his wife. Gr.-gr.-granddaughter of Matthew Scott and Elizabeth Thompson, his wife; Isaac Cook, Jr., and Martha Cook, his wife; William Taylor and Lucy Embry, his wife; Isaac Stearns and Mary Crosby, his wife; John Boggs and Jane Irwin, his wife. Gr.-gr.-gr.-granddaughter of William Thompson; and of Isaac Cook and Jerusha Sexton, his wife.

William Thompson, 1775, led a Rifle regiment at Lechmere Point and 1776 he was promoted and ordered to reinforce Gen. John Thomas in Canada. He was taken prisoner at Trois Rivi'e8res and not exchanged until 1780. Isaac Cook commanded a company at the Lexington Alarm. [p.16] Isaac Cook, Jr., 1775-83, rose from captain to lieutenant colonel and his son Isaac, although a lad, served as a scout. Matthew Scott, 1776, as lieutenant of Miles' rifle regiment, was taken prisoner at Long Island. When exchanged he led his company at Brandywine and Germantown. William Taylor was a soldier under Capt. Bateman Lloyd. Also Nos. 1034, 1049, 2400, 3491, 3582, 4747, 6116, 7990. Isaac Stearns served at Bunker Hill, the siege of Boston and Ticonderoga. His son Timothy, at the age of seventeen, enlisted as a private in Capt. Walter McFarland's company. Also 2153. John Boggs, who gave service as a soldier in the State where he was born, died in Ohio, in 1819, at eighty-seven.

The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 10

Mrs. Anne Higbee Green Kissam. DAR ID Number: 9206 Born in New Jersey.

Wife of Coleman Kissam. Descendant of Gen. Matthias Williamson and of Maj. Matthias Williamson, Jr., of New Jersey.

Daughter of Judge Edward T. Green and Charlotte Higbee Beasley, his wife. Granddaughter of Chief Justice Beasley and Frances Higbee, his wife. Gr.-granddaughter of Dr. Frederick Beasley and Maria Williamson his wife. Gr.-gr.-granddaughter of Matthias Williamson and Henrietta Levy, his wife. Gr.-gr.-gr.-granddaughter of Matthias Williamson and Susannah Halstead, his wife.

Matthias Williamson, 1775, was colonel of Essex county Light Horse and in 1776 was promoted to brigadier general. He was quartermaster general when taken prisoner in 1780 and until exchanged was confined on Long Island. Matthias Williamson, Jr., served as quartermaster of militia.

The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 10 page 92

Mrs. Sarah Kettlehuyn Swartwout Green. DAR ID Number: 9241 Born in New York.

Wife of Walter Jerome Green. Descendant of William Kettle (Kettlehuyn), Philip Swartwout and Cornelius Swartwout, of New York.

Daughter of Henry Swartwout and Maria Amelia Kettlehuyn, his wife. Granddaughter of David Kettlehuyn and Amelia Lester, his wife; Henry Swartwout and Sally Merrill, his wife. Gr.-granddaughter of William Kettle (Kettlehuyn) and Anneke Toll, his wife; Cornelius Swartwout and Sarah Bedell, his wife. Gr.-gr.-granddaughter of Philip Swartwout and Antje Wynkoop, his wife. Gr.-gr.-gr.-granddaughter of Jacobus Swartwout and Antje Gumaer, his wife.

William Kettle(huyn) was a private in the regiment commanded by Col. John Knickerbacker at the surrender of Burgoyne and also served under Col. Peter Yates. He died in 1829, at the age of eighty-nine. Philip Swartwout, 1775, was a signer of the Association Test of the District of Manakating, as was also three of his sons. [p.92] When Brandt invaded Peinpack in 1778 he and three sons were murdered outside the fort, but that was saved by the aid of the women and the aged Antjen Gumaer performed the duties of a soldier. Cornelius Swartwout was a private in the Ulster county militia at Fort Montgomery in 1777, when it was attacked by the British and he and his brother, Gerardus, fought their way out and evaded capture. He died in 1838.

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