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Hi my name is Jerry and my Great-Grandparents were Leslie Thomas Neilson & Lucy Neilson (Eagar). I have been adding quite a bit of info here so please check back all the time to see whats new. If you have anything you would like added let me know by email or in the guest book below and I will see what I can do. We now have a search engine here. I would like to wish my family the best of health and a long life. Also please sign our guest book and read what other visitors and family members have said. I have moved all the Pictures to a seperate page. So check out what's new and I would love to hear from you.

Check out the family trees I put here soon all generations will be shown

Family Newsletter Number 2 Jan 2002 This is the Latest Issue!!

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Aunt Etta's Memorial Service in Camp Verde, Arizona

Old Family Pictures (Take a look more to come)

More Old Family Pictures Courtesy of David Johnson


Family Tree Poem

Poem by Aunt Gerry

Neilson Genealogy

Neilson Descendancy

Neilson Family Tree

Eagar Genealogy

Eagar Descendancy

Eagar Family Tree

Les & Lucy

Family Newsletter Number 3 May 2000

Family Newsletter Number 2 May 2000

Reunion 1999 Pictures (Courtesy of Jerry Linton)

More Reunion 1999 Pictures (Courtesy of Judy O'Dwyer)

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