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Welcome to the Homepage for Kilpatricks in New Brunswick

  I have started this web page to assist people researching their Kilpatrick NB roots. While doing my own family tree, I found that resources were scarce and incomplete.


  As I have time, I will be updating the site with information from various sources as I find them. I will also be adding links to Kilpatrick family trees that exist for the different counties.


  Anyone wishing to contribute information, photos or links can contact me at


Understanding New Brunswick Counties and parishes

  Researching Kilpatricks can be confusing in New Brunswick due to boundary changes during the regions history. As counties grew their boundaries where changed or new counties created to reflect thriving new communities. The best way to understand the counties and parishes is to visit the New Brunswick Archives Website ( ) and look under county guides. These guides are printable and include more genealogical sources as well as county maps.


    The main counties where Kilpatricks can be found in New Brunswick History are Albert, Carleton, Charlotte, Kings, Saint John and York. This list as you will discover is not all inclusive, as Kilpatricks seem to appear at various times in other counties.


    If you are unsure of which county your family came from, Saint John County might be a good place to start. Saint John County includes Saint John City, Lancaster (now West Saint John), Musquash, Portland (Which became part of the city of Saint John), Saint Martins and Simmonds Parish.


  During the 1800's Saint John was a major immigration port for the Maritimes. It is where a lot of families landed before moving to the province's  interior to establish their new lives. Sadly, many immigration records for the early history of New Brunswick no longer exist, probably due to the Great Fire in Saint John in the 1800s which burned down major buildings including the custom's house. 


  All is not lost, thanks to the New Brunswick Provincial Archives. They have one of the best free online resources in Canada. From their web page we can find newspaper articles, vital statistics, probate records as well as some passenger lists.


Did You know?


One of the earliest Kilpatricks in New Brunswick was Robert Kilpatrick. He is listed as a soldier in the King's New Brunswick Regiment which existed from 1793 to 1802.


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