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Watkins Family Tree
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Name variations: Watkins, Watkin, Wadkins, Gwatkin and more.

Watkins (kin of Watt), an English or Welsh family name related to "Watt", a diminutive of the Germanic "Waltier" (wald: rule & heri: army) which the Normans brought over from France.

This page lists descendants of Thomas Watkins & Ruth Ford, for more Watkins families & information visit &

Thomas Watkins - Born 1806 in England. Died 30 August 1878 in Adelaide, South Australia. Occupation: Gardener.
Ruth Jane Ford - Born 1808/1812 in England. Died 5 September 1853 in Adelaide, South Australia.
Married 2 August 1828 in Warblington, Hampshire, England.

Thomas, Ruth & family emigrated to Australia aboard the ship 'Oregon' which departed London / Plymouth on the 12 July 1851 arriving at Port Adelaide, South Australia on the 31st October 1851. They were 'government passengers' under the 'Assisted passage scheme'.

William Barron - Chr 16 October 1825 in Tullynestle and Forbes and Kearn, Aberdeen, Scotland. Died 19 February 1907 in Malvern, Victoria. Australia. Son of Robert Barron (1797-1862) & Jean Ellis (1804-1864).
Ruth Jane Watkins - Born 1832 in England. Died 22 July 1913 in Hyde Park, Adelaide, South Australia.
Married 9 July 1852 at Residence of John Gardner, Adelaide, South Australia.

Charles Ford Watkins - Born 1839 in Alverstoke, Hampshire, England, died 1923 in Masterton, New Zealand. Occupation: Sawyer, Clerk.
Sarah Savage - Born 20 June 1845 in Ashford, Middlesex, England, died 1925 in Masterton, New Zealand.
Married 10 August 1864 in St Pauls Church, Dunedin, New Zealand.

Charles Ford Watkins left Melbourne in November of 1861 aboard SS 'Aldinga' arriving several days later in Dunedin New Zealand.

William Dart - Born 17 June 1825 in Zeal Monachorum, North Tawton, Devon, England. Died 14 September 1896 in Tungkillo, Nairn, South Australia. Son of William & Mary Dart.
Naomi Watkins - Born 10 June 1842 in Alverstoke, Hampshire, England. Died 29 June 1940 in Millbrook, South Australia, Australia.
Married 17 February 1869 in St George Church, Mt Torrens, South Australia.

Samuel John Sell - Born 1876 in New Zealand, Died 1968 in Penant Street, Dunedin, New Zealand
Ruth Jane Watkins - Born 6 March 1867, died 18 June 1932 in Penant Street, Dunedin, New Zealand.
Married 1905 in Dunedin, New Zealand

Edward William Watkins (aka Bill) - Born 19 September 1872 in Blueskin Bay, Otago, New Zealand, died 8 of August 1968 Bankstown, NSW, Australia. Occupation: Farmer.
Minnie Ada Gerrie - (aka Ada) Born 28 March 1886 in the Rural Municipality of Nor Cypress, Manitoba, Canada, died 27 February 1964 in Parramatta, NSW, Australia. (Death certificate transcript says she was born in Ontario)
Married 1912 in Edgerton, Alberta, Canada.

At some point Bill left New Zealand and came to Australia where he did some shearing at Oberon on the central tablelands of NSW & possibly some prospecting out there too (there had been gold rushes there earlier in 1851). It's also a possibility that he'd headed to look for Gold at Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.

He left Sydney via Auckland, New Zealand for the Klondike Gold Rush arriving at Dyea, Alaska aboard boat 1531. He traveled to the Yukon via the Chilkoot Trail and registered at the Chilkoot Pass checkpoint on the 2nd of June 1898.

He was well settled in Dawson City by 22 February 1899, as he wrote a letter back to his sister Ruth, which then took a year and a half to arrive in Dunedin, New Zealand. This letter has to be one of the most remarkable ever written, it describes what life was like in Dawson City over a hundred years ago, and tells of some truly amazing events, you can find it on the Watkins Photos page.

We also know he was still in Dawson on the 12 April 1903 (so he must have had some success), as he applied for another Free Miners Certificate .

He married Minnie Ada Gerrie in Alberta in 1912, then by 1918 after the birth their 2 sons Fred & Frank they left for New South Wales, Australia aboard the "Niagara", arriving before February 1918.

Bill may have worked on a ship transporting cattle to Canada and Argentina. Later in life he was a poultry farmer in Mt. Druit in Sydney. He lived till the ripe old age of 96.

Charles Ford Watkins - Born 1872, died 19 May 1942 in Central Otago, New Zealand.
Agnes Leask Slater - Born 1884 in New Zealand, died 4 November 1971 in New Zealand.
Married 26 January 1903 in New Zealand

Frank Alfred Watkins - Born 21 August 1915 in Oxville, Alberta, Canada, died 1990 in Rockhampton, QLD, Australia.
Lynda Margaret Beard - Born 1923 in Port Hedland, Western Australia.
Married 1942 in Burwood, NSW, Australia.

Peter Watkins - Born in Australia
Henriette Hermanna Pool - Born in Hengelo, Overijssel, Netherlands
Married in Australia



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