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A lot of this info comes from Fran Kyker (email:, Joetta Maxine (Henry) Mallach (email:, Julia (email:  and Candy Crawford (email: )  whom we can't thank enough for helping us with this.


Gramma HOADLEY (Rosie Bell LEIGH) and her brother, Tony, married Roy and Rose HENRY, who were also brother and sister. Although I, personally, am not closely related to the Henry family, Gramma and Tony did have children who are my kin and who may someday be interested in this info.  Plus, I sure enjoy hearing all the stories!  

Here you will find the info that has been sent to me.  I hope you will contact the people who submitted it and share with us any new info you may have.  Enjoy and good luck in your searching....

Descendants of Jesse T. Henry

Generation No. 1

1. Jesse T.1 Henry1,2. He married (1) Polly Rains3. He married (2) Emeline Davis, daughter of William Davis and Elizabeth Harp.

Julia: notes that Jessie and Emeline had four children: Alice, Martin, Roy and Rose.

From:William E. Goss

You list that Polly Rains was the first wife of Jesse T. Henry, and Polly as the mother of Press Henry and Jacob Henry. Polly was the younger sister of my gg-grandmother Sarilda Rains (Henry). In searching my Henry line I have linked with a couple of descendants of Jesse T. Henry and Press Henry. We know that Press was related to Sarilda since he called her aunt, but we had assumed that the relation came through my gg-grandfather William Henry who is probably a first or second cousin to Jesse T. Henry. When I saw Polly listed as the mother of Jake and Press on your site I was shocked and thrilled. We Henry researchers knew that Jesse T. had a first wife, but we had been unable to find her name. When I saw that you had listed Polly Rains as the wife, I immediately knew this was the long lost younger sister of my gg-grandmother. It explains the close attachment of Press and his children to Sarilda.

Since Fran was not the source of this information, she suggested that I contact you. Where did you find that the first wife of Jesse T. Henry was Polly Rains? (Note from Nettie Mae:  It came from Julia: ) It would be much appreciated if you could provide me with that information. It looks like you are about to solve yet another Henry family mystery.

I sent Bill Julie's info and he replied:

The information on the site looks to be very accurate. My information indicates that there was one further child of Jesse T. Henry -- Oscar Henry. I don't have much information on him, but I will send what I have.

When I mentioned Oscar to Fran, she mentioned that she had forgotten to mention him to you. I'm not sure if Oscar was a son of Emeline Davis or Polly Rains. However, I suspect that he was a son of Polly.

Thanks again, Bill Goss

Children of Jesse Henry and Polly Rains are:

2 i. Press2 Henry4.

From: Earlene Davis <> January 3, 2001

Hi my name is Earlene (Henry) Davis. My connection is Robert Preston Henry (nickname Press). I live in Christian County Missouri. I am very interested in your site since the Henry's are so secretive and elusive! It is so hard to track any of them but I do know that my g-grandfather Press had a younger brother named Oscar and my mother has spoke of a Julie O'Neal and also a Tennessee who was suppose to be his sisters. But who knows they may have been half sisters. But I can't find anything on my gg-grandfather Jesse T. Henry and wife Martha can you tell me where you got it please and do you know where they are buried. If you would be interested in anything I have I will share it with you. Oh and have you ever come across a Shrilda Henry? Thanks much, Earlene

+ 3 ii. Jacob (Jake) Thomas Henry, born 21 Mar 1868 in MO; died 11 Sep 1912.

Children of Jesse Henry and Emeline Davis are:

+ 4 i. Roy2 Henry.

+ 5 ii. Rose Bell Henry.

+ 6 iii. Martin Henry.

7 iv. Ellen Henry.

8 v. Alice Henry, died in Shadrack Resthome, Springfield, MO5.  Burial: Springfield, MO5

9 vi. Missouri Henry.

Generation No. 2

3. Jacob (Jake) Thomas2 Henry (Jesse T.1)6 was born 21 Mar 1868 in MO, and died 11 Sep 1912. He married Martha Elizabeth Thora Ann Meade Davis6 21 Jul 1889 in Christian Co., MO7, daughter of Thomas Davis and Mahala Cook.

Candy (email: writes:

"Both Martha Davis and her mother Mahala Cook are buried in the Highlandville Cem. in Christian Co. (have been there)...also buried there are Jake E. Henry b 1-13-1903 d 4-16-1953, Paralee Maddox b 4-28-1890 d 10-23-1963, Nellie M. Essick b 3-29-1907 d 9-25-1935 and Margaret J. Bilyeu b 2-14-1910 d 1-27-1947. These I am told are the children of Jake and Martha."

In the 1900 census for Galloway Twp., Christian Co. # 140 is HENRY, Jacob T., b Mar 1869, age 31, married 11 years; wife Martha, b Mar 1871 age 29, had 5 children 4 living. Children: Paralee b Apr 1891 age 9, Victoria b Jul 1894 age 5, Cecil M. b Jan 1897 age 3 and Julia b Jan 1898 age 1. All are listed as born in MO and parents born in MO.

From: fkyker <>

I can solve some of the questions you are asking. Several members of the Henry family moved to Springfield Mo and lived on Roberson St, which is now a park. Little Lena the daughter of Martha and Jake lived there and Martha Davis and Jake Henry had a son named Jake and he married a Lena and they called her big Lena, I used to work with her in Springfield. Big Lena and Jake, son of Martha and Jake had 4 sons Kenneth, Jimmy, Jerry and Jake. Roy Henry was the Brother to Jake Henry that married Martha Davis, he also lived on Roberson St. I have some more info on Henry,s. Nellie Henry, daughter of Martha and Jake, married Harve Essick, who was the grandson of Mary Jane Davis(Polly), daug of William Davis and Elizabeth Harp, She married William Henry Romanus Essick. They are my great grandparents. Harve Essick and Nellie Henry were 2nd cousins. An other of Mary Jane Davis,s(Polly) grandson, my uncle, James Fred Essick married Ethel Henry who,s father Press Henry was also a bro to Jake who married Martha Davis. I also noticed under Paralee Henry, daug to Martha and Jake, you had her married to Maddox as a first marriage. She lived 1/2 mile down the road form me when I was growing up. She first married a Pigg and had several daugs, when he died she married Pete Maddox. I have a list of Paralee,s children as Paralee was an aunt to my 1st cousin Eileen Essick Carey. I also have other info and lots of names of Press Henry's children if you are interested as they are kin through the Essick,s and Davis,s.

Thanks Fran Kyker

More About Jacob (Jake) Thomas Henry: Census: 1900, Christian Co., MO, Galloway Twp. #140

More About Martha Elizabeth Thora Ann Meade Davis: Burial: Highlandville Cemetery, Christian Co., MO

Children of Jacob Henry and Martha Davis are:

10 i. Marie3 Henry.

11 ii. Paralee Henry, born 28 Apr 1891; died 23 Oct 1963. She married (1) Pete Maddox. She married (2) Pigg8. According to Fran Kyker, Paralee and ? Pigg had several daughters. When he died she married Pete Maddox.   Paralee is buried at Highlandville Cemetery, Christian Co., MO

12 iii. Victoria Henry, born Jul 1894.

13 iv. Cecil M. Henry, born Jan 1897.

14 v. Julia Henry, born Jan 1898.

+ 15 vi. Jake E. Henry, born 13 Jan 1903; died 16 Apr 1953.

16 vii. Nellie M. Henry, born 29 Mar 1907; died 25 Sep 1935. She married Harve Essick9.  Burial: Highlandville Cem., Christian Co., MO

17 viii. Margaret J. Henry10, born 14 Feb 1910; died 27 Jan 1947. She married Sanford Bilyeu.  Burial: Highlandville Cemetery, Christian Co., MO

+ 18 ix. Lena Sylva Henry, born 29 Nov 1912 in Christian Co., MO; died 17 Sep 1972 in Springfield, Greene Co., MO.

4. Roy2 Henry (Jesse T.1). He married Rosie Bell Leigh 26 Sep 1911 in Christian Co., MO11, daughter of William Leigh and Lennie Davis.

Notes for Roy Henry:

There is a Roy Henry listed in the marriage section of transcribed records of Christian Co, he married Zonie Holder 22 Dec 1917.

Child of Roy Henry and Rosie Leigh is:

19 i. Eva Rena3 Henry, born 06 Oct 1913; died 03 Aug 1986.

5. Rose Bell2 Henry (Jesse T.1). She married (1) Tony Oliver Leigh 16 Sep 1910 in Christian Co., MO12, son of William Leigh and Lennie Davis. She married (2) Bert Earll Abt. 1915.

From: Janet Knight <> "Now, here is the funny part of the whole story. When I was a kid, and people would begin talking about "old times", my dad would always say to mom, "hey, why don't you tell us about the Henry's?" She was half-Indian ( Rose was full blood Cherokee) and would get so mad, that she could hardly even talk at all. Of course, we just laughed, and didn't think anything about it...But, once in school, when we had to do a little genealogy project--just parents, grandparents and where they were from, it started an argument, cause Daddy said the Henry's were part of Cantrell Raiders, and they probably lived in caves around Springfield, or in the jailhouse. Of course I have wondered about this info since not finding anything on the Henry's...."


Notes for Tony Oliver Leigh:

There is a marriage for a Tonie O. Leigh md Mary O. Price 25 Oct 1916 in book 9 page 436, Christian Co., MO. Is this ours?

Child of Rose Henry and Tony Leigh is:

+ 20 i. Lorrine3 Leigh, born 29 Apr 1912.

martin_henry.jpg (12163 bytes)6. Martin2 Henry (Jesse T.1). He married Dollie Baker13 08 Aug 190813.

This picture is of Martin Henry (the younger man) and we don't know who the older man is. You can click on it to make it bigger.  Maxine sent me the photo.  She would like to know (and is hoping!) if the older man is Martin's father, Jesse?  We also have some HENRY stories to share with you --- HENRY Stories  

Notes for Dollie Baker:  Dollie re-married to John Robertson in 1914 and had 6 more children. 

Children of Martin Henry and Dollie Baker are:

+ 21 i. Max Otis3 Henry, born Dec 1908; died Mar 1970.

22 ii. Virgil Roy Henry13, born Apr 191113; died Jun 196913.

23 iii. Jessie Lee Henry13, born Aug 191013; died Feb 193413.

24 iv. William Henry13, born Mar 191313; died 191313.

Generation No. 3

15. Jake E.3 Henry (Jacob (Jake) Thomas2, Jesse T.1) was born 13 Jan 1903, and died 16 Apr 1953. He married Lena14.

More About Jake E. Henry:  Burial: Highlandville Cem., Christian Co., MO

Children of Jake Henry and Lena are:

25 i. Jimmy4 Henry15.

26 ii. Kenneth Henry15.

27 iii. Jerry Henry15.

28 iv. Jake Henry15.

18. Lena Sylva3 Henry (Jacob (Jake) Thomas2, Jesse T.1)16,17 was born 29 Nov 1912 in Christian Co., MO, and died 17 Sep 1972 in Springfield, Greene Co., MO. She married Edgar Elkin Glessner 25 Aug 194417, son of Edgar Glessner and Cecilia Howe.  Lena and Edgar are buried at Eastlawn Cemetery, Springfield, Greene Co., MO.  (Source of info on this family is Candy and Gary Crawford )

Children of Lena Henry and Edgar Glessner are:

29 i. Meredith Sue4 Glessner, born 31 Aug 1934 in Springfield, Greene Co., MO; died 31 Aug 1934 in Springfield, Greene Co., MO.

30 ii. Caroleen Faye Glessner, born 20 Jul 1935.

31 iii. Edgar Max Glessner, born 06 Sep 1936.

32 iv. Glenda Marie Glessner, born 22 Nov 1938.

+ 33 v. Koeeta Irene Glessner, born 28 Sep 1940.

34 vi. Garland Otis Glessner, born 18 Oct 1942.

35 vii. Marsha Ann Glessner, born 22 Jan 1944.

36 viii. Randy Glessner, born 13 Mar 1944.

20. Lorrine3 Leigh (Rose Bell2 Henry, Jesse T.1) was born 29 Apr 1912. 

Child of Lorrine Leigh is:

37 i. Janet4 Leigh.

21. Max Otis3 Henry (Martin2, Jesse T.1)18 was born Dec 190818, and died Mar 197018. He married Gladys Mae West18

Child of Max Henry and Gladys West is:

38 i. Joetta Maxine4 Henry.

Generation No. 4

33. Koeeta Irene4 Glessner (Lena Sylva3 Henry, Jacob (Jake) Thomas2, Jesse T.1) was born 28 Sep 1940. She married Leo Crawford

Child of Koeeta Glessner and Leo Crawford is:

39 i. Gary5 Crawford.


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