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September 2003 Update Part 2

Most of the images on this page have been graciously offered to me by visitors to the site who want to share their items with the other visitors.

If you have any images that you would like to share with our visitors, please feel free to Click Here to Contact Me and we can work out the details.

Belleview Breaker Scranton
Boathouse on River, Susquehanna River, Wilkes Barre
Bone Stadium Pittston
Breaker Showing Chutes
Brisbin Breaker, Scranton
Bucknell University Jr College
Cameron Colliery
Chute Pickers in Breaker
Coal Miners Ascending Shaft
Conyingham Breaker Wilkes Barre
Cutting Coal At Face of Shaft
Driving Tunnel in Interior of Mine
Fort Pittston High School, Pittston, PA
Grove Theatre Lake Nuangola
Homeward Bound from Picking Coal
Hyde Park Breaker Scranton
Jiggs System in Breaker
L and WB Coal No 9 Breaker Sugar Notch
Lance Colliery Plymouth
LVRR Roundhouse and Campbell's Ledge in Coxton, PA
Market Street Bridge Wilkes Barre
Mine Cage and Miners
Miners Bank Pittston
Mule Driver Boys Coming From Work
Nanticoke East Main Street
Nanticoke High School
Nanticoke PA Tilbury Knobb and Dam
Scranton North Main Ave Providence Square
Parsons Hollenback Avenue Wilkes Barre
Picking Coal on Dump
Picking Slate
Pittston Armory
Pittston BEV from Laurel Line
Pittston Broad Street
Pittston First National Bank and Water Street
Pittston Flat Iron Building
Pittston Hospital New
Pittston Hospital Old
Pittston LVRR Depot and PO
Pittston Main Street Color
Pittston Main Street
Pittston Miners Bank
Pittston North Main Street
Pittston PA from West Pittston
Pittston Payday at Colliery
Plymouth Huber Field
Plymouth Main Street
Polis Theatre Scranton
Red Ash Mine Wilkes Barre
Reliance Colliery
Rocky Glen Swiss Cottage BW
Sans Souci Park Lake 2
Sayre Colliery
Scranton Greyhound Restaurant
Scranton Hotel German
Scranton Luna Park Bridge
Scranton Luna Park Entrance
Scranton St Annes Monestery
Scranton VA Bldg and Heinz Store
Screen Room Breaker Boys
South Street Bridge Wilkes Barre
South Wilkes Barre Breaker L and WB
Sterling Hotel Lobby Corridor
Storage Battery Loki Hauling Coal in a Mine
Swoyersville Maltby Breaker Boys
The Last Scalp
Wapwallopen Powder Glen Falls
Washing Dirt from Buckwheat
West Pittston Delaware and Susquehanna Ave
West Pittston High School
West Pittston Luzerne Knitting
Mr. Wilkes and Mr. Barre
Wilkes Barre North Main Street and YMCA
Wilkes Barre 9th Regt Armory
Wilkes Barre Bennet Building
Wilkes Barre BEV Looking North
Wilkes Barre BEV North From Miners Bank
Wilkes Barre BEV South from Miners Bank
Wilkes Barre Columbia Mills
Wilkes Barre Coughlin High School
Wilkes Barre Elks Memorial
Wilkes Barre Flatiron Hotel
Wilkes Barre from 2nd National Bank
Wilkes Barre G A R High School
Wilkes Barre Grant Street Presbyterian
Wilkes Barre Home for Friendless Children
Wilkes Barre Hungarian Wedding Party
Wilkes Barre Irem Temple CC
Wilkes Barre Large Letter Linen
Wilkes Barre Lovely Ladies
Wilkes Barre Meyers High School
Wilkes Barre North Main Street
Wilkes Barre Odd Fellows Building
Wilkes Barre Old Ladies Home
Wilkes Barre Orphans Court Room
Wilkes Barre Picking Coal from Refuse
Wilkes Barre Public Square Looking East
Wilkes Barre Public Square Looking South
Wilkes Barre Hotel Redington Multi View
Wilkes Barre Slocum Playground
Wilkes Barre Union Street High School
Wilkes Barre West Market Street
Wilkes Barre YWCA
Woodward Breaker
WV Trust and Kirby Dime Store
Wyoming Valley Airport Forty Fort PA

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