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January 2002   

Reunion 2002

Lamp Post story
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News on the reunion.

Family Members.
We have in consultation with Alma Hightower and Helen Brown, secured a time  and a place for our 2002 family reunion.  It will be held on:
Fri, Sat, Sun, August 9,10,11 at Winton's Field in Strawberry,  Az.   
Helen and Floyd Brown took a trip  up to see the site and were very impressed. 
It is a site much used by the scouts and family reunions, so it has  lots of the amenities we will need and enjoy.  There is a description inside for all the amenities and rules as well as a map with the directions to the site. 
Hope all is well with you and yours and we look forward to having a wonderful reunion.      Judy O'Dwyer
Judy O'Dwyer


Alma Hightower
Vice President
John Butler
Judy O'Dwyer
Jerry Linton

Alma & Robin Hightower standing at the Lamp Post in Snowflake, Arizona with a plaque in the memory of Aunt Betty Lou (NeilsonHightower "Alma's mother"
See inside for more.

Eagar Family Name Origins   by Jerry Linton

Does anyone know the origin of the Eagar name?  We know Grandmother Lucy's family originally came west from New York on a ship called the Brooklyn and landed in San Francisco.  They then traveled to Utah to join up with the families who came west by land. 

But where did the original Eagars come from, most of us believe they came from Ireland, Kerry County to be exact.  Further research though shows the original name was spelled Auger at the time of the Norman invasion of England.  During King James time there was a Thomas Gitz Aunger who

was the lord of the manor in Losenham in Kent.  A Henry Fitz Aucher (Auger) was with Edward the 1st at the siege of Canverlock.  In later times the name  was changed many times, Augar, Ager, Eber, Agar.  In 1541, Francis Eagar held the benefice of Trim, in Ireland.       Cont pg 3