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Ames/Palon Family History  (see gedcom for more information)

Nancy Ames circa 1906, Aurora, Illinois                    
Hiram Ames (circa 1905) brother to Nancy Ames.  He was famous for playing the violin. My sister Mary actually took violin lessons on this same violin in the 1950's.
Nancy Ames Hanson Worthing with daughter Blanche Hansen, circa 1912.
Nancy Ames with her sister in Milton Junction, Wisconsin.
Bridges of Madison County fame.  Mom, Grace Lorraine and her mom Nancy and dad Charles had many fond memories of the Bridges of Madison County Iowa.  Our family visited here in the summer of 2001. 
Map of Madison County Iowa, depicting Truro, Iowa where Grace Lorraine Worthing was born and raised.  Mother of Grace was Nancy Ames and father was Charles Worthing.  Truro is a small town near Des Moines, Iowa out in the country. 
Cedar Bridge, Madison County Iowa. 

    Nancy Ames was born to Cornelia Palon and Ira Daniel Ames in Milton Junction, Wisconsin on January 14, 1883.  Not much is known about the Palon Family origins. We are in the process of tracing them. A little more is known about the Ames family.  Ira Ames was born on July 4, 1842 in Pennsylvania to Julia and Adolphius Ames, farmers and  moved to Wisconsin and homesteaded  on Lake Koshkonong in 1868.

            Nancy Theo Ames grew up in Milton Junction, on Lake Koshkonong  with her brothers and sisters, Charles, Chauncey, George, Frankie, Hiram, Rosey Belle, Marvin, and William Scott.  Tragedy struck this family in the winter of 1883.  According to the Janesville Gazette, Cornelia Ames died at the homestead on March 7, along with her 4 week old baby girl. Nancy along with the younger children were sent to local families and to the state orphanage to be raised. The older children stayed with their dad.    Ira Ames never recovered from this sad event, and died September 21, 1895. 

    Nancy met Ludwig Hansen, a Danish immigrant orphan in 1903 and they were married March 16, 1904.  They moved to Aurora, Illinois.  Blanche their daughter was born in 1909.  This marriage ended and about 1916, Nancy married Charles Worthing and they settled in Truro, Iowa.

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