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Note for:   Elizabeth (Bettie) Truluck,   ABT 1818 -          Index

Individual Note:
1. Nickname: Bettie.

       2. E-mail from Arthur Clark
        3/26/2007 9:08 PM
        Subject: Re: Elizabeth "Bettie" Truluck
        Greetings Nancy.

        I appreciate your contacting me on your gr-2 grandmother, Bettie Truluck/Trulock. I don't have much info on her. She was born about 1815 in Georgia. She married Young B. Elkins II in Gadsden County, FL on 19 Sep 1844. They had a total of 9 children, 8 boys and 1 girl. The children were born between 1845 & 1863. The first five children were born in Gadsden Co., FL, while the last four were born in Decatur Co., GA. They moved from Gadsden Co., FL to Decatur County, GA between 1851 & 1853. Her husband died in Decatur Co., GA prior to 1880. I have no record of Bettie's death in my files.

If I can be of any other assistance, please let me know. My Kindest Regards. Art Clark.

3. From: Art Clark
       3/27/2007 7:27 AM
       Subject: Re: Elizabeth "Bettie" Truluck

I did a search to see if I could locate your Truluck Ancestors in Georgia & Florida in 1830 & 1840. I believe that Elizabeth's father is probably Joseph Truluck shown living in Thomas Co., GA in the 1830 census. He is living in Decatur County, Georgia in 1840, and is living just three doors away from Young Elkins I. Joseph had a daughter which matched the age of Elizabeth "Bettie" Truluck. I hope this helps you. My Kindest Regards, Art Clark.

4. From: Art Clark
       3/27/2007 7:40 AM
       Subject: Joseph Truluck
I located Joseph Truluck born between 1770 & 1780 in the 1820 census for Jefferson County, Georgia. I am almost positive that he is your gr-3 grandfather. He is definitely the same Joseph who appears in Thomas County & Decatur County in the 1830 & 1840 censuses. Regards, Art

5. From: NW
       To: Art Clark
        3/27/2007 4:41 PM
        Subject: Re: Elizabeth "Bettie" Truluck
Dear Art,

Thank you for making this search on my behalf. I am sure that this Joseph Truluck must fit into the picture somewhere, given his proximity to Young Elkins I. However, I have been informed that the parents of Bettie were Sutton Trulock and Jane Powell, daughter of William and Sarah Powell. Their children were Della, Missouri (female), Gordon B., Zimmerman, Mary L., Sallie D., Andrew J., and Elizabeth "Bettie". I have no data on the children other than their names. I would appreciate hearing from you if you should happen to locate any info on this family.

I am very interested to know how you are connected with the Truluck family. Thank you again for your assistance.


6. From: Art Clark
       3/27/2007 8:42 PM
       Subject: Re: Elizabeth "Bettie" Tru;uck

I have the dates of birth for some of the children of Sutton H. Truluck who was born in South Carolina abt 1801. He shows up in The Lime Sink District of Decatur County, Georgia in the 1870 Census. The children are Zimmerman 30, born abt 1840; Sarah "Sallie" D. 25, born about 1845; and James B. 23 born abt 1847. NOTE: You did not mention James.

Elizabeth "Bettie" was born abt 1818 according to my information. If her birthdate is correct, Sutton would have to have been married by 1817, and that would have made him age 16 when he married. Also, his children appear to have been born in the 1830's and 1840's. For these reasons, I am compelled to question whether Sutton H. is the father of Bettie Truluck. I still believe that Joseph is her father.

I am not related directly to the Truluck family. However, My first wife's Stepmother was Gladys Truluck, born in 1905 in Dooly County, Georgia. She was descended from John Truluck, born about 1773 in North Carolina. I believe John to be a brother of Joseph Truluck.

If someone still believes that Bettie is descended from Sutton H., please have them contact me, and I will be glad to work with them to resolve this issue. They may have some evidence which I am not privy to. I am a Physicist by education, and a Rocket Scientist by profession. I try to evaluate all data fully before I arrive at a conclusion. So far, all the data I have seen still points to Joseph as your gr-3 grandfather. My Kindest Regards, Art

7. From: NW
       To: Art Clark
        3/27/2007 10:28 PM
        Subject: Re: Elizabeth "Bettie" Truluck
Dear Art,

This is a very fascinating development I will have to check my records thoroughly to see where I got the info on Sutton H. Truluck, but if your data is correct it would certainly call into question his parentage of Bettie. I think my information may have come from Lackey Stephens of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, who has connections with the Elkins family and has done a lot of research on the Elkins line. I have no record of Sutton's son, James.

I certainly would not question your judgment here and would like to do more research into the background of Joseph to see whether any more data will surface about Bettie.

Thank you for clarifying your relationship with the Truluck family. I was just wondering whether we might be cousins on some level.

I am going to pass your information along to all of my Elkins contacts and see whether anyone can come up with more data on the Trulucks. I have been posting queries to the Trulock message board on RootsWeb for several years without success, and perhaps Joseph will give us a new lead.


8. 4/2/2007: I originally had Elizabeth's parents as: Sutton Hines Trulock and Jane Powell, daughter of William Powell and Sarah Unknown. Sutton Hines Trulock b. 23 Oct 1800, Darlington District, South Carolina. (Info from Lackey Stephens and Ken Elkins.)
Delia Trulock
Missouri Trulock (female)
Gordon B. Trulock
Zimmerman Trulock
Mary L. Trulock
Sallie D. Trulock
Andrew J. Trulock
Elizabeth (Bettie) Trulock

I have changed this info today based on data received from Art Clark and Lackey Stephens.

Individual Notes

Note for:   Rufus Hare,   1878 -          Index

Individual Note:
1. Rufus apparently died before the family moved to Texas.

Individual Notes

Note for:   John Haire,   15 SEP 1825 - 7 JAN 1896         Index

     Place:   Butler Cemetery, S of Whigham, Grady County, GA

Individual Note:
     1. Source 1: Hare Family Bible.

2. Source 2: Richard White. See:

3. Last name is spelled HAIR in the Hare Family Bible.

4. Transcription from the Hare Family Bible:
Born September 15, 1825

Elisar E. HAIR
Born April 4, 1834

William A. HAIR
Born November 6, 1851

Mary Carolina HAIR
Born September 30, 1853

Nancy Ann Elizabeth HAIR
Born April 1, 1856

John Levi HAIR
Born April 17, 1858

Susan Selenia HAIR
Born May 16, 1860

Jesse William HAIR
Born February 14, 1862

Nancy Ann Elizabeth HAIR
Died October 7, 1859

Births (Spelling changes to HARE)
Elisar L. HARE
Born January 20, 1864

James David HARE
Born May 10, 1866

Individual Notes

Note for:   Eliza E. Butler,   4 APR 1834 - 22 FEB 1909         Index

     Place:   Butler Cemetery, S of Whigham, Grady County, GA

Individual Note:
     1. Source 1: Hare Family Bible.

2. Source 2: Richard White. See:

3. BD is given as April 4, 1834 in the Hare Family Bible.

Individual Notes

Note for:   William Young Haire,   21 APR 1878 - 4 DEC 1963         Index

Alias:   /Willie/

     Place:   Primitive Baptist Minister.

     Place:   Stockdale, TX

     Place:   Primitive Baptist

     Date:   1963
     Place:   McMahan, TX

Individual Note:
     1. According to granddaughter, Mary Jane Bishop, he changed his last name from Hare to Haire. She also states that he was a Primitive Baptist minister.

2. Obituary from Richard White, found at:

        W. Y. HARE

William Young Hare was born April 21, 1878 and departed this life December 04, 1963, making his stay on earth 85 years, 7 months, and 13 days. We bow in humble submission to God's will.
Elder Hare joined the church and was baptized by Elder S. N. Redford August 04, 1909 at Georgetown, Texas. He was ordained to the Gospel Ministry October 31, 1937 at Harmony Church in Polk County, Missouri, and loved the Primitive Baptists until our heavenly Father called him home to ever dwell in that sweet home in glory.
He is survived by his wife, Annie Rader Hare, four children: Dodie Newman and May Pearl Pooley both of Kerrville, Texas, John Hare of Florida, and Robert Hare of San Antonio, Texas; thirteen grandchildren, thirteen great-grandchildren and four sisters. He is preceded in death by his parents. Elder and Mrs. J. L. Hare, his first wife, Mattie Wade Hare, four brothers, and one sister. May God fill the vacancy in the hearts of all his loved ones left behind. Be it resolved that a copy of this Resolution be sent to the family, a copy to THE BANNER OF LOVE, and a copy be entered in our church records. Written by request of Mt. Zion Church.

Elder Floyd Huggins, Moderator
Mrs. Ova Self, Mrs. Docia Patteson, Mrs. Ann Beicker, Committee

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Note for:   James Alexander Hare,   25 APR 1880 - 24 JUL 1961         Index

Individual Note:
     1. Source for BD and DOD: Mark Bennett.

Individual Notes

Note for:   Frances Elizabeth (Fannie) Hare,    -          Index

Alias:   /Fanny/

Individual Notes

Note for:   Ollie Mae Hare,    - 11 OCT 1978         Index

     Date:   OCT 1978
     Place:   Houston, Harris, TX

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Note for:   Ann (Annie) Eliza Hare,   12 JAN 1890 - 10 MAY 1965         Index

Alias:   /Annie/

Individual Note:
     1. BD from Family Tree on 3/8/2008
Genealogy of Lillie Riney

Individual Notes

Note for:   Minnie Levi Hare,   18 OCT 1876 - NOV 1977         Index

     Date:   1977
     Place:   San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX

Individual Note:
     1. SSDI: Name: Minnie Scheffler
Birth Date: 18 Oct 1896
Death Date: Nov 1977
Issuing State: Texas
Residence at Death: San Antonio, Bexar, Texas 78220SSN: 460-12-4460
See Neighbors
Note: Nearby Cemeteries
Eastview Cemetery, Bexar, Texas
Meadowlawn Memorial Park, Bexar, Texas
-from World Vital Records

2. 3/8/2008: Family Tree on
Genealogy of Lillie Riney
Contact: edswoman@@bytesand
Genealogy of the Popham family (Minnie is listed as Minnie Haire)
Note: Tree has apparently been taken down 3/11/2008. Unable to locate it anywhere on Ancestry.

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Note for:   Jesse Blake Hare,    - 21 DEC 1935         Index

     Date:   DEC 1935
     Place:   DeWitt Co., TX

Individual Note:
     Death Certificate Number 55959, State of Texas.