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Gerrie Family Tree
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The name was Heregerrie, Harigary, Herrigerrie, Garioch or other variants in the 1700's, and became Gerrie by the 1800's. Variations are Gerrie, Gerry, Geary and others.

Most of the information on this page was taken from the sources listed at the bottom of this page.

John Gerrie - Born about 1690.
Marriage details unknown

The Gerrie family originated in the Parish of Culsalmond, on the farm of Cairnhill in Aberdeenshire, near the village of Insch, Scotland, close to Kirkton of Culsalmond.

William Gerrie - Born about 1720. Died 1825 in Scotland.
Isabel Thompson - Born about 1720.
Marriage details unknown

Alexander Gerrie - Born about 1739 in Scotland. Died 9th of March 1825 in Culsalmond, Scotland.
Margaret Cruden - Born about 1735, died September 1812 in Scotland.
Married 6th of April 1773 in Culsalmond, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Margaret Cruden had a previous marriage to a Peter Gerrie on 28th of July 1762 in Culsalmond, they had 2 sons: William & John.

Andrew Gerrie - Born 20th of March 1778 in Pulwhite, Culsalmond, Scotland. Died 2nd of June 1862 at Orangeville Road, West Garafraxa, Canada.
Janet Wisely - Born 1783 in Premnay, Insch, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Died 5th of October 1842 at Orangeville Road, West Garafaxa, Canada. Daughter of George Wiseley and Ann Deanes.
Married in Scotland.

In 1836 a boat from Aberdeenshire Scotland arrived in Ottawa, with 36 Gerries onboard. That was the start of the Gerries in Canada. It took three days to walk from Hamilton to Elora, where most of them settled in Nichol and Garafraxa townships, some of them bought 200 acres of land near Bon Accord and also 200 acres in Garafraxa.

Bon Accord is part of the city motto and coat of arms for the city of Aberdeen. There were a large number of people from that city so there is a Bon Accord settlement block and another block named Paisley for the Paisley district outside Glasgow, just outside Fergus.

Andrew & family were among them, they lived in Nichol for 2 years, then he bought 200 acres on Orangville Rd, West Garafraxa. He was one of the earliest pioneers of temperance and Christianity in West Garafraxa.

Janet Wisely was killed by the accidental discharge of a shotgun in 1842.

Andrew Gerrie - Born 1812 in Cairnhill, Culsalmond, Scotland. Died 3rd of January 1885 in Orangeville Road, West Garafaxa.
Isabella Hardy - Born 1821 in Daviot, Scotland. Died 19th of June 1892 in Orangeville Road, West Garafaxa. Daughter of Thomas Hardie & Christian Crane (or Crane?).
Married 27th of July 1848 in Loanhead Church, Daviot, Scotland.

Andrew Gerrie was a member of the Congregational Church in Scotland. He had been well educated in Scotland, and was a fluent speaker, as well as a great writer. Andrew lived on part of the Orangville homestead. He was appointed a Magistrate, and served on Council of Garafraxa when East and West were one Township (before 1869). He was a devout churchman, and made several trips to Montreal Conventions, as a delegate to Church Meetings, because of his great diplomacy. Andrew returned to Scotland after 10 years and later married Isobel Hardie. Andrew & Isabella are buried in Belsyde Cemetery, Fergus, Ontario.

Andrew W Gerrie settled in New York, wrote some of these notes in 1913 to his nephew in California.

John W Gerrie lived in Eramosa and then Shand's dam.

George T Gerrie - Born 1822 in Culsalmond, Scotland. Died 8th of March 1898 in West Garafraxa, Ontario, Canada.
Mary Petrie - Born 1827 in Insch, Aberdeen, Scotland. Died 11th of February 1885 in West Garafraxa, Ontario, Canada.
Married 1854 in Ontario, Canada.

George Gerrie, son of the pioneer Andrew Gerrie. Succeeded to half of the old homestead. He was a very able and public spirited man during his day, and besides being an active Reformer politician, was one of the earliest workers for the cause of temperance. He was the first man in the township who had his barn erected without the usual supply of liquor. He was physically powerful, and his feats of strength in the logging field and chopping fallow are still related by old residents. – Historical Atlas of the County of Wellington, Ontario. Toronto: Historical Atlas Publishing Co., 1906.

George was a farmer, he died at the age of 76 after suffering as a Paralytic for 1 and a half years.

George Petrie Gerrie - Born 7th of February 1855 in Ontario, Canada. Occupations: Engineer & Farmer.
Mary Isabella Morgan - Born 22nd February 1860 in Ontario, Canada.
Married 6th of January 1883 in Rural Municipality of North Cypress, Manitoba, Canada.

George P Gerrie appears as G.P. Gerrie in the 1881 census in Manitoba. It lists him as married and the only person in the household. My guess is he was engaged to Mary Isabella Morgan, and considered himself as good as married, or he was already married and his wife was away at the time. Mary could have been his 2nd wife, or they may have been married sooner, and the date f 6th of January 1883 is wrong.

George acquired the the land in the south west quarter of section 16 in Township 12, Range 16, West of the Principle Meridian, in the province of Manitoba on the 16th of July 1886 , followed by the south east quarter of the same section on the 8th of October 1887 .

The 1901 census index lists George's middle initial as a 'D', this is a transcribing error, due to a badly handwritten 'P'.

In the 1906 & 1911 census's he and the family were living in Alberta - Section: 22, Township: 46, Range: 2, W4.

George was on the board of trustees for the Winona, Alberta School which was built in 1909, and attended by his 2 youngest children: George & Mary.

Son Frank Gerrie was found dead on his cattle ranch in 1950. He had no children.

Daughter Minnie Ada and her family left for Australia in late 1917 or early 1918.

Alexander Petrie Gerrie - Born 1863 in Canada.
Isabella Laidlaw Bayne - Born 1868. Daughter of Lewis Bayne & Agnes Richardson.
Married 16th of June 1886 in West Garafaxa, Canada.

Alexander P Gerrie held the Commission of the Peace from 1896.


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