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George Elder History by H. Chris Elder, 1983

Bedford Co PA - ELDER Land Warrant
 from Records of the Land Office - PA ARCHIVES
See land order form and price list

Handwritten Register - 1785-1788

John, Robert, Sarah, Joshua
Handwritten  Register - 1794-1837
George(2), James, John, Sarah, Sarah (2), Isabel, Margaret,
John Jr., James Jr, Robert, Catherine

Handwritten Register - Robert (2), James - 1795

Handwritten Register - James, George (2) - 1860-1870

Surveys for Bedford County PA - Copied Images - maps
                     1788 (survey 1754 Thomas Oliver) - front and back

John Elder 1794 - 1870 - C042-147 pages 438-439

George Elder 1794 - 1869 - C100-284 pages 565-566  (also titled H422)

George Elder 1794 - 1869 - C100-286 pages 569-570 (also titled H422)

pg565 - Survey map and description:
Situate in Cumberland Valley township Bedford County
containing 37 acres 60 perches and the usual allowance of
six per cent for Roads, Surveyed the 23rd day of August
A.D. 1869 for William Elder,  being a part of a larger tract
of land Originally surveyed in pursuance of a warrant
granted to James Heydon and George Elder dated the 3d
April 1794
.... pg566
Pat'd Sept 14, 1869 to William Elder
Accepted Sept 6th 1869
George Elder - Warrant H422 1794 - Printed text - rec'd 7/16/2010

William Elder -  Huntingdon Co PA - C-063 - survey
pg35 - Survey map
   "Situate on the both Sides of Piney Creek about three and a half
Miles below the Head of the Creek in Woodberry Township Huntingdon County Containing 349 acres and 34 perches and the
Usual Allowance for Roads Surveyed the 21st day of May 1789 in pursuance of a Warrant for 350 Acres dated the 22nd Day of March 1785.
To Daniel Broadhead Esquire, Surveyor General   John Canan D.S.
  "Situate in Woodberry Township Huntingdon County on both sides of Piney Creek Containing Four hundred & Fourteen acres and One hundred and Forty one Perches and the Usual allowance for Roads Originally Surveyed on the 21st day of May 1789 & Resurveyed and some small errors corrected on the 3rd day of September 1806.  This tract is surrounded with Surveys & the overpluss land would not be an object for another Warrant it being Pine Barrens on the one side and the side of the Cannoe [Canoe] Mountain (scarce of Timber & very stoney) on the other.
Samuel Cochran Esquire S G (Surveyor General)  John Canan DS
Warrant Supposed to be dated 22nd March 1785
Book S pg 292 Sarah Elder - Anthony Cook - map
Situate on the North West Side of Broad Topp Mountain on the head of a Laurel Run Emptying into Trough Creek known by the name of the Bigg Meadow in Hopewell Township Huntingdon County containing 443 acres 103 perches and the usual Allowance of Six per Cent for Roads Surveyed 26th Day of November 1788 In pursuance of a Warrant dated the 7th Day of June 1786
To John Lukens Esquire S.G.  John Canan D.S.