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Nancy Fermazin's Heritage

Linden/Potts Family History (see gedcom for more information)
Mathias Linden and Katie (Katerina) Potts circa 1882.   Married in St. Joseph Catholic church, Aurora, Illinois 4, January 1882.

Katie Potts born Michelau, Luxemburg.  Katie Potts born circa 1855.

Mathias Linden born Waldbillig, Luxemburg  Mathias born circa 1856.


Picture of Katie (Katerina) Potts Linden.


Picture of John Linden and his bride.  John Linden born 26 June, 1888 He is a brother to Mary Linden Fermazin daughter of Mathias Linden and Katie Potts.
Mary Linden Fermazin and Robert August Fermazin in front of property on Sixth Avenue, Aurora, Illinois.







Grandma Mary Linden Fermazin and Grandma Fermazin front yard on Sixth Avenue, Aurora, Illinois.                                                               




John Linden, Robert Fermazin, Lola Fermazin, and Mary Linden Fermazin in front of future Sixth Avenue Home in Aurora, Illinois



Robert Fermazin Jr youth.  Son  of  Mary Linden and Robert "Roy" Fermazin.





Robert Fermazin Sr and Irene Mabel 1921.  Irene Mabel Fermazin born 1921 and died 1922 from pneumonia.  Daughter of Robert August and Mary Linden Fermazin.







Mary Linden Fermazin, Margaret Steil Fermazin, and Lola Fermazin daughter of Mary.
Mathias Linden and Katerina Potts Linden markers at St. Joseph's Cemetary in Aurora, Illinois.