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we have
George Osborne
Birth about 1733 -- Scotland or Scotland MA 
Death 7 April 1812 (Age 79) -- Pembroke, MA

Sarah Wade
Birth about 1738 Father 22, Mother 27 -- East Bridgewater, MA
Death 30 March 1778 (Age 40) -- , Ply. Co., MA  

and they had:
1  Thomas Osborne, b. 7 October 1758 Father 25, Mother 20 -- Pembroke, MA
                d. 28 December 1837 (Age 79) -- East Bridgewater
2  George Osborne b. 1757 Father 24, Mother 19 -- , Ply. Co., MA
                d. 15 December 1808 (Age 51) -- Pembroke, Ply. Co.,
3  Hannah Osborne
4  Hugh Osborne (Our ancestor)
5  Peleg Osborne
6  William Osborne
7  John Osborne
8  Sarah Osborne
9  Betsey Osborne
10 Michael Osborne
11 Levi Osborne
12 Susan Osborne
Then George married a second time to Deborah Atwood and they had:
13 Ebenezer Osborne
14 Barak Osborne
15 Deborah Osborne
The above Thomas married Hannah Wade and they had a son Peleg who married Sally Pool. A good deal of information is available on the George Osborne family in two articles:
  1. "MILITARY SERVICES OF THE OSBORNE FAMILY", By William H. Osborne, Esq., of Boston. Original Source: The New-England Historical and Genealogical Register, Boston, The New England Historical and Genealogical Society, 1900. Vol. 54, page 283.
  2. Hist. of the Osborne(East Bridgewater Family), Original Source: Representative Men and Old Families of Southeastern Massachusetts, Chicago, J.H. Beers & Co., 1912. Vol. II, page 750.

we have

A Hugh-1 OSBORN; mar 13 Jan 1785, Pembroke, MA Azubah WADE. Children:
1 OSBORN, Cyrus, b 30 Mar 1787, of whom further.
2 OSBORN, Edmund, b 10 May 1792, d 5 Jul 1815.
3 OSBORN, Ezra, b 1 Nov 1801, recorded Augusta.
SOURCE: Dearborn VR; Sharon L Moore, 902 Green St, Alexandria, VA 22314; Bailey, Early Massachusetts Marriages, Second Book, p68.

A-1 Cyrus-2 OSBOURNE; mar Abigail _____; res Rome as of 4 May 1822 census. Children:
1 OSBORNE, Alvin, b Dearborn 29 Aug 1809.
2 OSBORNE, Malina, b Dearborn 5 Apr 1811.
3 OSBORNE, Zuba W, b Dearborn 8 Nov 1812.
4 OSBORNE, Hannah, b Dearborn 16 Nov 1814.
5 OSBORNE, Edmond, b Rome 15 Jan 1817.
6 OSBORNE, Ezra, b Rome 7 Nov 1818.
7 OSBORNE, E___ter, b Rome 4 Nov 1820.
SOURCE: Rome Town Records p 90.

we have:

Hugh Osbourne was the 5th child of George and Sarah (Wade) Osbourne. 
Hugh was born in Pembroke MA in 1763. He fought in the Revolutionary War, 
married Azuba Wade (possibly a cousin), and moved to Dearborn, 
Maine. There may have been Wades there also. 

[Hugh Osbourne/Osborn] had sons Cyrus, Edward, and Ezra. 
Cyrus had a son Ezry, who probably stayed in Maine. 
Edward died in 1815, in Maine. 
Ezra moved to Meigs [Morgan, not Meigs - ed.] County Ohio. 
He was married to Thirza Abzubah Kennison, birthplace unknown. 
They had Azubah Wade Pitts Osborne 1822, Hugh Osborne 1824 and 6 or 7 others.

and from
we have

Hugh Osborn and Zuba Wade with their son Ezra Osborn moved to 
Morgan Co. OH. not Meigs Co. OH. 
Hugh, Zuba and Ezra Osborn are burried in Morgan County, Ohio.

Then there is this post, #534, dated May 26, 2006 from Jo Dee Divelbess to the Kennison forum of GenForum:

I too am a decendent from Hugh and Azubah via there son 
Ezra Osborn who married Thirza Kenison. 
They Had a son Cyrus Osborn who married Elsie McCarthy. 
They had two sons named Ezra; one of which was 
born in 1865 Ohio. He married Carrie Elizabeth Boggs. 
They had a daughter, Fonnie Lillian Osborn who married Earl Hopkins. 
They had a daughter, Maxine Zerida Nadine Jacqueline Hopkins who married 
      Roderick Walter Craven (AKA Walter Roderick). 
They had a daughter named Karron Elizabeth Craven who married 
      Phillip Warren Harries. They had me!
Jo Dee Ann Harries

Notes on Thirza Kennison's family from the GenForum for Kennison:

I am looking for a any information about Josiah & Joab Keniosn. They married in Winslow Kennebec Co. ME. Josiah to Jane Mcgrath 29 Oct 1795 & Joab to Anna Holmes29 Nov 1800.

Josiah & Jane's children:
1.  Jane           b. 23 Jun 1796 Kennebec Co. ME m. Stephen Rowe 31 Dec 1814 Kennebec Co. ME
2.  Nancy White    b.  9 Jul 1802 Kennebec Co. ME m. Samuel Stevens 3 Jul 1827 Morgan Co. OH
3.  Thirza         b. 15 Apr 1804 Kennebec Co. ME m. Ezra Osborn 28 May 1821 Morgan Co. OH
4.  Mary           b. 20 Mar 1806 Kennebec Co. ME m. David Fulton May 1826 Morgan Co. OH
5.  Belinda        b.        1809 Kennebec co. ME m. Thomas Stevens 6 Mar 1829 Morgan Co. OH
6.  Lydia          b. 11 Mar 1810 Kennebec Co. ME m. Mathias Seng 28 Jan 1838 Morgan Co. OH
7.  Isaiah         b. 25 Mar 1812 Kennebec Co. ME m. Sarah Adams 5 Apr 1837 Morgan Co. OH, 
                                                  m. Eliza Hedges 14 Feb 1858 Slaine Co. KS
8.  Asenath        b.        1814 Kennebec co. ME m. George W. Lindsey 10 Apr 1834 Morgan Co. OH
9.  Rachel         b.        1816 Kennebec Co. ME m. Caleb Wells 18 Feb 1836 Morgan Co. OH
10. Seth           b.        1818 Kennebec Co. ME
11. Asa C.         b.  5 Jan 1822 Morgan Co. OH   m. Cynthia A. Carpenter 17 Nov 1843 Athens Co. OH

Joab & Anna's children:
1.  Ezra           b. 11 Feb 1800 Kennebec Co. ME m. Martha Dunlap 2 Nov 1824 & 
                                                  m. Sarah Smith 13 Jul 1836 Morgan Co. OH
2.  Reuben         b.  4 Jul 1803 Kennebec Co. ME
3.  Kesiah         b. 28 Aug 1805 Kennebec Co. ME
4.  Josiah         b. 30 Nov 1807 Kennebec Co. ME m. Ruby Dugal 27 Jan 1831 Morgan Co. OH
5.  Betsy          b.  7 Mar 1810 Kennebec Co. ME
6.  Alvin          b. 17 Apr 1812 Kennebec Co. ME m. Lydia Ellison 24 Apr 1834 Morgan Co. OH
7.  Delia          b. 17 Aug 1814 Kennebec Co. ME m. David Thorn 15 Nov 1832 Morgan Co. OH
8.  Catherine      b. 22 May 1821 Morgan Co. OH   m. Thomas Darnell 20 Sep 1838 Morgan Co. OH.

Josiah and Joab Kenison were in Kennebec Co. ME together and moved to Morgan Co. OH about the same time.

And from the U.S. Census of Ohio in 1830 and 1840 and marriage records, Sharon Moore posted the family of Ezra Osborn and Thirza Kenison as:

  1. Azuba W. OSBORN; b. 14 May 1822 Morgan Co.,OH[1] Marr: 22 Jul 1847 Morgan Co.,OH[2] Thomas W. BREWER-12079
  2. Hugh OSBORN; b. 14 Apr 1824 Morgan Co.,OH[1] Marr: 29 Aug 1844 Morgan Co.,OH[2] Elizabeth JOHNSON-12080 [Their family is found in the 1850 Morgan Co., OH Census]
  3. Josiah K. OSBORN; b. 24 Aug 1826 Morgan Co.,OH[1] Marr: 12 Jun 1844 Athens Co.,OH[3] Caroline POSTON-12081 [Their family is found in the 1850 Athens Co., OH Census]
  4. Malvina OSBORN; b. 21 Feb 1829 Morgan Co.,OH[1]
  5. Mary Jane OSBORN; b. 11 Jan 1831 Morgan Co.,OH[1]
  6. Cyrus OSBORN; b. 15 Oct 1834 Morgan Co.,OH[1] ;Died: 11 Oct 1836 Morgan Co.,OH[1]
  7. Cyrus W. OSBORN; b. 29 Jun 1837 Morgan Co.,OH[1]
  8. Belinda Stevens OSBORN; b. 4 Aug 1841 Morgan Co.,OH[1]
  9. Thirza Mandana OSBORN; b. 16 May 1847 Morgan Co.,OH[1]

The above Hugh and ELizabeth are shown in 1850 Morgan Co. OH Census as

p337 h1548 Osburn, Hugh         26 M OH  carpenter      [#12071]
Dist. No.       Elizabeth       25 F OH
108             Sarah            8 F OH
Bristol Twp     Ezra             5 M OH
9/30/1850       Elvira W.        3 M OH
                Lorinda V.       1 F OH

and the above Josiah and Caroline are shown in the 1850 Athens Co. OH Census as

p34  h463  Osburn, Josiah       23 M OH  laborer        [#12072]
Canaan Twp      Caroline        23 F VA
8/14/1850       Josiah           5 M OH
                John H.B.        3 M OH
                Franklin F.      2 M OH