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You sent away for their death certificates.  But they weren't your relatives.  You researched their origins in Europe.  But you found out that your relative was the defendant in an eviction suit the year before you thought he arrived in America.

Not yours, maybe, but you don't exactly want to throw this information away.  Send it to us: we'll give it a good home.

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Thanks to Gene Neff for the following:

Christopher Friedrich Neff, age 23 from Feldbach, arrived in Philadelphia from Amsterdam on the ship "Verny" 5 Sep 1805.  A search in Feldbach, Switzerland was fruitless.  However, a Christopher Friedrich Neff was born 13 June 1781 in Fellbach in Württemberg to Mattheus David Neef 1747-1817 and Agatha Rienth 1753-1834, married 1776.  Grandparents were Johann George Neef 1713-1782 and Anna Barbara Gammel 1718-1792, married 1742; and Johann Georg Rienth 1716-1777 and Agatha Seibold 1714-1792, married 1738.  Great grandparents: Matheus Neef 1674-1754 and (second wife) Anna Barbara Sailer 1685-1757, married 1707.   Hans Michael Gammel and Ana Maria ...??... (this couple not from Fellbach, no dates).  Conrad Johann Rienth 1682-1719 and Dorothea Votzler/Fotzler/Volzer 1674-  ?? married 1705 .  Johannes Seibold/Seybold 1670-1740 and Elizabeth Hausmann (a widow maiden name unknown) 1673-1729, married 1700. There are two more partial generations.