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Scottsmore Cemetery Brome  Missisquoi, Quebec


Daniel Scott Jr. b. 1787 d. Jan 18, 1860 ae 73 yrs

From  Paul & Ethel


Capt. Lemuel Scott b. 1782 d. Feb 27, 1860

From  Paul & Ethel  ]

LANY PICKLE b.  1789 d. 1846

Lany Pickle is 2nd. wife to Daniel Scott Jr. 

From  Paul & Ethel

EUNICE WEST b. 1789 d. 1828

1st wife to Daniel Scott Jr.

From  Paul & Ethel

From: "Joanna E Long" <>
Subject: [GLINES] Quebec extractions page 3

Extract 15 comes from my index to the Scottsmore Cemetery which is outside West Brome, a tiny community between Sutton and Cowansville,Quebec. In the cemetery is a stone which reads:
In affectionate remembrance of Sylvanus Colby Glines beloved and only son of Dr. H. & Alvira Glines who died Oct. 6, 1862 in his 19th year. "Not lost but gone before./ Because I live ye shall/ live also"In memory of Dr. Hiram Glines who died Aug. 28, 1879 at Danville aged 68years, 4 months
His wife, Alvira Fuller who died Dec. 28, 1892 aged 81

From: "Angela" <>
Subject: Re: [QC-ETANGLO-L] Pickle/ Scott

Laney (Lany) b. ca. 1789 m. 1) Henry CHURCH Jr. Of Dunham, Farmer, on 9 Januray 1809, both of full age. md. after Banns by consent of both parents. Wtn by Christopher Schufelt - a? couson [sic] of H. Caroby?? of Barnet Goff. Chas. C. Cotton Minister (Lany also of Dunham)m.2) Daniel Scott of Dunham, Yeoman, on 11 nov 1829, both of full age, by Banns. Wtn: by Jonatha Scott and Asenath Pickle (Lany of Brome) Lany and Daniel lived in Scotsmore, Dunham Twp Lany died 30 dec 1846 buried in Scottsmore Cemetery

Susanna Pickle md 21 dec 1817 to Jonatha SCOTT, Yeoman, of full age by consent of parents, (she underage, a spinister) witn: by Henry Church and Daniel SCOTT Jr. Charles C. Cotton, Minister.There is an added note that says "Samantha Pickel" b. ca. 1800 died 1873 wife of Jonathan SCOTT is buried in Scottsmore Cemetery Dunham Twp.

I have also found a Hannah Pickle b. ca. 1805 who married 22 march 1836 in Whitby to Lyman Gifford she died 8 of August 1887, probably in East Whitby Ywp., Ontario Co. Ontario ( This may be the daughter of Jacob Pickle and Mary New)

Lois Herd d. Sept 11, 1821 ae. 75 yrs  

mother of Daniel Scott Jr

Jonathan Scott d. April 13, 1881 ae 87 yrs. and wife Susannah Pickel d. Aug 3, 1873 ae 73

picture of a directional sign leading to Scottsmore

IRA SCOTT   b. Dec 17, 1818

d. Nov 13, 1911


wife ELVIRA PICKEL    d. March 21, 1895 ae 76 years


RICHARD MARTIN SCOTT  b. Feb 23, 1809  d. April 21, 1896  ae 87 yrs. 
JANE ARMINGTON wife of Levi Scott d. Oct 10, 1865 age 35 yrs. 

John F. Aitken 1867-1938

thanks : Graeme Miltimore


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