A Family Tree: From Roots to Buds
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A Family Tree: From Roots to Buds

Hello family, friends, and fellow genealogy researchers. Welcome to my web site! Four main branches, representing ancestries of each of the four grandparents of my children are represented below. I have listed the locations, time frames, and surnames associated with each branch for quick reference.

Middlesex Co.(1760-1800) Roberts
New Haven Co. (1786-1800) Roberts
Tolland Co. Roberts

Cecil Co. (1792-1797) Moore

New Jersey
Sussex Co. (1840-1936) Berrigan, Nestor
Unknown Co. (1788-1810) Muchler

New York
New York City (1855-1870) Oliver
Orange Co. (1866-1966) Nestor

Berks Co. (1751-1790) Roberts
Luzerne Co. (1786-1935) Roberts, Moore, Oliver, Roberts
Northampton Co. (1762-1786) Gearhart

Arlington Co. (1935-1969) Nestor

Bennington Co. (1855-1869) Nestor

Liverpool (1879-1885) Connolly

Northern Ireland
Co. Armagh

Co. Galway (Unknown-1869) Cady, Reilly
Co. Limerick (1813-1855) Nestor
Co. Louth (1854-?) Connolly
Co. Tipperary (1813-1840) Maher
Unknown (before 1855) Berrigan, Oliver, Reilly

Scotland (before 1855) Moffat

Leon Co. (1968-Pres.) Rich

Baker Co. (1849-1863)Pierce/Pearce
Bulloch Co. (1800-1830) Jones (3 distinct lines!)
Burke Co. (1812-1814) Fenn/Fann
Emanuel Co. (1812-1825) Overstreet, Rich
Hancock Co. (1795-1830) Bird
Houston Co. (1821-1840) Powell
Laurens Co. (1814-1830) Fenn/Fann
Lee Co. (1830-1856) Clay, Powell
Miller Co. (1856-1872 & 1925-1933) Fenn/Fann, Rich, Harrell
Montgomery Co. (1807-1812) Rich
Pulaski Co. (1820-1830) Harrell
Randolph Co. (1836-1841) Rich
Terrell Co. (1856-1864) Clay, Powell, Wall
Thomas Co. (1929-1935) Rich
Washington Co. (1785-1840) Clay, Wall
Wilkinson Co. (1816-1858) Clay, Hardin, Jones (3 distinct lines!), Taliaferro

Randolph Co. (1860-1880) Womack

North Carolina
Bertie Co. (1802-1820) Harrell
Caswell Co. (1777-1898) Graves, Hatchett, Womack
Duplin Co. (1759-1785) Clay
Edgecombe Co. (1746-1770) Coffield, Jones (3 distinct lines!)
Halifax Co. (1783-1795) Bird
Jones Co. (1783-1800) Jones (3 distinct lines!)
Orange Co. (1751-1825) Tapley
Surry Co. (1779-1791) Jones (3 distinct lines!), Taliaferro

Comanche Co. (1870-1880) Womack

Caroline Co. (1733-1779) Taliaferro
Pittsylvania Co. (1778-1865) Stone, Taliaferro, Womack
Prince Edward Co. (1807-1814) Hatchett
Spotsylvania Co. (1749-1800) Graves

Medford, Middlesex Co. (1950) Murphy
Boston, Suffolk Co. (1896-1950) Murphy

New York
Bronx (1928-1986) Long, Murphy

Cork, Co. Cork (1876-1921) Murphy
Dun Laoghare (formerly Kingstown), Co. Dublin (1898-1955) Long
Newbridge, Co. Kildare (bef. 1872-bef 1900) Geraghty, Long
Unknown Co. (1850-1900) Hurley, Mahoney, Murphy

*As you can see, the Irish lines are needing some help! I welcome any and all input and leads on these families.*

Hancock Co. (1834-1860) Combs, Hayes, Hendren
Rush Co. (1833-1836) Combs, Hayes, Hendren

Monroe Co. (1850-1867) Combs

Frederick Co., MD (1772-1796) Nichols

North Carolina
Bute Co. (1764-1776) Gilreath
Craven Co. (1730-1733) Gilreath
Edgecombe Co. (1733-1746) Gilreath
Granville Co. (1746-1777) Gilreath, Hayes
Iredell Co. (1813-1834) Cook
Macon Co. (1830-1870) Nichols
Orange Co. (1801-1827) Hincher/Hinshaw
Rowan Co. (1763-1794) Bumgarner, Combs, Hendren, McNiel, Mullis
Surry Co. (1770-1804) Combs, Ellis, Gilreath, McNiel, Mullis, Shepherd
Unknown Co. (1788-1839) Minton, Shin, Vannoy, Wallis

South Carolina
Greenville Co. (1795-?) Gilreath
Newberry Co. (1787-1795) Gilreath

Anderson Co. (1848-1860) Gilreath
Morgan Co. (1850-1870) Gilreath

Culpeper Co. (1749-1810) Holdaway, Souther
King George Co. (1721-1731) Jesper
Orange Co. (1740-1749) Souther
Prince William Co. (1731-1783) Hendren
Richmond Co. (1714-1721) Jesper
Spotsylvania Co. (1725-1791) Shepherd

Northern Ireland
Province of Ulster (1710-1738) Hendren

While the above names and locations represent only those of the direct ancestral lines, I do research whole families. Feel free to browse through the site and see what might help you in your own family heritage quest. Please note that the names of living individuals (other than myself, my husband, and our parents) have been changed to "living" to protect their privacy.

I would love to hear from you if:
  • you and I share a common ancestor
  • you have any pictures you would like to contribute or ask about
  • you see any incorrect or misleading information (or even typos!)
  • you have any information that can or should be added
  • you would like to introduce yourself as a "new" cousin
  • you have questions about the data

Family is everything. It defines you--the heart of your spirit, the heritage of your smile, not only the color of your eyes but how they see the world. You are bound by kinship. You add your own link to the chain, and that is where you strengthen or weaken what you have been blessed--or burdened--with. That is where you use the indefinable quality that belongs to only you, the bit of uniqueness you pass on to your children for good or bad, the part of you that will always be separate from those who share your name, your blood, and your past.

- Deborah Smith
from Blue Willow

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