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Illinois 1850
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The following Data is offered "as-is" since we can not verify its accuracy
Extracted from microfilms IL FHL, SLC, UT.
Many were very dim and difficult to read
? =indicates extra doubt about the accuracy
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Mary S. Neff


Alexander Co., IL
Bureau Co., IL
Clark Co., IL
Clay Co., IL
Coles Co., IL
Cook Co., IL
DuPage Co., IL
Edgar Co., IL
Fayette Co., IL
Fulton Co., IL
Hamilton Co., IL
Jo Daviess Co., IL
Kendall Co., IL
La Salle Co., IL
Lee Co., IL
Madison Co., IL
Monroe Co., IL
Ogle Co., IL
Ogle Co., IL
Ogle Co., IL
Peoria Co., IL
Putman Co., IL
Sangamon Co., IL
Schuyler Co., IL
St. Clair Co., IL
Vermilion Co., IL
Vermilion Co., IL
Vermilion Co., IL

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1850 Alexander Co., IL

p338 139 139	John Neff	72	M Farmer VA
		Jeremiah Neff	24	M Farmer OH	
		Ira D Neff	19	M Farmer OH
		Mirum? Neff	14	F	OH

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1850 Bureau Co., IL

p216 416 457	James Neff	61	M Farmer VA
		Sarah A Neff	41	F	OH
		Benjamin Neff	16	M	OH
		Mary J Neff	14	F	OH
		Martin P Neff	12	M	OH
		Simmons Neff	7	M	OH
		Rebecca L Neff	3	F	OH

p216 421 461	Henry Neff	32	M Farmer VA
		Susannah Neff	28	F	OH
		James W Neff	9	M	OH
		Martha C. Neff	6	F	OH
		John Franklin	5	M	OH

p216 422 462	Samuel Neff	34	M Farmer VA
		Harriet Neff	32	F	OH
		Benjamin Neff	14	M	OH
		John Neff	12	M	OH
		Francis M Neff	8	M	OH
		James W Neff	6	M	OH
		Catherine Neff	4	F	OH
		Lewis Neff	3	M	OH

p277 670 722	George Dutro	30	M Farmer OH
		Elizabeth Dutro	31	F	OH
		James Dutro	8	M	OH
		Sarah Dutro	6	F	OH
		Franklin Dutro	2	M	IL
		Elmore Dutro	8/12	M	IL
		Elizabeth Neff	65	F	MD

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1850 Clark Co., IL

p223 807 807	Abner Adams	34	M Farmer OH
		Mary Adams	30	F	KY
		Rebecca Adams	9	F	IL
		Christopher Sanford 2	M	IL
		May Neff	1	F	IL
		Francis Firsenberger 24	M Shoemaker Germany

p224 833 833	Frederick Neff	28	M Farmer Germany
		Sophia Neff	28	F	Germany
		Catharine Neff	4	F	IL
		Harriet Neff	2	F	IL

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1850 Clay Co., IL

p282 41 42	H R Neff	38	M Merchant OH
		M A Neff	32	F	IN
		John R Neff	15	M	IN
		Hannah Neff	13	F	IN
		S H Neff	12	M	IN
		A P? Neff	11	M	IN
		Elizabeth Neff	9	F	IN
		George Neff	7	M	IN
		Mary Neff	4	F	IN
		Martha Neff	3	F	IN
		Henry Clay Neff	5/12	M	IL

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1850 Coles Co., VA

p59 45 45	Samuel Neff	45	M Farmer VA
		Elizabeth Neff	39	F	OH
		Cordelia? Mathews Neff 13	D	IL

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1850 Cook Co., IL

Chicago 5th Ward
p269 4041 4096 	R M Neff	42	M Carpenter IN
		J W Neff	21	M	IN
		Daniel Neff	20	M	IN
		John S Neff	14	M	IN
		Sarah Neff	10	F	IN
		Emma Neff	20	F	England

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1850 DuPage Co., IL

p72 1003 1018	William Neff	31	M Farmer VT
		Olive Neff	28	F	NY
		Adelaide C Neff	8	F	NY
		Alberrtus? Neff	6	M	NY
		John O'Brian	21	M Laborer Ireland
		Lucy A Standart	19	F	NY

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1850 Edgar Co., IL

p227 1483 1526	Peter Neff Jr. 21	M Farmer Hamilton, OH
		Sarah A Neff	21	F Philadelphia, PA
		Ellen Day	21	F Cally, Ireland

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1850 Fayette Co., IL Census

p426 566	Samuel J Neff	29	M	OH
		Anna Neff	29	F	OH
		Cyrus Neff	8	M	OH
		Simon Neff	6	M	OH
		John Neff	4	M	OH
		Salem Neff	2	M	OH
		Susannah Neff	6/12	F	OH

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1850 Fulton Co., IL Census

Town of Joshua
p222 18 19	James White	66	M Farmer MD?
		Hannah White	63	F	MD
		Sarah Ann Morris 35	F	OH
 		Leonard Neff	32	M Farmer OH
		Lydia Neff	26 	F	PA
		Malvina Neff	2 	F	IL

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1850 Hamilton Co., IL Census

p242 672 672	Edmund Nef	40	M Laborer VA
		Sarah Nef	35	F	LA
		Wade H Perry	17	M	IL
		Nathan Nef	13	M	IL
		Clara J Nef	5	F	KY
		Morton Nef	1	M	IL

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1856 Jo Daviess Co., IL Census

p257 2481 2485	John Neff	38	M Farmer VA
		Martha Neff	27	F	IL
		Patience	7	F	IL
		John Neff	2	M	IL
		Margaret Harkness 13	F	Canada
		Henry Richer	16	M Apprentice England

p283 2898 2902	John J Neff	37	M Farmer MD
		Eleanor M Neff	25	F	IL
		Patience E Neff	7	F	IL
		John D Neff	5	M	IL
		Henry Record?	17	M	England
		Margaret Harkness 13	F	MD?
Are these the same family, perhaps moved and were enumerated twice? Note the differences in the two records if it is the same family. These are typical errors in census records, clearly proving the census data and dates can not be regarded as facts.

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1850 Kendall Co., IL

p289 118 96 Daniel B Neff 38 M Farmer NY Maria Neff 36 F IN Ebenezer Neff 15 M IN Jane Neff 13 F IL John Neff 11 M IL William Neff 7 M IL William Neff 22 M IN Eliza Neff 20 F Norway

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1850 La Salle Co., IL

p231 833 833	William Neff	17	M Farmer IL
Living with:	Jas Robinson	33 	M	OH
		Sophia Robinson	31	F	OH

p325 2159 2219	Ebenezer Neff	59	M Farmer NY
		Margaret Neff	50	F	PA
		Henry Neff	28	M Carpenter IN
		Wm. D. Neff	25	M Farmer IN
		Sarah B Neff	19	F	IN
		Janette Neff	17	F	IN
		George Neff	11	M	IL
		Margaret Neff	9	F	IL
		Wm. Eybond?	1	M	IN
		Leodora?	8	F	IN
		Esbins?		6	M	IN

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1850 Lee Co., IL

p93 133 137	John Neff	26	M	PA
Living with:	John Burkes	31	M	PA
		Mary Burkes	31	F	PA
		+ 4 children

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1850 Madison Co., IL

p375 560 560	Joel Neff	46	M Carpenter VA
		Marilla Neff	40	F	VT
		Alvin Neff	17	M	IL
		George Neff	15	M	IL
		Robert Neff	14	M	IL
		Mary Gifford	14	F	IL
		Mary A Neff	10	F	IL

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1850 Monroe Co., IL

p19 276 282	Henry Neff	37	M Farmer OH
		Mary Neff	35	F	VA
		George Neff	15	M Monroe Co, IL
		Lewis Neff	13	M Monroe Co, IL
		Isaac Neff	12	M Monroe Co, IL
		Catharine Neff	7	F Monroe Co, IL
		Daniel Neff	5	M Monroe Co, IL
		Noah Neff	3	M Monroe Co, IL
		Lafayette Neff	9/12	M Monroe Co, IL

p19 284 291	William Green	33	M Farmer IN
		Flursey? Green	38	F Monroe Co, IL
		Joseph Neff	16	M Monroe Co, IL
		Flora Neff	13	F Monroe Co, IL
		Amanda Neff	12	F Monroe Co, IL
		Sarah Neff	11	F Monroe Co, IL
		Jacob Neff	5	M Monroe Co, IL
		Ann Green	8	F	IN
		Isabella Green	7	F	IN
		James Green	5	M	IN

p25 374 381	John Neff	49	M Teamster OH
		John Neff	19	M Monroe Co, IL
		Nancy Neff	12	F Jefferson Co, IL

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1850 Ogle Co., IL

p14 4 5		Henry A Neaff	36	M Blacksmith Canada **
		Indianna Neaff	26	F	IL **
		Margaret Neaff	10	F	MD
		Chas Neaff	8	M	MD
		Adison Neaff	3	M	IL
		Calvin Neaff	1	M	IL
(** These are Errors - He was born in Frederick Co., MD and she was born in IN; their surname was spelled NEFF)

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1860 Ogle Co., IL

		Henry A Neff	46	M Blacksmith Pennsylvania
		Indianna Neff	36	F	OH **
		Chas Neff	18	M	MD
		Adison Neff	13	M	IL
		Calvin Neff	11	M	IL
		Lura		 5	F	IL
		Milton		 3	M	IL
(** This is an Error - she was born in IN note that Margaret had married Wm Yeakle and left home)

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1880 Mt. Morris, Ogle Co., IL

309	326	Addison Neaff	33	M Blacksmith IL **
		Emily Neaff	27	F	OH 
		Ada Neaff	 2	F	IL
(This is an Error - their surname was spelled NEFF)

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1850 Peoria Co., IL

p206 1191 1231	James Neff	40	M Laborer Va
		Mary Neff	33	F	OH
		Elinora. Neff	9	F	VA
		James D Neff	2	M	IL

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1850 Putman Co., IL

p330 648 677	John W Thomason	31	M Farmer DE
		Drucilla Thomason 35	F	OH
		William Neff	17	M	OH
		Roswell Blanchard 10	M	IL
		Elizabeth Blanchard 8	F	IL
		Lucena Blanchard 5	F	WI
		Martha J Blanchard 2	F	WI
		Nancy Ann Thomason 1	F	IL

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1850 Sangamon Co., IL Census

p156 419 419	Thomas Neff	21	M Laborer IL
Living with: 	Thomas Grissano	36	M	KY
		Martha Grissano	31	F	KY

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1850 Schuyler Co., IL Census

p416		William Neff	16	M Laborer IL
		Living in hotel - Joel Holland Innkeeper

p420 53 54	Henry Woods	55	M Farmer Upper Canada
		Eliza Woods	38	F	OH
		John Woods	19	M	IL
		Henry Woods	17	M	IL
		Elizabeth Woods	14	M	IL
		George Woods	13	M	IL
		Stephen Neff	13	M	IL
		lda? Moore	10	F	IL

54 55		James Neff	3	M	IL
		James Garrett	25	M Laborer IN
		Lucinda Garrett	25	F	IL

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1850 St. Clair Co., IL Census

p380 1779 1779	Ignatius Neff	40	M Farmer Germany
		Eve Neff	30	F	Germany
		Jacob Neff	7	M St Clair Co, IL
		George Neff	1	M St Clair Co, IL

p458 3008 3008	John Neff	35	M Carpenter Germany
		Magdaline Neff	40	F	Germany
		Christian Neff	8	M	Germany
		Anna Neff	6	M	Germany
		Fredrick Krunish 37	M Watch Maker Germany

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1860 Vermilion Co., IL Census

2979 3000	Phillip Neff	28	M Farmer OH
		Alvira Neff	19	F	OH
		Florence Neff	1	F	IL
		Prisilla Neff	50	F	OH

2615 2635	Jacob Neff	52	M Farmer VA
		Elzabeth Neff	42	F	VA
		Monroe Neff	7	M	VA

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1870 Vermilion Co., IL Census

155 155		Sarah Neff	52	F	OH
		Cancade? N. Neff 21	M	OH
		Edmund L. Neff	19	M	OH
		William A. Neff	14	M	OH
		Virginia C. Neff 11	F	OH

170 153		Edward Neff	19	M Farmer OH
(living with Hezekiah Ballah & family)

183 177		Jennie Neff	12	F	IL
(living with William Arthur & family)

392 392		Jacob Neff	58	M Invalid VA
		Dortha? E. Neff 49	F	VA
		Monroe Neff	17	M	VA
		Mary Wynter	35	F	VA

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1880 Vermilion Co., IL Census

35 		Kincaid Neff	32	M Farmer OH
		Betsy A. Neff	23	F	NY
		Eddie R. Neff	1	M	IL