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From PERTHSHIRE Christenings (with Dates of Christenings)
LDS Microfiche printout - Old Scottish Parish Registers
Spouse names in ELDER list (pages 1-6 out of 17):

Isabell Mitchell 1654 Longforgan
Jean Meal 1723 Longforgan
Eupham Jacksone 1724 Inchture
May Davidsone 1728 Blairgowrie
Barbara Anderson 1755 Inchture
Elizabeth Angus 1761 Longforgan
Isobel Fender 1771 Errol
Rachel Smith 1785 Longforgan
Agnes Paterson 1788 Errol
Elizabeth Thomson 1789 Longforgan
Elspeth Scrimgeors 1797 Inchture
Catharine Bower 1831 Perth
Margaret Paterson 1654 Longforgan
Jannet Miller 1714 Saint Madoes
Alison Morton 1770 Errol
Janet Blair 1783 Errol
Lillias Oliphant 1789 Kinnoul
Elizabeth Straiton 1809 Errol
Margaret Sutar 1819 Errol
Janet Stevenson 1829 Dunbarney
Janet Macgregor 1831 Perth
Catharine Bruce 1838 Kinnoul
Helen Brown 1841 Perth
Margaret Richardson 1854 Perth
Charlotte Campbell 1824 Perth
Elizabeth Farmer 1849 Perth
Mary Dykes 1784 Perth
Janet Laird 1790 Lethendy and Kinloch
Elizabeth Tait 1720 Kilspindie
Janet Wallace 1765 Errol
Mary Taylor 1792 Errol
Katharine Ross 1804 Perth
Alie Morton 1772 Errol
Jane Masterton 1827 Lecropt
Isobel Greig 1734 Inchture
Margrat Edmonston 1691 Auchterarder
Isabel Archard 1760 Inchture
Ann Young 1800 Perth
Isabella Wanton 1842 Kinfauns
Margaret Gall 1834 Perth
Margaret Galt 1834 Perth
Margaret Gow 1851 Auchtergaven
Mary Ann Allan 1851 Tibbermore
Cathrine Baddone 1650 Blairgowrie
Isobell Davidson 1810 Perth
Isobel Coupar 1729 Longforgan
Isobel Forbes 1833 Errol
Agnes Melville 1851 Longforgan
Hannah Galloway 1846 Perth
Margaret Menzies 1699 Lethendy and Kinloch
Margaret Sheddan 1733 Auchterarder
Margaret Shanks 1779 Inchture
Jean McDonald 1802 Port of Monteith
Helen Gourlie 1723 Rhynd
Elspet Shuin 1673 Bendocht
Euphar Hutten 1734 Kinnaird by Errol
Jean Jackson 1780 Kinnoul
Bell avidson 1799 Perth
Elizabeth Kiellar 1804 Perth
Ann Crichton 1854 Longforgan
Jean Smart 1837 Inchture
Isabella Lindsay 1822 Errol
Amely Drummond 1711 Auchterarder
Ann Duff 1774 Saint Madoes
Margaret Stewart 1787 Perth
Janet Moncrieff  1833 Perth
Elizabeth Strachan 1815 Kilspindie
Isabella McFarlane 1852 Clunie
Janet Peebles 1691 Longforgan
Ann Walker 1755 Inchture

Adding links to some of the Spouse names:

"The Oliphants were a Norman family who first held lands in England around Northampton.
David de Olifard is commonly held to be the progenitor of House of Oliphant and in the
12th century he was granted lands in Roxburghshire by the Earl of Huntingdon, later to become David I of Scotland.

The Oliphants took up the cause of Scottish Independence and defended Stirling Castle against Edward I.
The leader of the Oliphant clan was captured here and sent to the Tower of London.
However, he was later released and awarded land at Gask in Perthshire as compensation."....

"The Melvilles are said to have originated from Malleville in the Pays de Caux Normandy
and gave their name to the lands of Melville in Midlothian and Fife...."
The title of Viscount Melville was conferred with Baron Duneira of Perthshire on
The Right Hon Henry Dundas, a distinguished statesman in 1802.
Andrew Melville was one of the most illustrious Scottish Reformers
who proved as difficult to King James VI as John Knox had proved to
Mary Queen of Scots.
He was a militant churchman becoming Rector of St Andrews University. ..."
CLAN MENZIES - Castle - Aberfeldy
"This spectacular sixteenth century castle, restored by the Menzies Clan Society, welcomes visitors.
Seat of the Chiefs of Clan Menzies  for over 400 years and importantly situated,
it was involved in the turbulent history of the Highlands and here Bonnie Prince Charlie
 rested on his way to Culloden in 1746."