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NEPA Photo Collection November 2002 Update

1950s Hansons Restaurant Harveys Lake PA
1950s No 9 Breaker in Pittston lit up at night
1950s or so Carbondale PA Presbyterian Church and Methodist Church
1950s Wilkes Barre PA City Hall Showing Tower Removal Small
1951 Scranton PA Back of Hotel Casey
1953 Korean Prisoner of War returns Home
1954 Chevy One 4 DR Sedan
1954 of the Keyser Valley RR shops Scranton Pa
1954 Pittston Stove Company Ruler Back
1954 Pittston Stove Company Ruller Front
1954 Saint Peters Lutheran Church Bible School Hughestown PA
1956 1957 Hughestown School 9th Grade Class Photo
1956 1957 Sheridan School Grade 8
1956 57 Sheridan School Grade 8
1957 Wilson School Duryea Kindergarden Graduation Class Phot
1957 Wilson School Duryea Kindergarden Graduation Class Photo
1957 Wilson School Graduates Kindergarden with some names
1959 River Slope Port Griffith PA
1960 Scranron PA ICS
1962 Erie Lackawanna RR Timetable
1965 Avoca No 1 Kindergarten Class Graduates with Names
1965 thirty thousand pounds of bananas
1970 Fort Jenkins W Pittston PA Medal 1
1970 Fort Jenkins W Pittston PA Medal 2
1971 Sacred Heart Church Duryea First Holy Communion
A Coal Fall one of the dangers in Mining Coal
Allentown PA Adelaide Silk Mills
Allentown PA Lehigh Valley Passenger Station Big
American Theater Showing Paris When It Sizzles
Anthracite Coal Breaker Unknown which one PA
Anthracite Coal Breaker
anthracite fire company mt. carmel pa
Anthracite Region Coal Breaker
Anthricite Coal Train Photo
Approaching Tobyhanna PA
Asa Packer School in Mauch Chunk Pennsylvania
Ashley PA Maxwell Breaker No 20 Luzerne Co
Ashley PA Breaker No 6
Avoca Church
Avoca PA Pops Roller Skating Rink Sticker from 60s
Avoca PA RR Depot 1920s
Avoca PA RR Depot
Avoca PA Students and Teacher smaller version
Avoca PA Students and Teacher Written on Back John Spillane
Avoca PA Students and Teacher
Avoca RR Crossing 1930s
Avondale PA 1906
B an O RR Engines
B-1 Gas ration Card (1942)
Beach Lake PA Swimmers
Bear Creek PA Depot
Bear Ridge Colliery 1907
Bear Ridge Colliery Coal Mine 1907 Shenandoah
Bedford PA Depot
Bellfonte PA RR Depot
Bellvue Coal Breaker Scranton PA
Bellvue Coal Breaker Scranton Penna
BENTON PA Presbyterian Church 1909
Berwick Pa E Front St 1906 Columbia Co
Berwick PA 1905 Bridge View
Berwick Pa 1st Pres Church Columbia Co
Berwick PA Berwick Hotel
Berwick PA D L and W RR Station
Berwick PA Front St 30s or 40s
Berwick PA Kid with Pipe 1910 or so
Berwick PA New YMCA Building Back Small
Berwick PA New YMCA Building Front Big
Berwick PA New YMCA Building Front Small
Berwick PA Passenger Car RR
Berwick PA
Betty C Coal Mine Eckley Pennsylvania PA
Birds Eye View of Olyphant and Blakely PA
birds eye view of scranton from ymca 1906
Black Diamond Coal Mine Colliery Luzerne PA 1908
Black Diamond Coal Mine Colliery Luzerne PA
Black Diamond Express Train & Lehigh Valley Depot in Towanda
Blakely PA
Bloomsburg Pa E P Pursels Store Market Square
Bloomsburg Pa Real Photo of Windemere 1922
Bloomsburg Pa Water Works 1907
Blossburg PA 10 1918
Blossburg PA Main Street
Boiler House and Culm Washery 1915 Scranton PA
Bone Stadium Pittson PA
Bone Stadium PIttston PA
Boy Scouts Airplane ride on No 57 names
Boy Scouts Airplane ride on No 57
Boys at Coal Mine Scranton Pa
Breaker and Culm Piles Shamokin
Breaker and Washery Scranton
Breaker Boys Kingston Pa
Breaker Boys Late 1890s or Early 1900s
breaker boys picking slate
Breaker Boys Pittston PA
Breaker boys Woodward Coal Mines Kingston Pa
Breaker Men after the 1920s Child Labor Laws Went into Effect
Breaker unknown
Brisbin Coal Breaker Scranton PA
Broadway Mauch Chunk Pa 1910
Brockwayville PA BR and P Railroad 1910
Burning Culm Dump Scranton Pennsylvania
Burning Culm in Scranton
Burning Culm Scranton PA
burschel dairy co 1-2 pint bottle scranton pa
Butler Coal Breaker in Pittston
Butler PA North Main St View Trolley 1910
c1906 LAUREL LINE L and W V RR Wilkes Barre PA
Camelback Engine P and R RR station Lititz Pa
campbells ledge 1905
Campbells Ledge 1940s
Campbells Ledge West Pittston Pa
Carbondale Celebration
Carbondale Mine Fire
Carbondale PA 1907 Coal Breaker
Carbondale Pa Coal Brook Breaker
Carbondale PA D and H RR Station
Carbondale PA Delaware and Hudson RR Carbondale Yard 1932
Carbondale PA G W Reynolds and Son Store
Carbondale PA Gravity RR And Car Shops
Carbondale PA High School
Carbondale PA Hospital and Nurses Home
Carbondale PA Hotel Harrison on North Main Street
Carbondale PA Hudson Coal Co Powderly Breaker Carbondale
Carbondale PA Liberty Bank Corner Church and Salem Avenue
Carbondale PA Main Street and Lincoln Ave 1916
Carbondale PA No 8 School
Carbondale PA Racket Brook Falls
Carbondale PA Woodrow Wilson School
Carbondle PA Hotel American North Main Street
Catawiss PA Paper Mill
Chief John Barrett Hughestown Police
Chinchilla RR Station 1907 Back to Nicholson PA
Chinchilla RR Station
Chunk of Coal at Miners Memorial Pittston 1
Chunk of Coal at Miners Memorial Pittston
Circa 1953 centennial plate PITTSTON PA
Clarks Summit PA Postoffice and possible Postmaster
Coal Breaker and Culm Pile Scranton PA
Coal Breaker Between Nanticoke and Wilkes Barre PA
Coal Breaker No 11 Avondale PA
Coal breaker no11 Avondale Pa
Coal Breaker Scranton PA
Coal Breaker Shenandoah PA
coal cars in Eckley Miners Village
Coal Colliery location unknown
Coal Mine Bellevue Breaker Scranton PA
Coal Mine Mining Breaker Scranton PA
Coal Mine Trolley might be from Carbondale PA
Coal Mining Mule Kicking RR Car 1905
coal pickers back
coal pickers front
Coal Picking women and kids
coalminer with pick swinging
col l a watres armory scranto pa 40s 50s
Coughlin HS 1926 Auditorium
East Market Street Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania
East Mauch Chunk Aerial View
East Pittston PA Lehigh Valley RR Depot 1908
East Side of Scranton PA
Eckley Breaker
Ellis Island 1892 better view
Ellis Island 1892
Elm Park Methodist Church Scranton PA
Emigrant Landing Site New York
Employees of Fern Restaurant in Pittston
entrance to coal mine
Erie Lackawaan NO 816
Erie Roundhouse Avoca Pa 1
Erie RR Engine number 665
Erie Wyo Valley RR Documents
Everhart Museum of Natural History Scranton Pennsylvania
Factoryville Church
Factoryville PC
fairview hosp carbendale 40s or 50s
Fairview PA State Hospital for Criminal Insane
Falls PA Dam
Fire Dept Lape Hose Company Nanticoke PA Dec 1906
Fire Engine Wilkes Barre Pa
Fire House and town hall Hatboro Pa c1900
Firemans Memorial Pittston Sept 2001
First Grade Class from Pittston Somewhere
First Holy Communion St Michaels
Fleetville PA Public School
Florence and Esther Ormston in Old Forge PA
Florence Ormston as a Young Girl in Old Forge PA
Florence Ormston Fahey in Old Forge PA
Florence Ormston Fahey Old Forge PA
Forty Fort PA Community Building
Forty Fort PA Street Scene of Business District
Forty Fort Pa Wilkes Barre Wyoming Ave
Forty Fort PA Wyo Ave
Fox Hill Country Club West Pittston Pa
Fraley Street During Winter of Kane Pa 1904 05
Frank Pucilowskli under the A im this RR Photo
Freeland PA Mountain Slope
from Adams Ave Scranton PA
Funeral Procession Strikers, McKees Rocks
G A R Memorial High School No Date
Gillispie John and Thomas from Ireland to Scranton Ship Manifest 1904
Glen Burn Coal Mine Breaker Shamokin PA
Glen Lyon Breaker in Anthracite region
Glen Lyon Breaker PA
Glen Lyon PA Unknown Church About 1950s
Glenn Burn Mine
Grablicks Dairy Bottle Cap Pittston PA
Great Letter Written on Postcard of Daily Life with Visitors
Greater Pittston 1927 Drawing
Green Ridge Breaker Coal Company Scranton PA
Greetings from Scranton PA
Greetings from the Coal Mines
Group of Men sitting on cart at RR Station
Hazleton PA High School 1905s

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