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Nancy Fermazin's Heritage

Ingram/Worthing Family History (see gedcom for more information)
Richard Worthing was born April 15, 1819 in Llananno, Radnorshire, Knighton, Wales.  He is the son of Mary Worthin and Richard Hamer.  He was christened on May 9,1819.  Richard married Sarah Ingram October 1, 1842 in Knighton Radnorshire Wales.  They immigrated to the United States in 1844 after the birth of their first daughter Sarah Ann and before the birth of their first son, John Elisha. They made their home in Birds Run, Ohio. 

Sarah Ingram was born November 29, 1821 in Radnorshire, Wales.  She grew up there with her sisters, Elisabeth, Mary, and Sharlot, and her brothers James and Evan.  She married Richard Worthing October 1, 1842.  In 1844 they emigrated to the USA.  A few years later  they sent for Sarah's parents and siblings who also settled in Bridgeville (Birds Run), Ohio.  In Birds Run on the family farm they raised 11 children.  After a few years they moved to Truro, Iowa where the farm land was richer.  At one time Richard owned and operated the Worthing Hotel in Winterset, Madison County, Ohio.


Map of Radnorshire, Wales.
Charles Worthing born December 17, 1862 and wife Nancy Theo Ames with children Grace Lorraine born February 9, 1917 and Blanche Hansen born April 7, 1908.   Blanche was raised in Truro, Iowa by Charles and Nancy.
Kenneth Worthing born circa 1890 in Cambridge, Ohio to Charles Worthing and his first wife Larua Mitchell.  Laura and Charles divorced circa 1900. Charles moved to Aurora, Illinois.  Kenneth was Grace Lorraine's half brother and used to visit often with the Fermazin family in Illinois.
Picture of John Elisha Worthing.  He was born in Birds Run, Ohio but settled in Truro, Iowa circa 1880 with his family. John served in the Civil War.
Headstone of Charles Worthing, Worthing Cemetary, Truro, Iowa.
Head stone of Nancy Ames Worthing, Worthing Cemetary, Truro, Iowa.
Worthing Cemetary, Truro,Iowa