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Mrs. Martha Couffer Robinson      (Used Wrong  Ancestor:  Samuel Elder, d. 1847, son of Robert Elder, d. 1807, Rev. War Soldier)
DAR Member #296000
Her  ancestor is actually :
      SAMUEL ELDER, d. 1844, Peters Twp, Franklin Co PA
      SAMUEL's WILL of 1844 received on April 16, 2005, from Franklin Co PA Courthouse, Chambersburg.
           Children listed in WILL: James, Eliza, Maria, Oliver, Alexander, Elias, Margaret

See:  Biographical Annals of Franklin Co PA, p. 134-36:
"The early history of the Elder family of St. Thomas and Peters townships is involved in some obscurity.
James Elder came to the neighborhood about the middle of the eighteenth century with John Dixon and John Campbell.
He was enrolled as a private in Capt. Joseph Armstrong's Company in 1755. ..."
"There are a number of Elder marriages in the Rev. Dr. John
King's record, among them Samuel Elder to Martha Pyatt, Oct. 5, 1773.
It is likely that from this Samuel came James Elder, who is the earliest
known ancestor of the St. Thomas family. "
(II) JAMES ELDER (died in Peters township November, 1833)            See  Mark WILLIAMS CO, OHIO
       Buried in the old Waddell graveyard, near Lemasters
He married June 1, 1815, Rachel McAfee; they had issue:
      1. Mark, born in 1816.
      2. Alexander, born in 1818.
      3. Benjamin, born in 1820.
      4. James Gettys (III).
      5. Jane Elizabeth, born in 1828.
      6. David.
      7. Rebecca.

GUTHRIE's LDS microfilm printout has a separate Chart for
 b. abt 1782,  d. March 1844     (DOES have daughter MARIA m. Couffer)
GUTHRIE cites:
Will of Samuel Elder Book E page 54 4-3-1844 Franklin Co PA
Cemetery Reading Lemaster Cemetery, Peters Twp
Penn Gravestone Inscriptions 974.8 V22Fo by JH Fox
Wife: Mary Jane b. 1788 of Peters Twp
      d. 8 July 1840 Peters Twp.
Children: Eliza abt 1816  Peters Twp.
          Margaret abt 1818  "
          Maria b. abt 1820  " m. William Couffer
          James abt 1821     "
          Oliver abt 1823    "
          Alexander abt 1824  "
          Elias abt 1826      "

1880  LDS census for Newton COUFFER (Also called Christian Newton),
with daughter Martha, b. abt 1878:

 Newton COUFFER   Self   M   Male   W   33   PA   Clerk In Shoe Store   PA   PA 
 Ann M. COUFFER   Wife   M   Female   W   27   OH   Keeping House   VT   OH 
 Martha COUFFER   Dau   S   Female   W   2   OH      PA   OH 
 Nancy PETTIT   Other   W   Female   W   55   OH      PA   PA 
Census Place: Urbana, Champaign, Ohio
  Family History Library Film   1254998
  NA Film Number   T9-0998
  Page Number   417B

Newton's father William Couffer, and mother: Maria J. Elder:
COUFFER in Miami County, OHIO - Bio:

"William Couffer, retired merchant, Covington he is a native of Franklin Co., Penn.,
and was born in 1814; he came to Miami Co. in 1850 ; he  first purchased a farm about two miles northeast of Covington,
and engaged in farming about four years, then sold and removed to Covington, where he has been engaged in
merchandising in some form, until within the past few years having accumulated sufficient to enable him to retire
from active business pursuits, he has lived a quiet, retired life, respected by all; his residence is a two-story brick,
pleasantly situated on  Rock avenue, near the Stillwater. He was married in 1841, to Miss Maria J. Elder,
by whom he had three sons, two of whom survive, Christian N., now dealer in boots and shoes, at
Urbana, Ohio; and William E., now chief clerk in freight office of the Pan Handle R. R. Co., at  Chicago;
Mrs. Couffer's decease occurred Dec. 11, 1861.
His marriage with Miss Sarah A. Dubois was celebrated Oct. 4, 1864; she was born
 in Warren Co. in 1833, and resided in Darke Co. at the time of her marriage, and is an intelligent lady."

William Couffer Covington, Miami, OH 45  1814 Pennsylvania  Male
Maria Couffer Covington, Miami, OH 44  1815 Pennsylvania  Female
Newton Couffer Covington, Miami, OH 13  1846 Pennsylvania  Male
William Couffer Covington, Miami, OH 8  1851 Ohio  Male
Mary Knee Covington, Miami, OH 20  1839 Ohio  Female

Worldconnect genealogy:
by Carolyn Sue Burden
ID: I08011
* Name: William Couffer , (Cougher)
* Sex: M
* Birth: 1814
* Death: 1896

Father: Christian Cougher b: 1782
Mother: Jean McClintock b: 1787
Marriage 1 Sarah Ann DuBois b: 1833 (marriage 2nd)
1.  Ulysses Grant Couffer b: 1865

[1st Marriage: Maria ELDER] of Peters Township, Franklin Co PA

Name:    Newton Couffer
Estimated Birth Year:    abt 1846
Age in 1870:    24
Birthplace:    Ohio
Home in 1870:    Urbana, Champaign, Ohio
Family and neighbors:    View Results
Race:    White
Gender:    Male
Post Office:    Urbana
Roll:    M593_1179
Page:    471
Image:    560
Year:    1870

1930 census:
Name:    Martha Robinson
Age:    52
Estimated birth year:    abt 1878
Birthplace:    Ohio
Relation to head-of-house:    Head
Race:    White
Home in 1930:    Hamilton, Franklin, Ohio
Family and neighbors:    View Results
Image source:    Year: 1930; Census Place: Hamilton, Franklin, Ohio; 
Roll: 1793; Page: 18B; 
Enumeration District: 183; Image: 44.0.
Martha Robinson Hamilton, Franklin, OH abt 1878  Ohio  Head
Andrew Robinson Hamilton, Franklin, OH abt 1907     Son

Entries for DAR in LANE family archives:

The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume  164 page 221
       Miss Helen Couffer.
       DAR ID Number: 163678
       Born in Columbus, Ohio.
       Descendant of Daniel Kougher, William Newcomb, Rev. Dominie Benjamin
       DuBois, Col. John Smock, Capt. Hendrick Smock, Thomas Hart Hooker, Peter
       Van Dorn, Capt. John Rouse, Garrett Schenck, William McClintock, and
       Lieut. Aaron Lane, as follows:
       1. Ulysses Grant Couffer (b. 1865) m. 1896 Helen Maria Newcomb.
       2. William Couffer (Cougher) (1814-96) m. 1864 Sarah Ann DuBois
       (1833-1906); George Whitefield Newcomb (1825-1901) m. 1860 Mary Eliza
       Eddy (1832-92).
       3. Christian Cougher (1782-1826) m. 1809 Jean McClintock (1787-1845);
       Asahel Newcomb (1780-1852) m. 1804 Lucinda Sykes (1782-1865); Tunis
       Garret Van Derveer DuBois (1808-98) m. 1831 Elizabeth Smock (1814-94);
       Azariah Eddy (1802-88) m. 1831 Harriet Maria Hooker (1806-89).
       4. Daniel (Cougher) Kougher m. 1782 Sara Schleyhofin; William Newcomb m.
       1779 Elizabeth Cunnabell (1757-1821); Benjamin DuBois (1780-1851) m.
       1803 Williampy Van Dorn (1784-1866); Jonathan Eddy (1774-1843) m. 1800
       Rebecca Rouse (1779-1846); Aaron Smock (1783-1834) m. 1804 Sarah Conover
       Schenck (1786-1825); Thomas Hart Hooker, Jr. (1772-1845), m. Betsy Mills
       (1776-1849); William McClintock m. 1760 Jean Sharp (1747-1805).
       [p.221] 5. Dominie Benjamin DuBois m. 1765 Phebe Denise (d. 1839);
       Hendrick Smock m. 1780 Sarah Lane (1758-1828); Thomas Hart Hooker m.
       1769 Sarah Whitman (1747-1839); Peter Van Dorn m. 1777 Jane (Janilfe)
       Williamson (1758-1845); John Rouse m. Hannah Smith; Garret Schenck m.
       1762 Sarah Conover (1744-1805).
       6. John Smock m. 1747 Elizabeth Conover (1725-1812); Aaron Lane m. 1743
       Sarah Conover (Couwenhoven) (1720-1802).
       Daniel Kougher (1755-1829) received a pension for service as private in
       the Pennsylvania troops under Col. Arthur St. Clair. He was born in
       Pennsylvania; died in Philadelphia, Pa.
       William Newcomb (1752-1822) enlisted from Lebanon as a private in Capt.
       William Richards' company, 1st regiment, Connecticut Line; was at the
       battle of Germantown and with the army at Valley Forge. He was born in
       Lebanon, Conn.; died in Barnardston, Mass.
       Also No. 148112.
       Dominie Benjamin DuBois (1739-1827) was a clergyman and also a volunteer
       in the New Jersey militia. He was born in Salem County; died in Monmouth
       County, N. J.
       John Smock (1727-1808) served as captain, major, lieutenant-colonel and
       colonel, 1st regiment, Monmouth County, New Jersey militia. He was born
       in Middletown; died in Holrndel, N. J.
       Hendrick Smock (1749-1814) commanded a company in the Monmouth County,
       New Jersey regiment of minutemen, 1777; engaged in the battle of
       Germantown. He was born in Monmouth County, N. J.
       Thomas Hart Hooker (1745-75) served as private in the Massachusetts
       troops. He was born in Farmington, Conn.; died in Roxbury, Mass.
       Peter Van Dorn (1755-1834) received a pension for service as private in
       the Monmouth County, New Jersey militia. He was born and died in
       Freehold, N. J.
       John Rouse (1741-1834) received a pension for service as captain in the
       New York militia under Col. Morris Graham. He was born in Dutchess
       County, N. Y.
       Also No. 158143.
       Garret Schenck (1743-97) served as private, 1779, in the 1st regiment,
       Light Dragoons, Monmouth County militia, in defense of the frontiers of
       New Jersey. He was born and died in New Jersey.
       Aaron Lane served as lieutenant in the 2d regiment, New Jersey troops.
       He died in Hunterdon County, N. J.
       Also No. 161638.
       William McClintock served as private, Capt. John Rea's company, Col.
       James Johnson's regiment, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania militia. He
       died in Cumberland County, Pa.


 Sons of the American Revolution -
William Elder COUFFER - Ancestry database has ancestor:
 Robert ELDER 1730-1807 -  and wrong Samuel ELDER

Pension Record - Claim S 9771 Beel's History of Northumberland Co PA
PA ARCHIVES Vol. 23, p. 394 Third Series
Snyder co PA Annals Vol. I p.24
Annals Buffalo Valley PA 
Family Data

Wife Dorothea Selma Kattner
Daniel Frederick Zahn  b. June 21, 1921, Res. Springfield, ILL

Name:      Robert Elder
SAR Membership:     52513
Birth Date:     1730
Birth Place:     Lancaster, Pennsylvania [probably Perth, Scotland]
Death Date:     21 Apr 1807
Death Place:     Franklin, Pennsylvania
Father:     Robert Elder
Spouse:     Mary Elder
Children:     Samuel Elder
Source Citation: Volume 263; SAR Membership Number 52513.