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Cemetery Records for Madison County TN  and Hardeman Co TN

Madison Co TN:

            Maple Springs Cemetery is located about 18 miles southwest of
Jackson on Maple Springs Road, west of Steam Mill Ferry Road.
Cemetery Records of Madison County, Tennessee, Volume I
The Southern Half of County (Mid-West Tennessee Genealogical Society, 1995, pp. 59-83).
This is referred to as the Nolens in notes.
East Section (By Row)
East Section (Alphabetized)
West Section (By Row)
West Section (Alphabetized)
Southeast Section (Alphabetized)

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East Section:
Elder, Carlos J., Jan. 11, 1906-May 27, 1974
Elder, George, Dec. 16, 1897-July 1, 1968
Elder, J. G. "Jerome," Apr. 26, 1928-Feb. 2, 1997, "Father";
                        military marker as footstone "Cpl US Army Korea"

West Section
Elder, Infant, no dates
Elder, Infant, no dates
Elder, Infant, no dates
Elder, Infant, no dates
Elder, Infant, no dates
Elder, James Alec, 1866-1938 [replacement]
Elder, John D., Oct. 26, 1897-Feb. 30, 1921, "Son of J. A. & N. J. Elder"
Elder, Lizzie F., May9, 1889-Aug. 26, 1974, "Mother"
 Elder, Virgil M., Apr. 7, 1887-Oct. 25, 1969, "Father" "Married Jan. 19, 1907"
Elder, Mattie B., 1898-June 3, 1908, "Dau. of J. A. & N. J. Elder"
Elder, Mollie Joe, Mar. 29, 1866-Jan. 17, 1906
 Elder, Robert Dixie, Aug. 9, 1864-June 25, 1917
Elder, N. J. E., Dec. 20, 1864-Feb. 28, 1917, "Wife of J. A. Elder"

Southeast section:
Elder, April, Dec. 1, 1989-Sept. 2, 2003

Hardeman Co TN

Also Listed as Ruffin or Bradford Cemetery
Stewart Cemetery
Charlotte Holloway
June 20, 2002

Located off highway 100 and highway 45 north.  Just before crossing
highway 45 north turn left the cemetery is in the woods on the right
about 500 feet.

Deming, Nancy Jones      1830-1859 w/o J.W. Deming m 23 Dec 1845
Elder, George            died 24 Nov 1895
Elder, Lydia             died 1 Jun 1900 age 57 years w/o S.W. Elder
Hardeman Co TN Marriages:

Elder, G.B.  --Jackson, Lizzie  Jul 1889