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Unidentified Neff Coat of Arms
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UPDATE Apr, 1999

Two people have sent e-mail from Germany saying they have seen a similar coat-of-arms in Germany, but they do not know to whom it was awarded.

UPDATE Aug, 1997

In Greek Mythology, there was a Snake named OUROBOROS who was always pictured as eating or swallowing his own tail. This action was supposed to represent growth and destruction as well as the cyclic nature of the universe. This Coat-of-Arms obviously refers to that mythical serpent for some reason.

UPDATE May, 1998

Reitstap, in his work of American Arms gives on page 302, Vol 2nd, the following: Naff von Esthenia Arms: de gules (red) charged with a serpent in a circle, tail in its mouth, or (gold). The crest - two wings, red and gold.

Suggest Origin of this Neff Coat-of-Arms