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19th Century Northeast Texas Place Names

Map of Northeast Texas Counties


Ferry crossing in northern Smith County where Farm Road 14 now crosses the Sabine River

Ben Franklin

Town northeast of Pecan Gap in northwestern Delta County; settled about 1835

Blossom Prairie

Town nine miles east of Paris in eastern Lamar County; post office opened by 1849

Boggy Creek Ferry

Boggy Creek runs four and one half miles from northwest of Clarksville in Red River County to south of Clarksville


Town from 1830s; now named Old Boston; four miles southeast of New Boston in Bowie County


Town nine miles east of Mount Enterprise in southeastern Rusk County


Town founded 1848; second and current county seat of Panola County


Town and county seat of Red River County since 1835; many residents of Jonesboro moved here in the 1830s replacing that earlier community as the most important northern community along the roads and trails from Nacogdoches to the Red River and Fort Towson in Indian Territory

Cravens Trading Post

Robert M. Cravens established a trading post on Sanders Creek in Lamar County.


Town and county seat of Morris County; from 1840s; evidence of visitation to area by Europeans as early as the 1700s; on Caddo Trace


Town was a northern transportation and trade center on the Trinity River in Dallas County as early as the time of the Republic of Texas

Danville (New Danville, Rabbit Creek)

Town southwest of Longview in Gregg County; established late 1840s


Town 12 miles northwest of New Boston in Bowie County; a community by 1835

Dooley's Ferry (Fulton & Dooley's Ferry)

South of Spring Hill, Arkansas on the Red River separating Texas and Arkansas; on Trammel's Trace

Elysian Fields

Town settled by 1837 in southern Harrison County; site of the Caddo village, Biff Springs

Epperson's Ferry

On Sulphur River, 1837, in Bowie County; on Trammel's Trace


River port on south bank of Sabine River in Rusk County, now Gregg County, about four miles from Gregg County courthouse in Longview; steamboats as early as 1848; ferry known as Fredonia Crossing also operated here

Fort Houston

Located just west of present-day Palestine in Anderson County and built for protection from Indians at the community of Houston; later abandoned

Fulton's Ferry at Franklin

A trading post and ferry on the Red River in Lamar County; post office established there and named Franklin in 1842


Town and county seat of Upshur County; founded 1846; on Cherokee Trace

Grand Bluff

Town located eight miles north of Carthage in Panola County on the road to Shreveport; 1840s ferry crossing  on the Sabine River


County seat of Rusk County; founded 1843; an important ante-bellum town


Town located six miles southeast of Mount Vernon in Franklin County; settled by 1850s

Hughes Springs

Town settled by 1839 in area of Chalybeate Springs in southwestern Cass County; on Caddo Trace


River port town and county seat of Marion County; at head of steamboat navigation on Big Cypress Creek and west of Caddo Lake; important transportation and shipping center in mid to late 19th century; many roads led to Jefferson

Jonesboro (Jonesborough)

Ferry and settlement on Red River in Red River County; first community seen in Texas by many of the earliest immigrants from the north. One of the earliest maps of Texas shows only one road in Northeast Texas, the one from "Jonesborough" to Nacogdoches; lost population and importance as residents moved to Clarksville and after 1843 shift in course of Red River north of Jonesboro


Town settled 1848 four miles west of Jefferson; home of Kelly Plow Works and its Kelly Blue Plow; works later moved to Longview


Town in Upshur County west of Gilmer; called the mother colony of all Mormon communities in Texas


Town in Cherokee County northwest of Jacksonville; home of Larissa College

Logan's Ferry (Logansport)

1830 crossing and town on the Sabine River in DeSoto Parish, Louisiana originally named Waterloo; across from Shelby County, Texas; just north of Logansport the Sabine curves westward and is no longer the state line


Town and county seat of Harrison County founded in 1841; one of the most prosperous towns in East Texas by1860; located on the travel-trade routes from Jefferson and from Shreveport to Dallas


Town located 12 miles southeast of Henderson in Rusk County on the Marshall-Nacogdoches stagecoach line; post office by 1850


Town located 18 miles northeast of Jefferson in Marion County; settled late 1840s

Mount Enterprise

Town in southern Rusk County settled 1832; named for elevation nearby that could be said to resemble a mountain


Town and original settlement in the larger Nacogdoches County, mother county to many Northeast Texas counties; settled at old abandoned Spanish Mission site in 1789; destination of many of the early adventurers and settlers to Texas both from the Red River area in the north and from Louisiana to the east

New Birmingham

Town in Cherokee County near Rusk; called Iron Queen of East Texas in 1880s and 1890s

Paris (Pinhook)

Town and county seat of Lamar County; previously known as Pin Hook; settled mid 1820s

Pecan Point

Town recognized as one of the first Anglo-American settlements in Texas; known as a campsite and named earlier by French explorers and traders; a Caddo Indian campsite

Pine Hill

Town located 11 miles east of Henderson on Trammel's Trace in Rusk County also referred to as Rake Pocket; settled 1844

Port Caddo

River port on Big Cypress Bayou in Harrison County adjacent to Caddo Lake established 1838; briefly an official Republic of Texas port of entry and tariff collection point


Town located on the Sabine River nine miles east of Carthage in, first, Harrison County and then Panola County; briefly county seat of both counties; settled late 1830s


Town and county seat of Wood County; founded 1850


Town located near Annona in southeast Red River County; post office in 1846


Town located seven miles southeast of Center in Shelby County; setlled in 1820s; first called Nashville; community and surroundings were the location of the Regulator-Moderator War

Shreveport, Louisiana

Town founded in 1836 on the Red River and Texas Trail into the Republic of Texas; many early Texans passed into Northeast Texas through the Shreveport area


Town 12 miles northeast of Jefferson in Marion County settled in 1842; post office by 1850

Stephenson's Ferry

Located on the Sulphur River between Bowie and Cass counties on Trammel's Trace; established late 1830s


Town and first county seat of Hopkins County; located north of Sulphur Springs


Town 11 miles northwest of Center in Shelby County; founded 1885

Tenehaw (Tanaha)

Part of the Nacogdoches Municipality of Mexico in 1833; created as the Tenehaw Municipality of Mexico in 1835; name changed to Shelby County in 1836 by Republic of Texas giving it original county status along with Nacogdoches and Red River


Town and county seat of Smith County established in 1846; quickly became an important center of commerce and trade

Walling's Ferry (Camden, Easton)

River port and ferry crossing also known as Camden and Easton located on Sabine River in Gregg County; steamboats came as far as this port in the 1850s

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