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We are attempting to move somethings around to more categorized pages. There is so much on the Cherokee's we are making an effort to put them in one area.


The above picture is of the famous Sequoyah inventor of the Cherokee syllabary, he was the stepson of the beginning of my line John Benge

Cherokee Links to Pages


Melodie Sanders Cherokee Genealogy Source Material

[IMAGE]Karen Pfister's Lecture on Beginning Cherokee Research(added 6/16/96)

Cherokee Links to other places on the Internet

The Eastern Band of the Cherokee (updated link 20 July 2002)
A link to Jerry Jordan information on Cherokee Research (updated link 20 September 1998)
So Your Grandmother was a Cherokee Princess
Cherokee History [White Indian home page] (updated link 28 February 2002)
Brief History of the Trail of Tears
Important Dates in Cherokee History [The Cherokee Nation Home page]
Historical Images [of the Cherokee] (updated link 20 July 2002)
Historical Maps [of the Cherokee and U.S. lands] (updated link 20 July 2002)
Cherokee Messenger
The Cherokee Nation
Cherokee County North Carolina Genealogical information (link sited added 20 September 1998
Nancy Ward - Beloved Woman of the Cherokees (updated link 20 September 1998)
United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians WWW
White Indian [Home page of Ken Martin] updated link site 2 March 2002
Rare Books Cherokee Tuturial (link sited added 21 January 1999
1835 Henderson Census (link sited added 21 January 1999
Surnames listed in Emmet Starrs (link sited added 21 January 1999
Index to the Guion Miller roll updated link 2 April 2001
Information on how to obtain Guion Miller claimsnew link 7 February 2001
Cherokee Language Page link site updated 30 July 2004
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