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Jul–Oct 2001
  • Updated photo pages 1–8. Added photo pages 9–17 plus Logging.
Apr–Jun 2001

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Jan–Mar 2001

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Jul–Dec 2000
Feb–Jun 2000

Cameron Co. family bibles on LDS microfilm: These family bibles are tucked away at the end of the microfilm Cameron County, Pennsylvania Tombstone Inscriptions, 1788–1967 (LDS film #902447). Most pages are too dark to copy and/or illegible. Your best bet is to order the film yourself and take a look.

  • Hacket
  • Summerson (John M. & Margaret Mason Summerson. Includes birthdates for John's mother, Elizabeth Shaffer, John, Margaret, children, marriages, some deaths.)
  • Lucore
  • Shaffer (James & Margaret Brooks Shaffer—but NOT written by either of them. This bible was put together by a 2nd or 3rd generation descendant attempting to gain entry to the DAR.)
  • Hollen (Rev. Thomas & Elizabeth Overturf Holland)
  • Smith
  • Mix (James & Catherine Overturf Mix)
  • Barr
  • Cole
  • Chadwick (Prudence Freeman Chadwick ONLY; wife of Richard)

(Check the Potter County site for more family bibles.)

Jan 2000

Check this journal for updates and tidbits. Additions, clarifications, and corrections are welcome; please e-mail me if you can help.

Court documents are typed as they appeared—spelling errors, run-on sentences, etc. Please search for variations of your surname. Spelling was not a priority in those days, not even in court documents.

I hope to share on this site all the information I've gathered while searching for my ancestors (and as a bonus—my mounds of paper are slowly getting organized). My direct family lines include these surnames (various spellings): Anderson, Brooks, Burney, Calvert, Conaway, Den(n)ison, Emery, Grugan, Harkins, Harlan, Harvey, Heald, Hicks, Hollingsworth, Krebs, Lomax, Lord, Mason, Montgomery, Morrison, Murray, Nordheim [Nortum], Sexton, and Shaffer. They lived in these North Central PA counties: Cameron, Centre, Clearfield, Clinton, Elk, Lycoming, McKean, and Potter.